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The following are emails that I have received from those who cherish this page as well as those who frown upon it. I'm sure it will be a very dark and scary experience for all of you. Read fast though, the sun's coming out soon!
My responses to these message appear in
spooky orange.

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dont judge goths, u dont know fuck all about what we are. we eat, breath and
sleep the same shit u do. just cause we dont wanna be little sheep that copy the
lastest fashion, copy to be cool, or just so u dont get pick, doesnt mean that
we're weird. listen mutha fucka, different and weird have 2 totally different meaning in the dictionary, read it mutha fucka and apreciate it. all u anti-goths are just afraid of different, cause ur to afraid to ya, we'll wear what we wanna wear, listen to what we wanna
liten to, do what we wanna do....and get over us, cause we dont give a fuck about u.

How dare you even call yourself a goth! I know the difference between "different" and "weird", you don't. Did you even read the dictionary by "The Crimson Whore of Death"? I bet not. You're probably reading the dictionary by that "Webster" imposter. I truly pity you. You will burn soon.

I weep at the blackness which envelops my soul;
Dost my toil remain un-noticed?
I am so
torn between worlds of hate
and worlds of despair
I cannot reach for arms that are not there.
My mother
beautiful as she carried me in her womb
is black with dust
she made Mac 'n Cheese
for dinner
and I am above such things


Mac 'n Cheese is fine, as long as it comes with the blood of a sacrificial lamb. Perhaps you should inform your mother of this.

Some of us hide behind a mask of darkness. Our face painted, our clothes
colourless, our stares distant.

But there is more to life than clothing, and makeup. A mindset is needed. Who
is feared more, the whiny child dressed in black or the goth hidden in colour?

Jake Knight 

A goth which has BOTH the dark clothing AND the mindset is the most feared. No true goth would disgrace himself or herself by wearing "colorful clothes"... even if it was for the sake of hiding their gothic feelings. My television set isn't even in color!



I have no sisters. My family is the darkness that surrounds me, and the bats that fly with me in the night. However, I wish you the best of luck in killing yourself. You shall be one with me very soon if you do. Then perhaps you will see things as I do.

I am not a real goth yet. But sometimes things happen to me and I think that maybe deep inside I am a real goth. For instance, I don't know much about computers but when I tried to see your
dark art-- everything was back! I couldn't see anything at all. Even the picture of feces was black! I think it's a sign that goth is true and that black is the color of everything. From now on i'm going to call myself Darkman and wear black clothing from dead people.



Very good. You are already seeing the world as a dark, unforgiving void. This is one of the first signs that you can be goth. Digging up graves and taking the clothes from dead people to wear for yourself is a step in the right direction. If you can, have someone bury you in a coffin 6 feet under. This will truly give you a new perspective on what it feels like to be a goth.

I don't understand why you are encouraging people to be fucked up like you. I know for sure that i would rather be a fat bitch than be someone like you and your gothic crack whores.

Ellen Coote 

You don't understand because you are not one with the unholy darkness of gothdom. And goths do not need "crack". Our drug is something that is within each and every one of you mortals: YOUR BLOOD. There is no greater "high" for a goth than to dine on the blood of an insolent one such as yourself. 

Hello Skared, I have a question for you... If you cut your penis off, why didn't cut your scrotum off as well. (And just how much does your pierced scrotum hurt?)

Sad Roy 

My scrotum has been left intact because one of my gothic mentors from long ago explained to me "the pleasures of pain" that one can experience with a pierced scrotum. Also, a pierced scrotum dates back to the early 1500's when such a thing was a sign of witchcraft. The pain is wonderful, and I suggest you try it! It's one of the few things in my empty life that gives me pleasure.

Haven't been back in a while. I'm fond of you, but not that fond.

As an ex-goth (and currently a self-proclaimed cultural mutt; I'm still
about 35% goth), I have to say that this is one of my favorite web haunts. I think you've nailed the culture better than if you drove it into a coffin. I always get a smile when I come. Just a small smile, mind you.

You rock, dude. (Oh yeah, I'm 10% Californian)

PS: Should you choose to post this, use my web handle, snarko, not my real name. More people know the handle.

