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The following are emails that I have received from those who cherish this page as well as those who frown upon it. I'm sure it will be a very dark and scary experience for all of you. Read fast though, the sun's coming out soon!
My responses to these message appear in
spooky orange.

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You talk of killing yourself.. yet you haven't done it yet. I am a sword
specialist, in fact... I thrive on killing someone with my blades... Perhaps
you'd like to meet me at Denny's.. I'll buy you your last.. I mean buy you
dinner... What do you think?


I will be the one to take my life, nobody else. As for having my last dinner, I wouldn't want it to be at Denny's. I would rather eat the droppings of the bats that are in the caves I often dwell in.

I am gothic and sad
I think black clothes are rad
you will never see me in white
for I am a creature of the night
I will protect my mighty castle
and watch the Undertaker wrastle
I like to drink red wine and eat old rats
I have lots of BLACK cats

well I was going to finish this but i lost my Dr. Seuss appeal, any suggestions?

I would not could not with a sloth.
I would not could not with a moth.
I am a ooky spooky scary little goth.

That's about all I could come up with. Sorry, I have to get back to my artwork. These paintings of mine take a lot of time.


Take your feeling into me and send your thoughts threw my head, fill me with twisted feeling and send a shock threw my spine......'s just a thought.....
~Melissa the Seductress~

When making your final words, I find it best to run them through spell checks and grammar checks. I wouldn't want my deepest feelings to be scrutinized just because I used "threw" instead of "through". Our sad words are meant to be taken seriously and not ridiculed. Sadly, people will mock us for these things.

See, I feel your pain! I got an e-mail address that says anti-social and bought
a black cloak from San Fransisco when they had their post Halloween (my favorite
season by far) sale. Wow, you are deep. The art touched me in a big way.
Bye be, o dark one.

Can you get an email account at other places with such names? Such as "" ? That would be great. As for post Halloween sales, they are wonderful, but not true goth. I get ALL of my clothing straight from the graveyard. I go out at 2am and dig up graves and take the most rotted clothes. I feel that wearing these clothes brings me closer to death and a strange sense of inner peace comes over me when I wear them and go to sleep in my homemade coffin. I recommend you try it.

Tortured, is that a cool Goth word? How about sickened? I am sickened
that you puny little twat-faced freaks have a forum to speak out on. The
pussy's I beat up in high school used to beat up on pussys like you. Put the
Ann Rice novel down for a minute ass-clown. There is pussy to be had out
there and you are not going to get any by dressing like a corpse and
pretending that you are afraid of the sun. How fucking lame is that any way?
I mean really? Is it some kind of subculture for homo sexuality. I dunno,
Vampires suck blood you suck cock, close enough type of thing. Maybe you
figure that Blood and semen are pretty much the same chemical compound so
what the hell? Anyways if you are supposed to be mimicking the living dead
any way why don't you just take the final plunge and kill your self. You
could probably invite a few of your friends over and make a game out of it.
Just giving you something to think about Nancy-boy. Later.
-The Hermit

I went to a "school for the gifted" in my high school years where we never had to deal with ignorant people like you. And with a name like "The Hermit", I would think you would be just as much of an outcast as I am. Are you trying to tell me that you are goth in a subliminal way? It's ok, you can come out of the closet and I will accept you for the malkavian vampire that you are! I cannot offer you my semen, as that seems to be what you are interested in, but I can offer you the blood of the many mortals out there. Come with me brother, and we will fly into the night!

Dear Mr. Skared,
I love your beautiful black art collection. how long did it take you to do
"Emptiness"? I was really impressed by your color arrangements in that one.
also, the self portrait is very becoming.
good work.
louie blamo

Thank you for your kind words about all of my work. Emptiness took almost a year for me to complete. I had to do a lot of soul searching on that one and I found that my mind was in a state it really didn't like to be in. It was a very hard time... an arduous journey into the depths of my mind. What came out of this journey is presented before you on that piece entitled, "Emptiness". I'm glad to see you appreciate it. 

He he he you remind me of Chris Kattan on "Goth Talk" ...he's adorable.

Blasphemy! He only mocks the goth culture! He knows not the true meaning of what it is to be Goth! If only I could sink my teeth into his neck and show him the way. Perhaps someday I will... 

I got so scared of these idiots when I was reading this page I wet my pants.

That actually reminds me of a time when I really scared one of my victims. I came in through her window and bit down on her neck and as she began to transform into a creature of the night, she wet her pants. This is only natural. Personally, I believe that when one wets his/her pants during transformation, it is how he/she sheds the human inside so that the transformation into a vampire can be completed. It's very common, but little has ever been written about it. Perhaps I will write a book on this phenomenon someday.

I hate you. I love you. I'm so confused. I like to eat sugar but how can that be; i don't like anything. Oh no, all is dead. I am alive. Ack. Pain. Death. So beautiful. So close. I want to have sex with a hippo.
They are so hot. I hate Life. Donuts taste good with coffee. Caffeine is in coffee. Caffeine is a depressant. Maybe that's why I'm sad. No, I'm sad because i still
haven't had sex with my neighbor's hippo. DAMMIT!

