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7-Eleven is officially in superhero mode - Superman Slurpee cups!

Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... a Slurpee!?

A Superman slurpee? Why I'll drink it faster than a speeding bullet!

Your eyes do not deceive you. 7-Eleven has just released what is perhaps the most insane tie-in Slurpee cup of all time: The Superman Slurpee Mug. I thought their Star Wars Slurpee cup top from last year where you could drink out of Darth's head was going above and beyond, but this new Superman one takes the cake. If you want to reach a new plateau in comic book geekdom, then this is surely the item for you. This 32oz cup will run you $2.49, which includes a free Slurpee fill with the purchase. But really, in the grand scheme of all things, $2.49 is a small price to pay when you think of all the people who will ridicule you as you walk down the street drinking out of a cup shaped like Superman's chest emblem. That's assuming you make it down the street, because in all likeliness, you'd get hammer-punched in the cock the second you walked out of a 7-Eleven with one of these things. Money usually can't buy that kind of attention.

And yes, they did make a new "Kryptonite Ice" flavor to go along with the new Superman Slurpee mug, but I couldn't pass on my favorite Coca-Cola Slurpee flavor on this particular trip.

Another warning to those of you who (like me) have no shame when it comes to buying ludicrous items like this; be careful when you put the dome lid on these cups, they don't stay on very well. Sure, it tells you to "top it off" but the lids seem to be slightly too large, so all of that extra Slurpee on top could potentially end up in your lap. Consider yourselves warned.

Oh and if you want a little snack to go with your Slurpee, they have a tie-in for that too...

Actually, guacamole anything is kryptonite to my taste buds.

Yes, for a limited time guacamole-flavored Doritos will be called "Kryptonite" flavor. Frankly, you'd have to be a man of steel to survive the combination of guacamole Doritos and a Slurpee.

So there you have it, between Superman and X-Men, 7-Eleven as we know it has been taken over by superheroes. Maybe they can join forces to fight the evils that have been rolling around 7-Eleven's hot dog heater for 5 days straight.

Oh and speaking of X-Men, in case you missed it, here's my thoughts on "X-Men: The Last Stand".


X-Men: The Last Stand

Just got back from seeing the new X-Men movie, but before I go on...


I had a really good time with the movie, despite all of the little annoyances in it which I'll get into now. First off, Nightcrawler isn't in it, which was expected, but they don't even explain where the hell he BAMF'ed off to. Secondly, what was with all the "gothy" mutants? It's like the only way they can make them evil is to make it look like they all went on a shopping spree at Hot Topic. "Teen angst mutants! We must rise against our corporate oppressors!" Third, Mystique wasn't in the movie much at all and it's always fun watching her fuck people up. Fourth, I can't believe they did the "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch" crap.

Re also brought up a good point on the way out; they really tried getting rid of the blue mutants in this movie. Think about it, no Nightcrawler and they turned Mystique back into a regular human. Beast is the only one left who's blue. It's like they were worried that there would be too many blue mutants in the movie or something. Of course, they also left the ending wide open, so perhaps that "cure" was only temporary since we saw Magneto moving the chess piece? If that's true, then I assume Mystique will be back with her gargantuan angry blue boobs in part 4 to wreak havoc upon mankind.

But what about that little scene after the end credits? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Captain Picard, er, I mean... Professor Charles Xavier was blasted into a million little pieces. Is he a god now or something? Admittedly, I haven't read any of the comics because, well, they never interested me.

The little annoyances aside, I really liked the movie. The spectacular action sequences did not disappoint, seeing all the mutants in a big comic book-like battle was something I had wanted to see for a while, Beast was awesome, and Phoenix... well she looked downright frightening at times. I thought they did a great job with her and the rest o' the special effects. They also killed Cyclops too (I think) which makes me happy because I always thought he was a whiny bitch. Though, I must admit, I wanted to see Wolverine kill him instead.

So what'd all of you think of the flick?


Ahoy from California!

So I'm still alive and kicking here in L.A., just a bit tired of looking at a million places to live each day. I'm also tired of working on a card table on these tiny-assed uncomfortable little folding chairs. But the main thing is I'm finally here and as soon as I find a better place to live and can get all my shit out of storage, things will feel a bit more normal. Problem is, finding a nice, affordable place with enough space in a good location isn't the easiest thing to do.

On the plus side, all this apartment hunting and driving around Los Angeles has really made me comfortable with the area. I've already been all over Glendale, Burbank, West Hollywood, etc. That's one of the hardest things about moving into a place you've never been before; getting out there and familiarizing yourself with the area. And when the area is as huge and spread out as Los Angeles, that can be pretty daunting.

The other day, I also realized that I'm going to fit in perfectly in this town. Why? Because there's people like this guy running around on the streets (watch the video).

Oh and since you guys want to see how I'm now sitting in the lap of luxury, check out my amazing entertainment and work center!


Impressive isn't it? Yeah well, if you work hard in life, good things will come to you. All this and more can be yours some day! Dare to dream!

Anyway, I'm working hard on bringing all of the photos from our cross country trip to you guys. If all goes well, I'll have all the pics ready to show by next week. In the meantime, I'll be putting up all of the entries from the Super Mario Bros. contest sometime tomorrow, so keep an eye out for those. We had some real good ones and some real bad ones; but they'll all make you laugh one way or another.

And on a final note, remember that StagKnight movie I told you I-Mockery was going to be appearing in? They just sent me a snippet of one of the kills from the movie so I figured I'd share it with you guys. Click here to view the clip.

UPDATE: The Super Mario Bros. contest results have been posted! Check out all the comic strip entries and lemme know what you think!


I-Mockery’s Moving to California Road Trip!


Hate Thy Neighbor?

So the big move is the day after tomorrow and I'm just about done packing. But even more exciting, in a "holy shit, this is really happening!" kind of way is that our two moving containers just arrived!


I'm sure the neighbors LOVE me right now since I'm taking up an extra two parking spaces (in our already limited spaces parking lot) with these big-assed containers. I guess it's like one final farewell to the people whom I've lived next to for almost 4 years, yet barely even spoken a word to. But hey, considering I've had to endure their karaoke parties and "kids slowwwwwwwly learning to play the violin" I'd say we're even. Ok, true, they had to endure my thrashin' guitar playing from time to time, so maybe we're not even. Maybe I came out just a little bit on top... and you know something? That's just fine by me.

More updates on the big move to California to come! If you're just now learning about the move, you can read the previous post here to learn a little more about what the hell is going on around here.