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Wonder Woman’s New Threads.

Wonder Woman's godawful new costume

I'm sure by now many of you have seen Wonder Woman's atrocious new costume. They took one of the most iconic, recognizable superhero costumes and basically turned it into what looks like a 1990s clubbing outfit (and a bad one at that). I have no inherent problem with changing classic costume, but in my mind superheroes should look bold, flashy, and iconic--not mundane and anonymous like this one here. On top of that, it looks like Jim Lee has basically ripped-off his own Rogue costume design from the early 90s. And seriously--are those stirrup pants? Did she raid Cobra Commander's closet or something?

Sure, they've altered other classic costumes before, Superman's and Batman's for example, but the changes that stick tend to be more subtle evolutions that occur over time. The drastic changes tend to be temporary at best (see Spider-Man's various costumes over the years), and often times if the fan backlash is strong enough the editorial department will pull the old "Haha, we were only joking guys, it was only meant to be for two issues even though we made such a big deal out of it at the time, but this was our plan all along, see?" card.

I'm curious to know what you guys think of the new costume, as well as your thoughts on various heroes' costume changes over the years. What ones have you liked? What ones have you hated?

I asked my Henching artist Shironu Akaineko to whip up an alternative to the new Wonder Woman costume, and this is a design that she and her friend Kevin Eckert came up with:

So I want to challenge any of you who have artistic abilities (or even if you don't) to come up with your own alternative costume designs to illustrate how much Jim Lee's new Wonder Woman design totally sucks. If you whip something up, post it in the comment section, or even if you just discover a better alternate design on the web, feel free to share the link below!


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darkvare on 07/06/2010 9:44 pm

she looks way too much like superboy:



Teal (Guest) on 07/07/2010 12:23 am

well at least they finally gave her freaking pants and no heels. all of her other costumes thus far (and in fact, those of most superheroes) are completely impractical

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Mr.Hades on 07/07/2010 3:37 am

They have some nice designs going on at Project Rooftop. Wonder Woman is a hard character to re-design and keep her 'core' look intact.

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puppetgeneral39 on 07/07/2010 4:42 am

THANK YOU! Finally someone agrees the new costume sucks balls!

Being a new costume though it'll be dead in just over a year. A sad footnote forgotten and hated for all times.

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BatmanJohnson on 07/07/2010 8:42 am

Still better than blue Superman.


Vert (Guest) on 07/07/2010 1:47 pm

It might be better than blue Superman, sure, but that really doesn't say much. I have to agree with you, Protoclown, it sucks badly. Some things are better left as they are.

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Captain Seamus on 07/07/2010 3:37 pm

She's getting a new history too. Unsurprisingly, this was J. Michael Straczynski's idea.

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mburbank on 07/07/2010 5:50 pm

This is not a new costume any more than Superman Red and Blue were, or Spidey black. Like all of those "changes" it was a marketing ploy. And it worked. When was the last time Wonder Woman got national press coverage?


ColdFusion (Guest) on 07/07/2010 5:55 pm

I have to be the only person that really hated her old costume and thinks this new one looks great. If it had been this all along, you'd all be loving it.
Still, if I tried to redesign wonder woman, it'd be either a Xena ripoff or some kinda magical schoolgirl look.


bobbyknightmare (Guest) on 07/07/2010 6:12 pm

I gotta tell ya, of all the things wrong with the comics industry these days that I'd like them to correct, Wonder Woman's constume was W-A-A-A-Y down on the list. I think DC would be better off to give her some better storylines than a new suit.

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RedCometXIII on 07/07/2010 11:00 pm

The old Wonder Woman look is classic, no doubt, but this redesign is actually pretty good. I like it, but it reminds a lot of Donna Troy for some reason. I see why they went with this design, seeing as she grows up in an urban environment as apposed to Paradise Island. It's a very urban look.

Like I said, personally I like it. I like the gloves, the jacket and the more conservative top. I understand why some people would hate it but it is what it is I guess.

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megakungfujesus on 07/08/2010 2:33 am

Your new costume looks like Goku with tits.

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Shironu-Akaineko on 07/08/2010 5:51 am

Hey, HEY!
Have a bit of respect!
The new costume does NOT look like Goku with tits!