"If you're not goth now, you never were".
That's how the saying goes, and I firmly believe it. And what is this about you smiling!?!? I WILL SEE TO IT PERSONALLY THAT THE GOTH WORLD IS INFORMED OF YOUR "SMILING" AND YOUR BOWELS WILL BE RIPPED OUT FROM YOUR NOSTRILS AND FED TO THE HOUNDS OF HELL! "Snarko" as you call yourself will be NO MORE. Prepare to meet thy gothic doom, foul wench.


Ode to Teen Angst

I look back
on my life
sadness and hope shattered
             why wont you buy me a pony
nobody loves a clown

Every now and then, a poem that someone sends me touches me personally. I too once wanted a pony during my childhood. Did I get one? No. Perhaps if I did, my life would have turned out differently. I.. I can't talk about this anymore. Where's my box of Kleenex...

This is the stupidest website I've ever encountered. There is no humor in it and
certainly the worst act that anyone has ever put on. I have goth kids at my school and I understand them but you and your stupid website just want to make me barf. And your sick. Tradgedy, the one who wrote that last poem, your a bunch
o bull sh*t. No one's gonna believe you. And I'm sorry to say this, but I'll be having lots of fun in heaven and you'll regret all your horrible thought s and this piece of junk web site in hell. I hope you enjoy yourself there. ANd God didn't make true goths. God made perfect people who decide to turn their backs on him and go their wn way. There's no such thing as goths. JUst freaky weird people who wear weird makeup and sit on their butts all day in the cemetary trying to stick out like a sore thumb. Your a bunch of clowns all you gooths with no purpose in your lives. I have no sad thoughts because I know where I'm going when I die. Please enjoy my letter (rolls her eyes).


You are perhaps the most idiotic mortal I have yet to encounter. But don't fret, all of your assumptions about what being goth really is and isn't will be silenced soon enough. And believe me, you do NOT know where or how you are going to die. I do, because I am the one that will deliver your death directly to you. But before I do that, I am going to turn you into the thing you seem to hate more than anything: GOTHS. What a perfect death it will be... becoming the thing you hate right before you are silenced. Your pain will be a beautiful spectacle for all to witness!

Damn, I should have used the hand rail!

Richard Nixon

You see people? I am in touch with the spirit world, Richard Nixon is even sending in his gothic thoughts. 

I had to do a project on teen suicide and somehow i appeared on your web page. I cant beleive that you would even create something like this. I mean really- how stupid and worthless is your life. PLease dont get me wrong- i am not trying to be rude or mean or whatever, but why would you encourage other kids to committ suicide because that is exactly what you are doing. God, all anybody does on your web page is complain about how horrible their life is, and how ending it will make it so much better! I just dont understand people like you, if your life sucks, then change it- go to school, get a job, do something- You have one life, why waste it- I just dont get it- E-mail me back- I really am very interested in what you have to say- i mean that!


Corey, Corey, Corey...
You say goths like myself should go to school & get a job? These are the very things that have caused us to become this way!!!! Goths have come here because the outside world rejects us! Gothdom is our family. I am its father. This is a sanctuary
from all of those who have ridiculed us. Together we will kill ourselves to reach a blissful dark peace. So that is how killing ourselves will make our lives better. There is nothing here on this disgusting planet that interests us. But a mortal like you who is satisfied with "school" and "jobs" wouldn't understand these things. Don't feel sorry for us, we actually feel sorry for you.

meow meow meow meow

meow meow meow meow

meow meow meow meow
meow meow meow meow

meow meow meow meow

meow meow meow meow
MEOW meow meow meow

meow meow meow meow

meow meow meow meow

meow meow
meow meow
meow meow
meow meow

meow meow meow

New Meow Mix from Purina, the cat food with three separate flavors in one
package. Three flavors that cats love best! Tuna, liver, and chicken! Meow Mix
tastes so good, cats ask for it by name!



My black cat cannot stand mortal cat food such as "meow mix". It only dines on the scraps of human flesh that I leave it.

