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I-Mockery’s 2017 Halloween Club Packs Have Finally Arrived! Order Now!

"Death has come to your little town, Sheriff." I'm pretty sure Dr. Loomis wasn't speaking of Michael Myers when he uttered those words; he was referencing I-Mockery's Halloween Club Pack! Fortunately for you, it's October, so there's nothing wrong with having death delivered to your door. Rejoice, for I-Mockery's Halloween Club Packs have returned for the 2017 season! Getting so many unique Halloween items in bulk quantities is no easy task, I assure you, but I've managed to collect some insanely cool spooky goodies for everyone. I even have some killer Halloween items from South Korea, Japan, Venezuela, & more this season, so get ready for some frightening fun you won't find anywhere else. Behold!

The Revenge of I-Mockery's Halloween Club Pack! More amazing spooky goodies than ever before!
[click to enlarge]

Such a sight brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it? It's like you just opened up a magic sack of Halloween goodies and you didn't even have to go trick-or-treating for them! What I try to do with these packs every year is simple: I want to give you Halloween in a box. I put a ton of time, research, and love into assembling these packs, and those of you who've kindly purchased them in the past surely already know this. As always, there's a LOT to scour through in my annual Halloween Club Packs, so let's take a closer look at some of what you'll receive when you order one. We begin with one of my favorites:

The Bride of I-Mockery's Halloween Club Pack! More amazing spooky goodies than ever before!
[click to enlarge]

That's right, this October, I'm going to be sending you a Halloween Toilet from Japan! It's actually a candy and a toy toilet (a "toylet" if you will) - it includes two packs of tasty powder (orange and cola flavors) that foams up inside the toilet when you add water to it. After that, you drink up with a straw. Truly one of the most unique Halloween candies I've ever had in my entire life, and I'm super excited that you're all going to get a chance to try it out!

When you're done with the candy, these orange or purple plastic toilets come with sets of spooky stickers that you can apply to them so you'll have a completely unique Halloween decoration to put on display for years to come! Getting these in bulk was a small miracle. I spoke with so many places in Japan and finally found them; I'm happy to report they're now in my hands and have arrived just in time for Halloween! Each Halloween Club Pack will come with one Halloween Foaming Candy Toilet still sealed in its original box. For more details, you can see my 2016 review of the Halloween Foaming Candy Toilet.

But there's still so much more...

The Bride of I-Mockery's Halloween Club Pack! More amazing spooky goodies than ever before!
[click to enlarge]

No, your eyes do not deceive you; what you're looking at are genuine Halloween Beauty Masks from South Korea. Did I say this year's Halloween Club Pack was a doozy or what? Whether you're a She-Wolf or a He-Wolf, these masks will leave your face looking and feeling macabre and marvelous - because they contain things like the essence of pumpkin, green tea, and more. Hell, they'll probably come in extra handy if you're planning on wearing face paint as part of your Halloween costume this year.

But here's the best part: they're not just standard beauty masks with mere Halloween-themed packaging; the beauty masks themselves actually look like monsters! You'll get one of the three available Halloween Party Mask designs - a Jack-O-Lantern, a Scream-like Ghost, or Frankenstein's Monster. And there's still more:

The Bride of I-Mockery's Halloween Club Pack! More amazing spooky goodies than ever before!
[click to enlarge]

Next up, we have this vintage "Spook-tacula" Halloween award that you can give to a friend... or yourself! Even better, it comes with a place for you to put your own "Wacky Whiffer" scratch & sniff sticker. But not just any Wacky Whiffer from the nineties... a Jason Voorhees sticker! My favorite thing about it is that he's traded in his machete for a pumpkin pail to go trick-or-treating with, and he looks a bit apprehensive. It's almost like he's worried somebody is gonna try to steal his Halloween candies.

Most importantly, when you get this Halloween Club Pack, you can finally answer the question that's been on your mind for decades: What does Jason Voorhees smell like?