It's the wonder woman IN it that looks like Goku with tits! lol

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Wyldflame on 07/08/2010 10:46 am

Yes it's drastic and maybe a bit dated (ok it's VERY 90's) but it's really not that bad. This is miles better than say the creepy village people leather outfits the X-men ran with for a while.

I think the thing to remember here is that this is part of a total relaunch for the title. They're going to ret-con her history and make her some sort of street punk, I donno, I don't really care about Wonder Woman.

The other thing here, and it's been brought up is that this is getting Wonder Woman attention she doesn't normally get, this isn't a permanent change, it isn't intended to be as far as what I've read. This is an arc, maybe a year and then business as usual. Hate it because it's change but at least the character is getting attention.

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Tadao on 07/08/2010 11:26 am



Geno (Guest) on 07/08/2010 1:37 pm

Hey, she's actually wearing a practical outfit and not a red, white, and blue bikini. She's not even wearing high heels! It's a step in the right direction, in my opinion.


Anonynimous (Guest) on 07/08/2010 7:19 pm

Well, at least she's finally out of that crazy S&M gear she's worn for the last 70 freakin' years.

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Copper on 07/08/2010 10:36 pm

Well, I can't say I *hate* the new costume but I will agree that it's not very iconic. Maybe a few color changes? Or lose the jacket or something? Can't say as I know the full story behind the redesign, but I don't think it's horrid. Guess it remains to be seen what the response is to it among the industry.

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Julio on 07/08/2010 11:56 pm

I think that the outfit is far better than some of the submissions that appear on the link that Mr.Hades was kind enough to provide us.


Shawn_the_Donut (Guest) on 07/09/2010 12:16 am

I honestly never even picked up a Womder Woman mag.

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El Renardo on 07/09/2010 1:19 am

That... looks almost like black lipstick.
Other than that, the new costume looks fine to me.

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OxBlood on 07/09/2010 5:12 am

I don´t know much about comics OR Wonderwoman and I DO like that costume.
But not for Wonderwoman, it´s an okay costume for some 3rd-degree hero but WW is one of the oldest and most iconic heroes of western comic-culture if I´m not horribly mistaken...


Jesus Christopherson (Guest) on 07/09/2010 7:32 am

Pretty sure the redesign is meant to be an attempt to make the character outfit less blatantly sexist. After all, her past outfits suggest that making her breasts perky and showing off her bare thighs is less important than protecting herself. It was either put her in pants and stylish yet practical jacket or redesign all the male heroes to be wearing g-strings without trousers and tube tops.

Seeing all the other attempts at a redesign suggests that comic book fans are more obsessed with seeing a bit of skin rather than attempting to cement her worth as a character and strong lead. In fact this entire blabber post reads like something a misogynistic 15 year old boy might type up.

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stonewar on 07/09/2010 9:21 am

there's a site called Project Rooftop a parody of Project Runway that redesign super hero costumes. They currently are trying tweak the awfully new outfit to look good. This is their contest to redesign Wondy from a couple years ago

My favorite is the "Most Angelic" by Meghan Murphy


Anonynimous (Guest) on 07/09/2010 5:37 pm

I wouldn't call it blatantly sexist seeing as she was always tying up and dominating men... She was TOO feminist. Dressed up like the all American dominatrix. And her creator was into female domination too. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


DTRY (Guest) on 07/09/2010 7:23 pm

There are lots of opinion here. I agree that the new costume is more practical, but a lot less iconic. And I think dropping the Amazonian superheroine storyline for street vigilant is stupid.

But most important question is: what are opinions from women, especially from feminist? Wonder Woman is supposed to be a feminist icon, isn't she? I'd like to know what women think about those changes, rather the average male comic book geeks we have here.


nerdlinger (Guest) on 07/09/2010 10:59 pm

Umm she tended to get tied up just as much or even more so than her men - I mean after all one of her weaknesses is being tied up. To be honest i am all for this new suit, it seems to be a good direction, and at least its not "GHETTO WONDER WOMAN"


Teal (Guest) on 07/10/2010 1:14 pm

As far as "feminist icon" goes, she's a pretty terrible icon. Created by a guy obsessed with bondage (see superdickery's "suffering sappho" section for some hilarious/creepy examples) and at first driven entirely by the unbelieveably jerkassy "love interest" of Steve Trevor, wonder woman's gender identity is defined in relation to the men around her (the amazon thing, the "girl in the big three" thing), which is at best a false feminism and at worst, a complete reversal of true feminism.

