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Matt Besser LIVE Tonight On Doc Mock @10pm PST / 1am EST!

Matt Besser appearing LIVE on Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum on Friday, March 26th at 10pm PST / 1am EST! Don't miss it!

Don't forget, this Friday night we have Matt Besser (of Freak Dance, Asssscat, Walk Hard, Reno 911, and a founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade) as our special guest on Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum! The show starts LIVE at 10pm PST / 1am EST, so be sure to log in to the chat rooms early to talk with Miss Diagnosis and get ready for another fantastic guest along with a crazy flick from yesteryear!

You can watch the show and join in the chat room madness at any of the following URLs:



Oh The Things To Come…

Are you prepared to control the most powerful force in the universe? You better be.



My Top Tens For 2009… And More!

Well, this is a bit overdue, but I always like to share my Top Ten lists for movies, music, and video games every year. And I've finally come down off the Tibetan mountain after months of meditation, and here's what I've concluded:

Protoclown's Top Ten Movies of 2009:

1. Inglourious Basterds
2. Moon
3. Avatar
4. Black Dynamite
5. Star Trek
6. Sherlock Holmes
7. Zombieland
8. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
9. Coraline
10. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

Protoclown's Top Ten Albums of 2009: (more...)



Important Poll For Doc Mock.

Hey all,

We're thinking about switching Doc Mock to a different day and time slot and could really use your input on the matter. While we realize there's no way to please everybody with any given time slot for the show, since our viewers are all over the world in different time zones, we still wait to hear what you have to say. I've created a poll based on the two available time slots we could do - 10pm PST / 1am EST on FRIDAY nights or 8pm PST / 11pm EST on THURSDAY nights.

Please click the link to the poll below to cast your vote:

Once you've cast your vote, feel free to post any additional comments you have about the potential day and time switch in this blog thread. Thanks guys!



Trying Out A New Time Slot This Friday Night! 8pm PST / 11pm EST!

Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum is back with another new LIVE episode tonight! You can watch the show and join in the live chat room fun at any of the following URLs tonight at 8pm PST / 11pm EST:

This isn't necessarily a permanent change, but since there aren't any other shows on the network this week, we figured we'd try shooting Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum at an earlier time slot. I know a lot of you who are on the East Coast (and elsewhere) can't always stay up late enough to catch the show live, so this will at least be one episode where that's definitely not the case.

The show will start LIVE at 8pm PST / 11pm EST, so it should be a lot easier for our pals on the East Coast to watch without having to chug fifty energy drinks just to muster the energy to stay awake. You'll also be happy to hear that Nathan Barnatt (also known as Keith Apicary from "Talking Classics", Ray Amsley, Trale Lewous and a slew of other crazy characters) is going to be our guest this Friday night! He appeared as Keith on Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum back in November (watch that episode here), now's your chance to meet and interact with the real guy behind all those characters as we watch another ridiculous flick together.

Hope you can all catch the episode this Friday night! (more...)



Enter Our Contest For Paul Scheer LIVE This Friday Night!

Enter the Paul Scheer art contest for this Friday night!

Really looking forward to having Paul Scheer (Human Giant, 30 Rock, Best Week Ever, Piranha 3D) on the show this Friday night, March 5th at 10pm PST, and I wanted to let you guys know about a contest we're holding. Would love to see a bunch of entries from all of you since it's easy to enter, you don't have to be an artist, and Paul himself will be judging all of the entries live on the air! We only have a few entries at the moment, so it's easily still up for grabs.

Learn all about the contest here:

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with and showing all of your entries live on the show!

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