I-Mockery's Great New Zealand Road Trip! Alpine Crossing, Zorbing, Glow Worm Caves, Hobbiton Tours, and More!
by: -RoG-


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More fantastic views as we make our way forward.

And speaking of lava, there was some serious volcanic activity taking place alongside the path we were walking on.
Could it be a sign of things to come? Hmm... I wonder.

It's quite a zigzaging pathway down to Ketetahi Hut.

Alrighty then.

I'm sure they're always smoking that much. Yep, nothing wrong there.

After zigzaging down for a while, we finally arrive at Ketetahi Hut for a lunch break.

Okay, lunch is over. See ya later, Ketetahi.

Another easy hike, I'm sure.

Gee, those sure are cool looking rocks, I wonder... hey, wait... what's that rumbling?


That's right - we happened to be right next to Mt. Tongariro's Te Maari crater when it erupted!

As if the hike wasn't amazing enough, we had a once in a lifetime experience of seeing
a volcano erupt right in front of our eyes, mushroom cloud and all. Absolutely incredible!

After making our way down so we were out of the way of harm, we got the ultimate tourist photo.
This also become our 2012 card that we sent out to our families. Good times.

The amount of smoke and ash it was shooting up into the air was amazing.

Just look at all that smoke. The eruption was all over the national news that day. We really couldn't believe our luck.

Another shot from a distance.

Here you can see all the ash raining down on the other side of the mountain.
Thankfully, the wind was blowing it away from us.

Another shot of the eruption.

That's a LOT of ash.

After taking a gajillion photos of the eruption, we headed downward through a nice area that felt like a jungle.

Looks like New Zealand's version of a palm tree.

You don't scare us, sign. We survived a volcano eruption, I think we're safe from here on out.

The winding pathway down had lots of lush vegetation and flowing water.

And shortly after this, we made it down towards the Ketetahi Car Park where our ride was waiting.

If you go to New Zealand, there is simply no experience I can recommend more than the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
It's not an easy hike and we had surprisingly good weather, but the views are so stunning (even without erupting volcanoes) that it's easily an experience I guarantee you'll never forget for the rest of your life. Absolutely incomparable.

Next up, we head towards Wellington for the end of our big New Zealand road trip.

There's still plenty more from the
New Zealand Road Trip to see!

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Reader Comments

Forum Virgin
Feb 27th, 2013, 03:52 PM
Hi RoG, These pictures are awesome! Was it expensive to go there? I have put visiting New Zealnd on my bucket-list before I die. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

-Frickin' Awesome!
Forum Virgin
Feb 27th, 2013, 04:13 PM
Great vacation...Hobbit holes, glow worms, exploding volcanoes and everything! How long was the trip?
Comic Artist in Training
Feb 27th, 2013, 09:30 PM
I don't know if I'll see Dark Escape at the nearby Dave and Busters.

Burger Rings?

That really is some great scenery for the Shire. Great sets too.

That is a big metal sheep.

Plenty of sheep indeed.

Is that ash all over those woods?

Seriously, that reddish shore looks like something on Mars. Are all those other things in Wonderland rendered in Technicolor too?

Plenty of sheep indeed.

Look at all those glowing worms.

Look at that mushroom cloud! And look at that smoke!

More sheep.

"It was beauty who killed the beast."

I understand Christopher Tolkien has been displeased with the movies. He should get a load of that burlesque show!
Forgets Passwords Easily
Feb 28th, 2013, 12:19 AM
wow, what i would give to be on a volcano when it erupts! almost anything, aside from the gear it would take for me to get away from the volcano
Feb 28th, 2013, 11:13 AM
Great article! Being in NZ just before The Hobbit released must have been surreal enough, but then to see all that other stuff, and an erupting volcano? You and Re must have some of the best luck in the world when it comes to vacations. I don't suppose you made a video of you seeing things in NZ by any chance?
Pickled Patriarch
Mar 1st, 2013, 09:37 PM
Rob Man - It was something we had been saving up to do. It's definitely not cheap, but the flights weren't too bad since we live on the West Coast 'n all.

ForgottenInvader - We were there about a week and a half.

A-bomb - Hehe, yeah we really do have some incredible luck when it comes to traveling and vacations. Couldn't believe the volcano eruption... I mean, what are the odds!? As for a video of us seeing things in NZ... nah. We shot some footage of the volcano 'n all, but the rest of the video stuff was just us driving in the car and looking at all the scenery. I'll go through it again sometime, but I think the photos tell the story of our New Zealand road trip adventure much better.
Forum Virgin
Apr 26th, 2013, 11:43 PM
I'm glad you posted this. It may have been life-changing to me, in a literal way. I only intended to take a short break when I read it and got sucked in for nearly an hour. It really makes me contemplate what kind of things I'd like to do in the long-run of my own life.

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