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I-Mockery moving to the West Siiiiiiiiiiide!

Some of you may have already heard about it, but it's now official: I'm moving to California! I'm gonna be living in Los Angeles (Glendale) to be exact and I simply cannot wait! My current place is actually the longest I've ever lived in one area - almost 4 years now. Before that, I was a Nomad; sometimes moving as much as 3 times in under a year! So why am I moving? For one thing, I've lived on the East coast my entire life and I feel it's high time for some change. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot about the East coast I love (aside from friends and family) and I strongly considered moving back up to Philly or even to New York (where I was born), but there's a lot of things I've grown tired of (such as the weather).

I want something completely different and California gives me just that. Aside from the fact that there will be a million new places to visit, things to see and people to meet, it's just a completely different world out there. Especially when I compare it with Richmond, VA. There's just not much going on here and I don't like having to drive all the way up to D.C. if I want to do something fun. In L.A. there's always a million things going on so that clearly isn't going to be an issue. Hell, there's the Fangoria's "Weekend of Horrors" event going on shortly after I'm moving in! Granted, I might be too busy to attend that one, but who knows. You may also recall, I went out to L.A. not too long ago to visit my pal Zug and go exploring all over the place (here's a photo gallery from that trek). Well, that pretty much sealed the deal as far as me wanting to move out there.

This is a move of epic proportions as far as moves go, mainly because a) it's so far away and b) I have a lot of stuff to pack/sell before we move. I've been packing up the place like a madman lately, selling off the tons stuff I definitely don't need (believe me, I'm the world's primo packrat so there's plenty of shit to weed through) and hauling off other things to keep in storage until I'm ready to bring them out West. For all the stuff that I am taking with me, I'm using a company that let's you put all your stuff into these giant boxes (much like PODs) and then they ship it across the country for you. I didn't want to do the UHaul thing because it's way more expensive and I'd somehow find a way to crash the truck during the journey and destroy everything I own. Having this other company bring my stuff across the country in those pod-boxes enables me to do something else though...


That's right, we'll be driving across the entire country (probably taking at least 7 days to do so) and hopefully checking out all sorts of crazy roadside attractions along the way. I'm armed with several books all about how you can still follow old Route 66, but I'm sure there's gonna be plenty of random things along the way not listed in the books that I'll want to stop by and see. And don't worry, I'll be bringing my digital camera and laptop with me, so the entire thing will be documented and you guys can see every place I visited. Granted, I'm guessing I won't have internet access for much if not all of the trip. Somehow I don't foresee a lot of WiFi hotspots in the Midwest, so I'll probably end up posting all the pictures and stories once I'm all settled in at my new place in Glendale. If I can ever get access to the web during my trip though, I'll definitely post a few updates along the way. If there aren't many updates on the site early next month, you'll know it's because I'm either driving across the country or somehow impaled myself on a cactus. Either way, it's a good chance for you to catch up on some of the older I-Mockery articles 'n what not that you may have missed out on. It's a big site, go exploring!

So there you have it, that's the big news! It's gonna be one hell of a big change, but I'm sure it'll be all for the better. If nothing else, I'll clearly have a lot o' new things to write about. Plus, I'll be living only 15 minutes away from Zug, and as you may or may not know, he's the programmer on a certain game that we've been planning to do. So this should help speed things up tremendously.

Words really can't describe how excited I am about all of this. I feel like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, only I'm not moving from Philly to Bel Air, I'm moving from Richmond to Glendale, and I'm not going from poor to rich, I'm going from financially stable to... who the hell knows. I also don't have an "auntie" who chases me around with a rolling pin at wacky high speeds while I rap about the hardships of my life. But hey, it's still pretty close to being like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Also, I expect to see several things immediately upon entering L.A.: Jack Bauer had better be fighting some bad guys since every terrorist act in that damned show somehow happens in L.A. And I expect to see a river of silicone flowing directly into all nearby medical facilities. They also better have another one of those giant pizzas waiting for me when I arrive.

It's scary and exciting all at once. This is gonna rule. (even if I am driving across the country when gas prices are higher than ever)


StagKnight? What’s StagKnight?

I'll tell you what it is. StagKnight is an indie movie that's gonna be at the Cannes Festival this year and I-Mockery is appearing in it! No not me as an actor, though I clearly should be in the film. I mean really, what movie couldn't be improved with the addition of a man in a pickle hat and goggles? Anyway, as I was saying, I-Mockery (the web site) will be making an appearance in the film so I command you all to support it in any way humanly possible. Just think how someday you'll be watching StagKnight on TV and I-Mockery pops up on the screen and you'll say to your friends, "Hey! I know that guy... er... site!" Then they'll all laugh at you and kick your ass for watching a movie just to catch a glimpse of a web site that you frequent. Nerd.

In all seriousness though, this movie is very promising as far as cheezy flicks go. It's got everything... sex, drugs, violence, and this angry fella:

STAGKNIGHT! see more at

I'm told that they'll have some video footage in about a month or so where you can see I-Mockery in the movie along with our pals over at Newgrounds. "We're a happy family! We're a happy family! Me, mom & dad!" Until then, you can check out this trailer which should be more than enough to sell you on the film. Their web site also just launched recently so be sure to check that out too!