WW is great in that she is smart (sometimes), powerful and holds her own (sometimes)-- but here's the thing: women in the mainstream hero comics are 99% jokes. Yeah, they're all sassy back-talking super powered ass kicking machines, but apparently the minute they try to get out of their heels and swimsuits the comic community flips out. Any female that doesn't fit the mold is usually a villain- actually, the same is true of men, but with more variety.

As much as this new costume is stuck in the 90s and from a purely aesthetic standpoint, is kind of boring, at least it's more practical. (if you haven't read this yet) Also: if you saw the old WW walking down the street in her starry grandma panties and boustier, would you be intimidated/not think she was crazy in any way? Iconic sure, hilarious definitely.

Also also: whichever artist invented that sideways pose where you can see both satisfactory ass and tits and decided to put all of their females in it for the rest of time can freaking bite me.
(you know the one i mean)

*note: this is not to say that the male figure isn't also used and abused in comics- just that their characters don't nearly seem to find themselves in the same sexually compromising positions that females do (except maybe nightwing- but that's a different rant.) For a comparison of body types between m/f heroes that's actually really interesting see this.

Now that that's all done with I never have to speak of this again. Hooray! DTRY, aren't you glad you asked?

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Dungeonbrownies on 07/11/2010 5:46 pm

I actually think this is a pretty reasonable kinda update. I dont think it's an insane crazy great superhero fighting costume, but as for a "civilian outfit" (or as close as they get) this is pretty good. I'm thinking the main thing is they probably didnt do this for the comics, but probably for film rather. (which angers me as I would have preferred the previous costume in a film) but w/e. it probably wont last.


BrainofJTD (Guest) on 07/11/2010 9:56 pm

Here's the thing: Wonder Woman's basic costume is fucking stupid.

She's from Themyscira, yet insists on having a costume based on USA memorabilia. This was fine during.. you know. World War II. Standards were pretty low, honestly.

And it isn't like she hasn't had a make over before.

That's Diana, regular Wonder Woman on the right in the 90's. It's like her costume today, only sluttier. Which kind of makes it better. Regardless, people need to not be so worried about her costume as much as the real issue they're using this to cover up: The comics are terrible. WW is the worst property owned by DC Comics right now and has been for a very long time.

The best thing about Wonder Woman in the past 25 years was the direct-to-DVD animated movie from last year. Maybe the best ever if you insist on considering "camp" a bad thing and disregard Lynda Carter.

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HowardC on 07/12/2010 11:56 pm

I think Teal's comments seem a bit too serious to me. First off WW was never supposed to be a femenist icon, but women (and men who stupidly think it's a good idea to be a male femenist) desperately latch on to any popular female character and dub them a icon for "the cause".

Quite frankly that is a stupid way to think. She's a golden age left-over just like superman and batman which means her design, costume and writing is SUPPOSED to be a bit out-dated. Also the look of said character or how sexy they are should have NOTHING to do with the worth of the character as a femenist icon. With that being said... who wants to look at ugly characters in a graphic novel? Sure an occasional normal, ugly, or even hideous character is ok for variety, but it isn't a concidence that 100% of the most popular dc and marvel characters, both male and female are extremely sexy and wear very sexy outfits.

Women often argue that the women's costumes are more revealing, but guess what? In real world fashion women's clothing is always more revealing as well. Go out on a hot summer's day anywhere in the country and look at the men's shorts vs the womens. And they do make longer shorts for women, they just refuse to wear them.

Also understand that female readers of books would generally be grossed out with overly revealing men's suits because... well that's just how the average woman is. Men on the other hand will buy books soley on the attractiveness of the girls in it. So it just makes dumb financial sense to make a woman's suit less revealing.

You are also missing the point of WW's classic costume. She is SUPPOSED to stick out like a sore thumb. Sure the first few baddies she fought must have thought she was a mental patient but once the word spread that a woman with super-man caliber powers was running around in a red-white and blue one piece, baddies knew to give up the instant she appeared on the scene.