The Bride of I-Mockery's Halloween Club Pack! More amazing spooky goodies than ever before!
[click to enlarge]

Speaking of killer stickers, I'm including three packs of the amazing, vintage 80s Terror Stickers from Venezuela. If you're not familiar with them, definitely check out my recent article, because these stickers are absolutely nuts. Bright neon colors, monsters, and some of the most ridiculous & hilarious horror scenes you'll ever see. I haven't even collected all of them, so you'll likely be getting ones never seen before on this site.

You'll also be getting a limited edition Grave Chase souvenir postcard and sticker! They're nice & glossy and feature everyone's favorite evil Groundskeeper, standing atop a tombstone, waiting for his next victim.

And since no Halloween Club Pack is complete without an assortment of vintage stickers & trading cards, I'm throwing in FIVE packs of Toxic Crusaders stickers since everybody loved them last year, and a pack of Little Shop of Horrors trading cards. Just don't eat the gum, cuz it's so old that whatever it does to your innards would likely be scarier than anything else you find in this pack!

The Bride of I-Mockery's Halloween Club Pack! More amazing spooky goodies than ever before!
[click to enlarge]

Last but not least, I'm including another batch of random Halloween toys, treats, trinkets, and stickers in every pack. You'll find all sorts of goodies in each pack including vintage Boglins stamps from the eighties, Halloween popping candy, sticky skull slappers, Halloween candy sticks, the always popular orange & black Halloween fortune cookies with actual spooky fortunes inside them, pop-up monster figures, and more! There will be other little surprises included with every order to ensure this box o' goodies keeps you entertained all month long.

So there you have it. These packs are absolutely loaded with Halloween fun. I really can't wait to hear what all of you think of 'em when they arrive at your doorsteps. Please note that while I've once again made even more club packs than I did in 2016, they're still limited in quantity. Once they sell out, I won't be reproducing them again, so be sure to place your order early to ensure you get one and aren't left standing alone in a pumpkin patch like a disappointed Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. Nobody wants to be a disappointed Linus.

Please keep in mind, you're not only getting a club pack filled with loads of hand-picked Halloween fun, you're also helping support all the time and work put into I-Mockery. Halloween season is easily the most important time of the year for me, but it's also the most expensive time as well. In addition to the cost of running I-Mockery, I rack up some hefty traveling and purchase expenses for all the articles and reviews I post on this site, so you purchasing my club packs and other merch really helps offset those costs. Also, if you have any friends who might like the Halloween Club Pack, please let 'em know about it before the packs sell out!

The Halloween Club Packs are $31 a pop (after all, Halloween is on October 31st) for anybody in the continental United States, and yes, that price does include shipping. Only one purchase per person please, as I wanna spread the wealth and make sure lots of people have a chance to order one. If you're ready to order, click the button below:

For international customers outside of the United States, due to the widely varying shipping costs and all the time it takes to fill out customs forms among other things (time that would be better spent writing new Halloween articles for the site), the club packs are not available for you to purchase. That said, you know I don't like to leave anyone out, so if you *reeeeally* want a pack / can't live without one, and you live outside of the United States, drop me an email about it and I'll do my best to set one aside for you and we'll work out the shipping costs later. I can't make any promises, as I often get more requests than I can handle, but I'll do my best to get a club pack into your hands just like I did with a bunch of you last year.

Alright, that's all for now. I really hope you love this years pack, because I honestly didn't think I'd be able to get all the eerie items from overseas for them in time for Halloween. But the Great Pumpkin has smiled upon us, for I was somehow able to gather all of these awesome Halloweeny goodies to send your way. As always, I wanted to give you what I see as "Halloween in a box" to make your October even more spooktacular. Can't wait to hear what you think of 'em! Thanks in advance to all of you who help support I-Mockery and all the work I do every Halloween season by ordering one. Have at it, Halloweenies!



Grave Chase Has Arrived! Now Available On Steam For PC, Mac, & Linux!

If you're looking for a perfect game to play this fall season that's oozing with atmosphere, old school challenge, and relentless monsters, look no further than our brand new retro-style Halloween horror game, Grave Chase!

