Please don't feed PickleMan
Please don't feed PickleMan
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I-Mockery's Great American Road Trip!
by: -RoG-


DAY 9:

I couldn't help but think that these odd rocky formations were actually
massive creatures that had been in a dormant state for thousands of
years... waiting for just the right time to wage their war upon humanity.

What can I say, I thought it looked like this side of the mountain had just puked.

Damn, I was really expecting much more than this upon crossing the California border.
Like a gigantic welcome sign and out-of-work actors trying to sell me tourist maps.

Looks like heaven for someone with a dirt bike... well, that is until they hit a
rock and get sent flying headfirst into a den of scorpions and rattlesnakes.

I've always believed in taking the path less traveled in life, just not so literally.

The ghost town of Goffs!

Sorry, but the Goffs Restaurant is all out of hot chili. And everything else.

Other than missing a swinging saloon door, it looks like one of those
buildings from a western movie where the bad guy gets shot,
crashes through the rails and then falls to the ground.

Goffs' premiere motel currently has vacancies if you're interested!

If 23 people still live here, they've gotta be the most bored people on earth.
Either that, or members of the family from The Hills Have Eyes.

If only Route 66 was highly traveled as it once was, Goffs might be thriving today.

Even the cows abandoned Goffs - all that remains of them is this sign.

Wanna go for a walk?

My feathered friend in the ghost town of Ludlow waits for me to feed him some fries.


Home sweet home... that is, if your life really sucks.

A trip to the Home Depot and it will be livable in no time!

Perhaps one of these places would suit your needs better?

The gas station is running a tad low on gas too.

After driving through Daggett, we see signs for the Calico Ghost Town.

I guess this is Calico's version of the infamous Hollywood sign.

We already saw some real ghost towns and weren't about to pay 8
bucks per person just to see some fake ghost town that's inhabited
by failed actors trying to put on a show as you drive through it.

A huge truck filled with Jones Soda? California really is the land of dreams!

When you think of L.A. you don't think of lush rolling green hills like this.

Ok yeah, that's more like it.

And that was the last of the pictures we took before arriving at our new place. I thought to myself, "Holy shit, did we really just finish driving some 2600 miles!?" And the answer was yes... yes we did. In all honesty, it was kind of sad for the trip to be ending. You wouldn't think that after driving so many miles, but it's true. We had a certain freedom while we were driving across the country, and the end of this trip meant we had to get back to all the complications of real life... work, paying bills, etc etc. I dare say we were ready to turn around right then and there and head back to the East coast for more adventures.

I said it in the travel journal and I'll say it again; this trip was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had and I can't stress it enough when I say you should all drive across the country at least once in your lives. Yes, there's lots of stuff you'll see that are mentioned in all the tour books; but it's the things you find that weren't in the books, the things you dared to just take a chance to check out, that often turned out to be the most interesting.

Thanks again to all of you who followed us along every day of this long journey. It was a blast posting the updates every night and hearing your reactions. Really felt like we had a lot of friends along with us for the ride on this huge cross country adventure. I just don't know how all of you fit into that little Honda Civic we drove in.

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