It's a damned (like me) good thing that I found your web page. I was on the verge of actually studying for a calculus 3 final but in doing so would have fabricated a hope of passing... hope... something I have long ago decided to abandon. It seems you too have abadoned hope, perhaps you are familiar with the qualitative sciences. On your flight tonight, PLEASE, make a stop by my dorm.
Take my life and or body so that I might not endure the pains of finding the volume of a shape outside an upside down pentagram and inside a sphere through
triple integration, while using polar
coordiantes. And please take my roomate's life too. He doesn't know he wants to die, but anyone who-Oh shit!!! It appears my vomitous sulfur scented candle has tipped and set my evilest trench coat ablaze. Worse yet, it was holding the shot gun I had planned to use on my calc professor!!!
Please save me from my final.
Skared you are now my only___
(not hope, but something remarkably similar)

A scary function of black such that I'm fucked squared

I have the one mathematical equation that can solve all of your problems.


Y stands for Pleasure.
MX stands for Pain & Suffering.
B stands for your blood.

This should solve all of your problems.

Greetings fellow tortured soul. I used to beilive that no one's pain exceeded my own, and I also used to beilieve that no one's sadness and suicidalness excedded my own. HA! I laugh at my own foolishness! When I found your pain on
your page, I found a truly tortured soul, one who is embedded in thier own cell of hell much deeper than mine. I can never match your status. Oh please, let's run off naked and join together in unholy matrimony under the dark abyss of the
night and make love under the deadest tree we can find. Show me how to feel
your pain! I want to feel your succulent "thirds" delve deep into the tender, pale spot on my body called my neck and maybe someday....someday I will truly hope to understand your pain. Woe is me!

The Dark Desolate Soul Consumed with bitter sadness and venomous hate called Dementia

Although I appreciate your words and admitting that your pain does not even compare to mine, I am sad to say that you cannot possibly ever understand me. But I will sink my thirds deep into your neck and you will feel an exquisite pain that is unlike any other that you ever have experienced before. Prepare to enter my dark world.

dude, you are the biggest fucking poser in the fucking world. you need to get a fucking life and stop pretending not to be a "superior fag" because you are "goth"; my Ass

Derek Buell

Dude? What is this "dude" word you speak? And why would I want to "get a life" when I am currently working on ENDING a life? As for "your Ass", I will draw blood from it and put a hex on you soon so that your skill will begin to slowly rot from the inside out. Then you and your strange words like "dude" and "fag" will be engulfed by the deep dark black hell that is Gothdom.

dont let the screen name fool you its a hardcore band, i hate gothic kids. i
think your page is some funny shit, i was on the ground laughing. its even
funnier than that winky guy who puts up the anti sxe page. man let me tell
you your doing a good deed by bashing them assholes who take themselves way
to seriously. email me back "o dark one" hahaha.


I have actually met this "winky" person you were referring to, and I have decided that he must perish as well. For although he has beautiful anger within him, he laughs and smiles too much. I need to show him pain... the purest pain of all. The pain of a pierced scrotum. But since you claim to "hate gothic kids", perhaps I will show you this pain I speak of first. Prepare yourself, "the dark one" is coming for you.

-New Goth On The Block
-Kid Goth
-Celine Goth
-Gothic Spears
-Wu-Goth Clan
-Goth Daddy
-Dirty Ol Goth
-Marilyn Goth
-System of a Goth
-Nine Inch Goths
-Goth Chamber
-Soul Goth
-Goth Zombie
-Goth Puppy
-Skinny Goth
-Goth in Chains
-Goth Mathews
-Third Goth Blind
-And you will know them by the trail of Goth
-MatchGoth 20
-Goth 6
-Salt -n- Goth
-Flaming Goths
-Goth Milkmen
-Oingo Goth
-Goth O Negative
-Days of the Goth
-Goth Manilo
-Insane Goth Posse
-Goth Factory
-Veruca Goth
-Jefferson Goth
-Our Lady Goth
-Goth Zepellin
-Guns n Goth
-A Perfect Goth
-Tori Goth
-Aqua Goths
-Los StraightGoths
-Horizontal Goths Club
-Goth Belafonte
-Mega Goth
-Goth Kenedys
-Goth Brooks

I'm so Goth I'm Dead.

Backstreet Goth

An impressive list, it looks very much like the list I have. Only my list is of their actually current band names. Why do I have such a list? Because I am planning on visiting each and every one of them during the night. I will fly in through their windows, land on their beds, sink my teeth in, and THEN their band names will change to the ones you have listed above. You have impressive psychic powers my fellow dark soul. It is good to see that there are ones who understand the world of Gothdom still.

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