More news on this movie in the coming months!


Our latest trip to the Virginia Science Museum

If you've ever been to Richmond before, chances are you visited the Virginia Science Museum as it's one of of the... maybe five things to do in this pseudo-city. We've already attended a few of their Halloween exhibits such as the entertaining Grossology exhibit and the far less impressive Bones exhibit. So we're always on the lookout for their latest attractions, whether it's another fun exhibit or a new movie showing in their I-Max theater.

Well, last month we found out there was going to be a big Video Game exhibit at the Science Museum - complete with game competitions and a room filled with classic games. Could there possibly be a better way to spend a Saturday than getting to check out a ton of classic arcade games and maybe compete against some people? In another state, sure, but in Richmond... this seemed like a virtual godsend. So we all jumped in the car and headed on over to the Virginia Science Museum for a day of gaming goodness.

Upon our arrival, we couldn't really see much gaming-related stuff going on... but they assured us there was plenty, so we paid the 12 bux for our tickets and went in. The first thing on my list was to find the classic games arcade room... I mean, this was basically the whole reason I came to the museum. So they point me over to this little room in the corner, and I was instantly confused because I didn't hear a roar of bleeps and bloops coming from that direction. Do you know why I didn't hear the roar of those wonderful sounds? Because this is what the "classic arcade room" looked like:

Classic Games? Uhh... Hello?

What the!?!?


So the classic video game arcade was nothing more than a few TVs with those cheap-assed battery-powered plug-n-play video games hooked up to them? That's it!?!? Yes my friends, we had been officially ripped off. Hell, for the price of admission I could have bought one of those plug-n-play video games for myself! Gah! I love how they had a hundred chairs setup in that room too, as if those few shitty TV games were going to draw in a huge crowd.

We then made our way through the rest of the museum in search of the gaming competitions that were going on. Again, it was cheap as hell... no real arcade machines whatsoever. They had a room filled with people watching two guys play a football game on the Xbox. That was the big competition and I had to keep reminding myself, "You paid to see this Roger, YOU PAID TO SEE THIS!"

Well, aside from the huge let-down that was the so-called video game exhibit, the trip wasn't a total bust because two good things happened: 1) I got to ride on one of those Segway scooter thingamabobs that they were demonstrating. Yes they're overpriced as hell, but damned if they aren't fun. and 2) I filmed my friend Scott messing around with one of the marble water balls outside the museum. So lucky you, you get to see this amazing video footage:


33 Comments’s word of the day… Word of the Day for Wednesday April 5, 2006
cum \KUM; KUHM\, preposition:
With; along with; combined with; -- often used in combination.

They really should have put this one out on April 1st instead of today. Maybe even temporarily renamed the site for the day. Ok, this concludes my burst of immature humor... for now.

(huhuhuh he said "burst")



Newgrounds acquires I-Mockery to form 'I-Grounds'

Yes, the whole big thing about acquiring and turning it into "I-Grounds" was just a big April Fool's joke. Just for the record, I didn't expect to fool anybody with this gag. I mean, it did take place on April 1st, and it happened on an internet humor site... that right there should clue pretty much everybody in on the fact that it was a prank. But still, I got a ton of emails from people all freaked out about the acquisition. What was more amusing was how some people really started to wonder if it was true when I left the gag up all day on Sunday too. It's funny how an extra 24 hours can set some people into panic mode. So again, I-Mockery isn't changing (not that us being owned by NG would be bad or anything, but there's no way I-Mockery could ever be a "portal" humor site where any random person could login and submit their own humorous articles).

For those of you who missed it, the April Fool's gag will forever be located at this URL:

And of course you can see the announcement page here:

While we're on the subject though, I'd like to thank some of the other people who helped out with my April Fool's prank. First off, I gotta thank good ol' Pox for helping out by drawing PickleMan into the Newgrounds Tank logo and making it shoot out the pickles across the screen. Secondly, I gotta thank my pals Stamper and Tom Fulp over at Newgrounds for going along with the prank and helping make it seem slightly more realistic by making a news post about it.

And last but not least, I'd like to thank you guys:

1) Thanks to those of you who thought you were super clever for figuring out this act of chicanery. You guys should become detectives! o.O

2) Thanks to those of you who somehow managed to fall for this seemingly obvious gag. I needed some hearty chuckles and you delivered them, at your own expense!

Alright, that's all for now. I now return you to the same old I-Mockery. You know, the one you love to hate... or hate to love... or the one you wish was a sandwich. Mmmm.

UPDATE: Why am I not surprised that someone would immediately try to cash in on this highly publicized gag by purchasing the "I-Grounds" domain name and putting it up on eBay:

Good times...


Newgrounds acquires I-Mockery!

This is really exciting news for the web site! We've just been acquired by Newgrounds!

Check it out and read the press release!