Real world logic doesn't apply to the superhero genre anyway, or else clark's disguise wouldn't have been a pair of glasses... a pair of glasses that fooled the world and the woman he loved for over 70 years!

addressing "the real problem" as Brain put it.... the writers of WW comics kind of backed themselves in the corner with the whole greek goddess angle years ago, making it harder to write good things for her character. Characters of the greek mythos "sort of exist" in the dc universe but not completely. The god of war occasionally shows up but dc is very careful to keep the whole pantheon un-reachable most of the time because it would screw the the continunity of the whole universe. (If gods are running around then how come they never help out the heroes/villians and that whole can of worms.)

So much like the flash, it means she has to fight sub-par villians that really aren't interesting. Either that or do the Thor route where there's sort a wink and a nod and magically all of thor's foes are always occupied with him and only him and never seem to show up in other books. But that route is lazy and tends to make the books feel dis-jointed from the rest of the universe.

Basically what I'm saying is she's kind of a bad character to begin with but she's been elevated to the point of near god hood by the fans simply because she's the only woman of any significance in the DC universe that isn't simply a rule 63 of a male hero (like supergirl, ect...)

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Taco Head on 07/13/2010 1:43 pm

@ HowardC As a woman I enjoy seeing the superhero men running around in tiny speedos. Why shouldn't I find the male form attractive. I never found WW to be sexist, the problem I had with her was she looks nothing like an Amazon. She is under 6 ft tall and has both her breast.

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10,000 Volt Ghost on 07/13/2010 5:02 pm


"This is not a new costume any more than Superman Red and Blue were, or Spidey black. Like all of those "changes" it was a marketing ploy. And it worked. When was the last time Wonder Woman got national press coverage?"

The last time I remember her getting press news is when she deflected a bullet and it ending up killing the mayor or the president or something. Early 90's maybe so she's been out of the headlines for quite some time.

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Kilgore Cod on 07/13/2010 7:19 pm

I like the new look.

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Just Ami on 07/13/2010 10:56 pm

New outfit is horrible.... much like her comic. D:

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Senor Shutter on 07/14/2010 8:10 am

If some Cosplayer made the new costume and wore it to a convention I wonder if she would get booed. I guess it would depend on how hot she was.


DTRY (Guest) on 07/15/2010 3:29 pm

Yes, Teal, I'm glad I asked. I'm not really familiar with Wonder Woman myself, being a Batman fan and all.

And HowardC, so I guess it's a good idea to be a male chauvinist instead?


Cryonaut (Guest) on 07/15/2010 6:30 pm

I think the "Ultimate Wonder Woman" that Wizard made up a while back was the best looking Wonder Woman design I've ever seen.

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Alan Bates on 07/17/2010 6:00 am

This is incredible generic looking. As for anybody that saying "well, at least it's practice," I just have one thing to say.

Superheroes are not practice. Nor should they be. They should be dynamic and larger than life.


James (Guest) on 07/17/2010 7:19 pm

It's not a BAD costume, it kind of reminds me of the upcoming movie Captain America's "muted but patriotic" outfit. But going back to this, it's not bad but it's not memorable.

Is there still a Wonder Girl? (I know it's not Donna Troy, no?) This would make a GREAT WG costume. If they are retelling the Wonder Woman origin and rebooting, and they insist on using this costume, fine, have her use it in her early days fighting crime. Then have her discover more and more of her Amazonian roots and adopt the classic costume. If this still involves Hippolyta being the first WW, have Diana discover that she wore such a costume and take the look for her own. Then re-introduce Wonder Girl and let Diana hand down this costume to her.

This won't last. Drastic changes to the classic DC characters' looks never do. Blue-perman? Gone. Azbats? Gone. All-grey Bats? Gone. Dominatrix Wondie (when Artemis became the "real" WW)? Gone. Even Aquaman, for all the times they tried to reinvent him and not be lame, went back to the orange and green. Only one that stuck was the Kyle Rayner look as Green Lantern, and heck, Kyle himself. And Hal came back eventually.


Bill Volk (Guest) on 08/08/2010 11:04 pm

It seems I'm in the minority here, but I never liked the Wonder Woman costume. It's just so out-of-character for her. Some superheroines are exhibitionists by nature, like Power Girl, and would want to wear skimpy and impractical things, but Wonder Woman is a no-nonsense warrior from a culture where women rule and don't need to dress up for male audiences. Also, she's not American, so why does she wear a star-spangled stripper outfit?

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