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Ever wondered just WHAT IN THE HELL some of those Metal Band Logos actually say? We here at I-Mockery have had our scientists hard at work on deciphering these cryptic logos. We now believe we have the answer to just what each of these logos actually say. 

Logo Deciphering Page 2:

"Uncle Nutsy's Clubhouse"

"Stromblad's Panties"

"Oaken Ballsack"

"Sequential Moans Of The Triennial Golem Molestation"

"Sayonara Little Duckling Phallus"

"Bubba-Gump Shrimp Co."

"Bogrot: The Brutal Dentist"

"The Official Celine Dion Fan Club"

"Mr. Roger's Special Sauce"

"The Unholy Masturbation Of The Anti-god, Plutonium"


"The Malignant Raping Of Your Neighbor's Cat:
Scene Three - The Climax"

"Falstaff's Expunging of Putrid Excretion Towards The Underworld"

"Lucky Charms Now Come With Hearts, Rainbows,
Horseshoes, Diamonds, Stars, and New Pentagrams!"


"Invigoratingly Frothy Mug Of Gutter Sewage"

"Geometry Is Fun... IN HELL"

We would like to again thank our scientists who worked countless hours on deciphering these logos. Maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong... either way, we really couldn't give a damn, because any band with logos this horrible must SUCK.

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