Grave Chase: a new retro-style Halloween horror video game now available on Steam for PC, Mac, & Linux!
[click to enlarge]

If you've enjoyed any of the many free games or countless articles I've produced over the past 20 years, I'd really appreciate it if you purchase a copy of Grave Chase. It's only $5.99 and I know you're going to love all of the throwback action. Speaking of which, if you do enjoy Grave Chase, please take the time to leave a review of the game on Steam once you've played it for a while so other potential players can see what you thought of it.

The story behind it goes like this: An evil Groundskeeper has murdered everybody in a small town and buried their body parts in his mazelike graveyard. Unfortunately for him, two siblings saw him kill their parents, and now they're determined to get revenge using science... and shovels! This brother and sister duo will now traverse his gargantuan graveyard, digging up body the parts of his victims and turning them into Frankenstein-like monsters to eventually battle the groundskeeper.

Grave Chase features 31 stages of increasing difficulty - each being one of the 31 days of October - where you'll encounter growing legions of the Groundskeeper's undead graveyard guardians. Cursed skeletons, zombies, flesh-dissolving blobs, man-eating plants, axe-wielding psychos, and many more horrors await you in his deadly graveyard. Oh, and then there's the Groundskeeper himself...

Beware the relentlessly evil Groundskeeper in Grave Chase!

When I set out to make this game, one thing I really wanted was a truly memorable villain who would cause players to panic, and I believe we've done exactly that with The Groundskeeper. He patrols his beloved graveyard constantly, searching for trespassers to hack apart with his meat cleaver and add to his collection. If the Groundskeeper sees you, your only chance of survival is to run away from him until he gets winded, for he can't be killed. And just wait until you have to run from him once you've collected all body parts on any given stage for the real panic to set in. The music changes to a frantic pace, as countless hordes of the undead rise from the ground and the Groundskeeper chases you down. Can you make it to the portal before they destroy you? Can you survive the 31 days of October and get your revenge on Halloween?

We set out to make a game that people would want to revisit for years to come, especially during the Halloween season, and I hope you'll all find that's exactly what we've done with Grave Chase. I love sharing the joys of Halloween with you guys every year, but getting to create a completely original video game, with monstrous characters and a spooky soundtrack for all of you to experience is a whole different kind of special.

Before I go, I also need to thank some people for their tireless work on this game, because without their help, it wouldn't have been possible. Jacob West, for his stellar coding and dancing monsters; Maarten Boot, for all the killer artwork; Marie Barr, for designing our incredible Grave Chase Comic-Con booth and making the game pop with color corrections; Brad Webb, for crafting yet another awesome game trailer; John Bower; for helping QA test the hell out of the game; and Bannon Rudis, for helping out with the concepts in the early stages of production. Also, I want to thank all of you - whether you're an internet chum, or a pal who has helped promote the game, it all means a lot. We're a small, independent team of developers, and we don't have an advertising budget. We simply make the most entertaining games that we can and hope that they spread organically via word-of-mouth - so again, a huge thanks to those of you who've helped out.

Alright, you've heard enough about the game, now it's time for you to play the game. Enjoy it, my friends. Grave Chase is my Halloween gift to you!



The New & Improved Jack-O-Juke! I-Mockery’s Halloween Music Jukebox!

Big news today, but before we get to it, allow me to refresh your memory about how our beloved Jack-O-Juke was brought to life:

Years ago, I went to the local cemetery during a full moon, dug a grave, and buried a jukebox in it. I would explain why I did this, but why creep you out with the gruesome details of my nocturnal October activities? So anyway, I returned to the cemetery last night, dug up that same jukebox, plugged it in, and discovered something truly horrifying...

It had become the Jack-O-Juke!

Behold the NEW Jack-O-Juke! I-Mockery's Halloween Music Jukebox! All the Halloween songs your zombified heart could possibly desire!

I'm incredibly excited to unveil the big news that we've completely revamped I-Mockery's Jack-O-Juke Halloween music jukebox for the 2017 season, and we went allllll out on it! Why is this such a big deal? For starters, the Jack-O-Juke has been rebuilt from scratch with all new parts, just like Frankenstein's Monster! The old one was done in Flash, and you may already know, is no longer supported on many platforms. This new one wasn't made in flash, and it will now work in your browser, on tablets, and even on your phones! Yes indeed, now you can take the Jack-O-Juke with you on the go!

