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My Musical White Whale.

The Big Trouble in Little China Soundtrack!

Last night marked the end of a tradition of mine that's been going on for roughly fourteen years - I finally found a copy of the "Big Trouble in Little China" soundtrack. Now before you go telling me how easy it is to find a copy online, allow me to explain. I enjoy the hunt. In a time when finding just about anything we could possibly want is only a few mouse clicks away, the thrill of tracking down something you've long desired has been diminished. Also, it may date me a bit, but when it comes to music and movies, I'm not a big fan of digital downloads either. I like having something tangible to hold in my hands; I appreciate good packaging design and often consider it like purchasing a small piece of artwork. You just don't get that with an mp3 file.

So about fourteen years ago, I decided I needed to own a copy of the Big Trouble in Little China soundtrack, because I loved the movie and had always been a huge fan of John Carpenter's music (and before you ask, yes... I promise I'll write a feature article on the movie sometime because it's my all-time favorite flick). At first, I figured it wouldn't take long to find in a store, but it turned out the album had long been out of print and no places had it in stock. I soon came to realize that this search wouldn't be something I could occasionally remember to do if I wanted to track it down, so I made up my mind that any time I was in a store that carried film soundtracks, I would always take the time to search for this one album before leaving. When eBay came into the picture, the Big Trouble in Little China soundtrack was one of the first things I considered buying on there, but for some reason, with this one item, it felt like I would be cheating myself if I acquired it that way. So, the search continued for many years...

Last night, at my favorite music / movie store in the world (Amoeba), my long search finally came to an end when I found the Big Trouble in Little China soundtrack for only 9 bux. It's such a weird feeling when you finally track down an item that's eluded you for ages. Every time I went to a music store, I would practically roll my eyes as I scoured through the miscellaneous "B" soundtrack section, as if I was telling myself, "Yeah right, you're never gonna find that album." When I actually saw it there on the rack, I did a double-take, said "holy crap!" out loud and then grabbed the album as fast as I could, as if I actually believed somebody else was in the store at 10:30pm looking to snatch up a copy of this old soundtrack. But it was real... I found the soundtrack and I couldn't be happier about it.

The other thing I love about hunting for things out in the real world is the other things I stumble onto during my search... things I never knew existed or had simply forgotten about long ago. Stumbling onto those kind of things rarely happens when I'm searching for a specific item on eBay since those queries only return exact results. That's simply not the case when you're rummaging through a store filled with loads of random CDs and DVDs or a flea market.

If you prefer digital downloads, much like Bobby Brown, that's your prerogative, but I am curious... do any of you have your own white whale of music, movies, games, toys or something else that you've been seeking for ages? If so, tell us about what lengths you've gone to find these elusive items and if you actually managed to track 'em down.

Also, hit the jump to see one reason why this soundtrack is so awesome. (more...)



Awkward Talks With Guys? Plus, The Best Game Ever Made!

My buddy Andre Meadows (aka: BlackNerd) recently asked me to help him out with his latest installment of Awkward Talks With Girls Guys. I apparently misunderstood him, because I thought he was asking me to be in the video because of my long hair, but he was actually hoping I could find him a girl to talk to. So yeah, I guess the video didn't turn out exactly how he had planned... see for yourself and then drop a comment in the blog to let us know what you think of it:

(hit the jump to the the full, uncut video!)

If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check our previous collaboration together for the Halloween Justice Squad music video. Andre also appeared on the "Black Attack" episode of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum and it was a hell of a fun show, so be sure to watch it whenever you have a few hours to kill... you'll be glad you did.

In other news, we just released The Best Game Ever Made.

The Best Game Ever Made. No really, it is.

You're welcome, Internet. (more...)