Hippo sex is NOT a goth activity. You are an imposter and will be destroyed by the eighteen-headed galuptian vampire from the dwarven infested underworld hell known as "Sufferalltica". Enjoy your hippo sex while you can, for it will not last much longer. Your fate is near!

Just because i live in the suberbs of philly in a split level house with my mom,
dad and dog..doesn't mean i cant be a dark lord.. i have problems too, dark evil
problems...i have bad acne and people make fun of me so to hide this deformaty i
wear make up and dress goth so at least i know what the people are laughing and
pointing at and it takes the attention away from my zits.

Acne is not something to be ashamed of! It is a gift! I have often found myself in situations where some ignorant goth mockers were attacking me, but I squeezed a zit and it burst onto them and they ran far away. Do not hide your powers, SHOW THEM TO ALL!

I'm real sad. My mom won't take me to the mall! I think I'll kill myself!

Once you become a true vampire, you will be able to turn into a bat and you will no longer require vehicles (or parents) for your transportation. I hope you wanted to go to the mall to feed on the mortals, and not shop at the GAP. If you were going there to go shopping, you will be sacrificed in the name of all that is Goth. 

I am Nicole, I wish to be goth, not to sell my soul to the devil just to be myself a religious person who is goth. I need a name , beside Nicole. Please give me one master, for I need a dark name. I no longer see the light. Please email me back, with a name and a set of rules. I need to leave now.


First you need to become a goth. But in the meantime, I will refer to you as "Delorianticalistawachtiboretchkov". This is your temporary name until you become a true goth. 

Well, the other day while i was soaking in blood. I noticed that I was happy, I
dont know how to feel now. When I'm depressed I feel good because I am finally
fitting in. Then I get happy, but then Im not depressed,, then I get deppresed
then I get happy!! whaa!!! What do I do. please help, master of darkness. if only i could touch your painted white skin. oh! how milky, oh! how milky.

You have touched me, believe me. I am trying desperately to hold in the tears as I reply to your words. 

Thank you for capturing the sadness that permeates my life. i pierced my nipple
- it fell off. i laid naked under the moon, i got burned. i am so sad and pathetic, i make a bad goth. i will tattoo your address on my forehead, so when i finally succeed in slashing my wrists, people will know where to come to understand the sadness and doom that surrounds my being....

Your nipple fell off? Did you know that in the book of the dead it states that, "If one was to remove his nipple, that one could string it on a necklace and see into the future". You might wish to try it, this could be a very powerful asset! 

I'm a 26yr old accountant, and I listen to Marilyn Manson. It's techno. For
god's sake, there's only one guitarist in the band!

Listen fool, Your anti-goth site is the biggest bunch of shit I have ever read! You assume way too much!! Gothic people DO NOT listen to Marliyn Manson!! We are
not vampires, nor do we pretend to be!! You are are just stupid to realize what we are about!! Not that many of us wear make-up. You've probably grown used to seeing the little Manson lovers, hell, you are probably from some redneck town with like 5 gothic people. But I don't care where you live, if it's New York or Hicktown, USA. YOU ARE A PREJUDICE SON OF A BITCH!!
Lupus Daniel

Anti-Goth site? I see no such thing here, All I see is a self-exploration of my pain and misery and a medium for me to express it through. Perhaps it is YOU who are the false goth prophet, not I. No true goth would sell his/her soul to the wretched corporate world to become an accountant! You will burn for claiming to be a real goth!

This site is fuckin funny as shit. i used to be goth myself but thank God I
realized it was fucking stupid. let Jesus into your life you'll feel alot

Do not speak of jesus. He is a fable and I have never seen anything that would resemble his light. But I believe my dark art will demonstrate that to you much better than any words I can speak.

I found your page.. well, very annoying to say the least. how can you think that in order to be considered "goth" you must wear black and black alone? thats just pitiful. or maybe you just made the entire site to be a huge joke and you enjoy making an ass out of yourself daily. I dont think you have even the slightest understand of what "goth" really is. To you goth is but a look. You crave the attention of people so you must go out of your way to be labeled as such. If you were a *true* goth, which I dont believe in. You
wouldnt want people to label you. you wouldnt crave the attention that you
crave now. and you surely wouldnt be giving out "pointers" on how to join the world of the *goths* as you like to call yourself. I'd just like to say that you're pathetic.

- Alex -

Why some people think this page is a joke is beyond me. Some people just can't accept me for who I am. Truly ignorant people like yourself.

Greetings and Salutations,
My father in law has a Chinese restaurant here in the City. We would like to
outfit you with menu boards to wear while toil along nocturnally. In return we
offer you meals until you shuffle off this mortal coil. What do you say?
Paolo Giani

I do not eat Chinese, so I do not accept your offer. I only dine on the blood of mortals. Haven't you read anything on these pages? Pay attention please.

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