In addition to being compatible with multiple platforms, the Jack-O-Juke has better features now. The random song shuffle function is finally working, it has full mouse wheel support for easy scrolling through songs, and we've added in two new "page advance" buttons that will let you quickly skip far ahead to songs later in the catalog just like on a real jukebox!

You'll also notice that the Jack-O-Juke has been completely redesigned. We finally have a new interface modeled after the one you see above, only the new one is even better. Upon loading it up, you'll see we've added an animated dot matrix style LED display to the top of the Jack-O-Juke. Yes, you read that correctly; now while you listen to your favorite terrifying tunes, you'll be treated to a show of random Halloweeny animations from within the Jack-O-Juke itself!

Like I said, we went all out on it this year. A huge thanks to Jacob for doing such a phenomenal job coding it, and to Re for designing the absolutely awesome new interface! Without their eerily energetic efforts, we wouldn't have such a killer Halloween jukebox to enjoy!

Lastly, I've also added in even more Halloween tunes to kick off this revamped jukebox. The Jack-O-Juke is a jukebox now filled with over 230 horrifying Halloween songs to keep your decaying ears bleeding with ghoulish glee all season long! Feel free to keep the Jack-O-Juke open in a separate window so you can listen to all of the hand-picked tunes while still checking out all the latest article offerings here on I-Mockery.

As always, if you would like to help me out with the bandwidth costs and show your support for our efforts, please consider purchasing a copy of Grave Chase when it comes out for PC, Mac, & Linux on September 20th this month (next Wednesday!). Every purchase helps cover those hefty hosting bills. Also, it's a really fun Halloween video game we made, so it's a win-win for everybody.

Have a song to suggest? If there's a Halloween tune that you feel is worthy of a permanent spot in the Jack-O-Juke, please post it here in this blog thread. This thread will be the NEW permanent home for all spooky song suggestions, so feel free to return with all the ideas you can come up with. I can't promise I'll add everything you suggest, but I'll certainly keep an open mind about any haunted Halloween anthems you can come up with.

Alright, I hope you're all as thrilled about this as I am. Now please help spread the word, go ahead and start listening to all the Halloween songs, and lemme know what you think of our new Jack-O-Juke!



I-Mockery + Cyanide & Happiness!

I-Mockery and Cyanide & Happiness are making a video game together!

In case you haven't heard already, I'm making a video game with my pals from Cyanide & Happiness! We launched the Kickstarter for this new adventure game just a few days ago, and we've already surpassed our initial funding goal for the project to release it on Steam, so it's definitely happening and we couldn't be more excited about it! If you've enjoyed all my writing on here over the last two decades, you're going to love this game, because I'm co-writing it alongside Kris Wilson, and we've been having an absolute blast with it so far. Adventure games really allow us to fill every screen with loads of comedy, challenges, and fun things for players to interact with, so you can expect experience a lot of that in our story of a post-apocalyptic high school nightmare.

We still have a lot of stretch goals we want to reach for the game, including porting it to consoles, unlockable features, and additional side quests featuring some of your favorite characters. So, with that in mind, if you haven't already done so, please consider backing our Kickstarter, as the more we raise, the bigger and better we'll be able to make this game in the end. Plus, if you back it at certain tiers, you'll even have a chance to see some of your own contributions in the game itself! And to those of you who've already backed it, I can't thank you enough for your support. This game is gonna be nuts, and I can't wait for you to see some more of the things we have planned.

Lastly, I hope you ghouls 'n ghosts out there have enjoyed the first spooktacular week of our annual Two Months of Halloween celebration so far! I have more big Halloweeny surprises coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for 'em!



Dust Off Your Bones! I-Mockery’s 2017 Halloween Season Has Begun!

