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Now for a little education. On this page you will find out some of the poses and gestures of a True Metalhead! Without this knowledge you have no chance...

This one's a great combo move! The simultaneous "crotch-grab" and "demon horns" hand gesture. What better way to let the crowd know that you're a sick bastard!?

Ahh yes, a true classic.. "The Finger". Any metal maniac needs to bring out this one anytime a fan applauds him. It's the Metalhead's way of showing thanks!

Satan anyone? Yes the demonic horns move is a great one to get the crowd going.
And here you can see that our friend is taking it to the next level by rolling his eyes back into his head to further emphasize that he is possessed by Satan himself!

Damn Straight! You gotta let all your fans know that you party like a mad bastard!
Public Drunkenness is a requirement for all Metalheads!

And here we have the result of that public drunkenness! The inevitable bowing down to the porcelain god! Still like a true Metalhead, our friend here still has his whiskey in his hand! As soon as he's done puking up his innards, he'll chug down some more of it!

A rare moment of improvisation!
What guts this Metalhead must have! He's skipped the typical hand gestures and gone for something straight out of hand-shadow theatre! He couldn't be more metal!

A yell that would make the pillars of heaven shake! Any Metalhead singer must challenge the gods with a yell that originated somewhere in his bowels. Notice the hand gesture he's making as if to say, "Give me your best shot pal... I can take it."

The two Metalheads are prepared to go into battle. After their showed they both jumped into the crowd and hacked up all of their adoring fans! TRUE METAL!

Eugh. Sadly, the truth about most Metalheads is revealed here.
As you can see they're both fans of "The Backstreet Boys" and "Britney Spears".
One likes to play with dolls and the other plays folk music on his acoustic guitar.
It's amazing how some Metalheads can lose their edge and fall to the dark side.

Don't forget, any TRUE METALHEAD owns an "Cynical Bastard" t-shirt.

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