Greetings, ghosts 'n goblins! Welcome to I-Mockery's 2017 Halloween season!
[click to enlarge]

This is it. This is our time. This is the time of the year when we come back to life and the entire world - from the biggest theme parks, to simple trips to the grocery store - turns into a spellbinding steady stream of spooky sightings. Are you ready for it? I sure hope so, because I can't imagine this tradition would still be going so strong after nearly two decades if it wasn't for all of you keeping me company throughout the seasons.

I-Mockery's "Two Months of Halloween" celebration has risen from the grave for the 2017 season, and I simply can't wait for you to see what I have in store for you this year. We're talking some BIG surprises, folks. I'm not exaggerating when I say 2017 has been one of the busiest years of my life so far, and you're going to see why soon enough. For starters, we're finally releasing our new Halloween video game, Grave Chase, on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux this September 20th, and I'm dying for all of you to play it. It's a game that takes place over the 31 days of October as you battle spooky monsters and dig your way through a maze-like haunted graveyard. Much like the Two Months of Halloween here on I-Mockery, it was my intention to create a new game that would become a tradition in your annual Halloween celebrations. Judging by the reactions I've seen from people who've already played it in various public demos, that's exactly what's going to happen, and I couldn't be happier about it. Year after year, you guys continue to carve a smile into the jack-o-lantern that is my face.

To get in the spirit of things, I also attended several Halloween conventions earlier this summer, and my coverage for one of them is already up to kick off the season. So, between working on Grave Chase and attending those events, it feels more like this has been an entire year of Halloweeny fun! And just think about what we still have to look forward to!

There's an actual Friday the 13th taking place in October (perfect time for a Voorhees marathon), we've already had some amazing Twin Peaks episodes (if you're a fan of the show like I am), and we're getting the IT remake (which I have high hopes for) along with a new season of Stranger Things that takes place around Halloween of 1984. Will we have something as monumental as the 2016 return of Ecto Cooler this year? Time will tell, but between those aforementioned goodies and some of the treats & candies I've seen slowly creeping into stores, this is already shaping up to be a hell of a good Halloween.

Oh, and in case you hadn't heard already, I'm happy to announce that I've been working on the new Cyanide & Happiness Video Game! We're launching the Kickstarter for that game on September 5th, and have all kinds of crazy surprises in store for everyone. With our writing forces combined, you can expect an absolutely bonkers point-and-click adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic suburbia. More details on that to come.

So as you can see, my Two Months of Halloween celebration isn't something I'm doing because it pays the bills; it never has been. I do this because I simply LOVE to do it. I love to share and experience the season with all of you, and Halloween simply wouldn't feel right without it. Hearing from you throughout the fall season is the blood bank to my inner vampire. So, let's put all the horrors of the real world aside for a while, and enjoy the fabricated horrors of the supernatural world for the next two months instead. Let us swim in all things pumpkin spice; let us raise our chainsaws high in the air in tribute to Tobe Hooper; let us jump into giant piles of dead leaves; and let us devour roasted pumpkin seeds until our bodies sprout pumpkin patches. We all deserve it.

No excuses... it's time for a monster party.

Even the dead are invited to I-Mockery's annual 'Two Months of Halloween' celebration!

This is the season of all things spooky, and it's our deadly duty to spread the word about anything we see related to Halloween. Remember, Halloween isn't a single day... it's a season. It's a season we're going to have a lot of fun talking about together. We're going to talk about Halloween toys, Halloween cereals, Halloween costumes, Halloween Candies, Halloween games, Halloween movies, Halloween TV specials, Halloween drinks, Halloween soap bottles, Halloween paper towels, and anything else that proudly displays the visage of a ghost, goblin, or other creepy creatures of the night.

I always have and continue to treat what I do from September 1st - October 31st every year as an honor. Having worked on I-Mockery for a few years shy of two decades, I can't tell you how much it means to know that so many of you include this site in your Halloween traditions. It really is an awesome privilege to know you're all reading along on this site while eating Mellowcreme Pumpkins and listening to The Fat Boys' "Are You Ready For Freddy" for the thousandth time. So once again, I think you all for allowing me to be your petrifying pied piper, leading you into the spooky annual abyss that is the Two Months of Halloween on I-Mockery.

For those of you not in the know, September 1st marks the beginning of I-Mockery's annual "Two Months of Halloween" celebration. Every single update you see on this site from now until October 31st will be Halloween-related in one way or another. No matter where you live - whether it's a shining beacon of Halloween goodness, or a barren land with barely a flickering matchstick to make things a little spookier - please think of this site as your official Halloween home. The next two months are going to rule, for there is no greater time of the year.

Alright, let's get into the details of what you can expect to see on I-Mockery in the coming months. As you probably already know, we pride ourselves on going crazier over this holiday than just about any other place has in our 18+ year history, so we've got all sorts o' spine-shocking surprises planned for the 2017 Halloween season. We'll have coverage of various haunted Halloween attractions, horrific novelties, my huge annual round-up of the best & worst Halloween candies, horror movie reviews, new videos, craft projects, scary toy features, contests, and all the other wonderfully random oddities we stumble upon over the next two months.

If any of you have suggestions for Halloweeny things you'd like to see covered this season, or you have something you'd like to donate for us to review, please let me know here in the blog thread or shoot me an email. It doesn't matter if it's a Halloween event taking place in your area, a horror movie, an independent seasonal costume shop, some new candy, or some completely bizarro new Halloween novelty... I wanna see and hear all about it, so please get in touch!

Put on your Halloween Scary Glasses for I-Mockery's annual 'Two Months of Halloween' celebration is here!
(to quote Roddy Piper: "Put on the glasses!")

To those of you who aren't well acquainted with our annual Halloween celebration here on I-Mockery, I always suggest checking out some of our main Halloween attractions. We have a huge archive of Halloween material on this site from previous years, so while you wait for our newest pieces to go up, I highly recommend checking out those older things to get in the spirit of the season.

-I-Mockery's Halloween Collection: Here you'll find quick 'n easy access to most of our Halloween material from the past. Extremely in-depth horror movie and candy articles, product reviews, and of course the boppin' Halloween adventures of Count Pop himself along with many other oddities. Also, be sure to check back right here on the homepage every day for the very latest Halloween updates as well.

-The Halloween Grab Bag: Much like our "Shorts" section, this is a place where you'll find our smaller Halloween articles, but often covering some of the weirdest stuff we've ever stumbled upon.

-The Greatest Horror Movie Moments: Another fan favorite is our ongoing quest to document some of the finest moments in horror movies. Sometimes they're moments you're well aware of, other times, it's stuff you probably never knew existed. Either way, if you're looking for some horror movies to check out this season, this is a great place to start.

-The Halloween Jack-O-Juke: Here be our Halloween music jukebox, filled with over 218 hand-picked horrifying songs and counting to keep your decaying ears bleeding with ghoulish glee all season long. Feel free to keep the Jack-O-Juke open in a separate window so you can listen to all of the hand-picked tunes while still checking out the latest article offerings here on I-Mockery. I'm hoping to add some more spooky tunes to it during the next two months. If there's a song you think should be added to the jukebox, be sure to let me know by dropping a comment in this thread and I'll try to add it before the end of October if time permits!

-Trick-Or-Treat Adventure: One of the largest classic Flash games we ever made... and it's all about Halloween. If you're a fan of classic adventure games such as Secret of Monkey Island and Space Quest, you'll feel right at home with this one as you go on an adventure to build a Halloween costume and then collect enough candies before you battle the ultimate evil! It even auto-saves your progress as you go play, so you don't have to beat the game all in one sitting.

-Haunted House Candy Hunt: In this Halloween game, we pay tribute to the games of the Atari 2600 by creating an all new one in the same style. You must guide two buddies (who just so happen to be from a galaxy far, far away) through all the treacherous rooms of a spooky haunted house as they hold hands. Should you reach the end of the game, you'll have a showdown with the ultimate candy hoarder - The Grim Reaper himself! I've also heard from a reliable source (ie: myself) that there's a secret level select hidden somewhere in the game. But you don't need that anyway, right? Cheater!

-MonsterTime: With our most recent Halloween game, we pay tribute to another favorite arcade classic, BurgerTime. Only difference is, instead of building burgers, you're a mad scientist named Doc Mock who is building classic monsters to save you from the modern slasher monsters who are out for your blood!

-Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum: Doc Mock, I-Mockery's official horror host is still looking for a new home to shoot & live stream his original show at, but we have over 30 archived episodes you can still watch online. If you're looking for a good cheesy b-movie flick, check out all of the Doc's episodes that are archived on iTunes (some were archived on YouTube as well), including his Halloween specials! You can also find some of Doc Mock's special "Mini Mausoleum" videos here.

In addition to a ton of new feature articles, you can still expect our regular site updates to the Blog (don't forget the archived Halloween blog entries from years past). We've also got some great Halloween contests in store for you to participate in as well. Please show your support for all the hard work we put into our Halloween celebration by following I-Mockery us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get all the latest updates.

HALLOWEEN SURVEY: Share in the comments section below what's your all-time favorite horror movie? Is it an old classic that you've seen a bajillion times, or is it something more recent? What makes it such a special horror flick to you? Drop a comment below (you don't even have to register!) and let's get this Halloweeny discussion going!

ONE FINAL NOTE: As a writer, the best compliment you can pay me is to chime in with your comments on all the articles I post, and to share them with your friends on various social networks. I don't pay to advertise the site or my work, it simply gets out there via word-of-mouth, so please make sure your skull jawbones ready to start moving and help spread the word. I can't even begin to tell you just how much of my life gets swallowed up by Halloween for two months out of every year, and the workload is pretty tremendous; so it's the little things like your comments that which keep me motivated and flying high on my broomstick in the moonlight from now through October 31st.

All right, in the words of Conal Cochran: "In the end, we don't decide these things, you know; the planets do. They're in alignment, and it's time again. The world's going to change tonight, Doctor, I'm glad you'll be able to watch it. And... Happy Halloween."

In other words... let the Halloween festivities commence!



Comic-Con Wrap-Up & TV Fights!

It always takes me a few weeks to recover from all the chaos of the San Diego Comic-Con, and I gotta say... this year was incredible! We've been exhibiting at SDCC for a long time, but this was easily my favorite booth setup we've ever had. Here's why:

Grave Chase game booth design at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con!
[click to enlarge]

Yep, we turned our booth into an actual graveyard to promote our upcoming Steam game, Grave Chase! Full credit goes to Re for this killer booth design. She really pulled off something special, and it drew people in like crazy. I wasn't sure if we needed the game running on two separate systems, but we had such a constant flow of visitors, I was relieved we had 'em. From putting the monitors inside the tombstones and flickering orange lights, to having real moss on the table and cobwebs everywhere to give attendees an extra level of escapism while playing the game, I simply loved everything about the booth this year.

So again, a huge thanks to Re for taking the time to design it so nicely, and a huge thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hi, test out the game, and pick up a pixel poster. Seeing friends and fans, both new and old, is always one of the biggest highlights of Comic-Con for me. The work I do is quite solitary, so it's always a huge pick-me-up to meet everybody there. Even Thomas Lennon (Reno 911) stopped by to let his kids play the game! The reception to Grave Chase was absolutely wonderful, and seeing how excited and panicked it was making everyone has me counting down the minutes to its release on September 20th. Can't wait for all of you to finally play it!

[click here for high quality video]

In other news, I was on the most recent episode of Screen Junkies TV Fights! Many of you have seen me on Movie Fights episodes over the years, but I've also appeared on a bunch of TV Fights episodes as well. Only thing is, until now, they were always behind the Screen Junkies Plus service paywall. Well, this latest episode marks their first official switch to YouTube where everybody can watch TV Fights for free. It's a really fun episode, and I finally even got to talk about my favorite old Outpost commercials, so give it a watch.

That's all for now, but remember... this site comes aliiiiiiiive on September 1st for our big annual "Two Months of Halloween" celebration! So start carving your jack-o-lanterns now, because things are gonna get spooooooky around here.


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