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Doc Mock Episode #10 Premieres LIVE Tonight At 10pm PST / 1am EST!

The last episode of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum until early-mid September airs tonight!

Hey guys, I'm just dropping in to give you all a quick reminder that the tenth episode of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum airs LIVE tonight (7/31/09) at 10pm PST / 1am EST, so be sure to catch it! You can watch the show and join in the chat room fun and either of the following two URLs:

Tonight is the last show before we're on a break until sometime in early-mid September, so you'll definitely wanna check this one out LIVE!

Also, if you missed our last episode from July 17th with special guest Hal Rudnick, you can get caught up on it before the show tonight. Click here to watch My Pet Snake: Part 1!



Sooooooooo Busy!

We've been insanely busy at Comic-Con ever since we arrived and it's been an absolute blast. Unfortunately, by the end of every day, I'm also absolutely exhausted so I haven't had much of a chance to post in the blog. So, until we get back into town after the con and post another huge collection of pics of the big event, here's a few quick booth photos from early on.

I-Mockery's table at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con!

I-Mockery's table at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con!

I-Mockery's table at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con!

I'm not sure, but I think that guy in the foreground was a real zombie. Sure looks like it.

We seriously have an amazing spot in the convention center with lots of space for the crowds to come by and we have some awesome booth neighbors. Thanks to all of you guys who've already stopped by and said hi, bought our merchandise, proudly worn our pickle hats, and tried out our brand new parody flash game demo! It's been great meeting you all and we're looking forward to seeing more of you over the next two days! If you're gonna be at the convention this weekend, be sure to come stop by our spot (table #A10) and say hey!

Alright, onward I go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.



I-Mockery At The 2009 San Diego Comic-Con July 22nd - 26th! Come See Us At Table #A10!

I-Mockery will be landing at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con this July! Hope you'll be showing up too!

Hey everybody! The cars are all loaded up and we're about to head down to the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con! for I-Mockery's first time ever as an exhibitor! I hope you can come visit us at the convention (table #A10) because we've got lots of fun stuff to show ya! Here's a small list of what you'll see:

-A demo of our big new flash game playable on a genuine NES controller!

-Two different I-Mockery t-shirts (one of which is brand new!)

-A special limited edition poster that you'll stare at for hours on end!

-The debut of Protoclown's brand new "Henching" comic books!

-PickleMan comic books!

-Strangepuppets comic books!

-Limited edition button packs!

-Rumored appearances by Doc Mock and Miss Diagnosis!

and last but not least...

-Brand new custom I-Mockery Pickle Hats!

It's really going to be an insane time and I can't tell you guys how excited I am about it. We've put so much work (and moola) into making this happen and it's all because want to celebrate the 13+ years this site has been online with the fans that have kept us going all these years! So if you're going to be at the Comic-Con, be sure to stop by I-Mockery Productions Table #A10!

Myself, Max Burbank, Protoclown, Dr. Boogie and Re will all be there at the table! Pox and Bom (who both worked on the game demo we'll be unveiling) are also supposed to be stopping by so maybe you'll get to see them as well.

And yes, to those of you who've been asking in the blog and via email, we'll be more than happy to sign anything of the merchandise (or any other weird things you bring to the convention for us to sign). Somebody was asking just the other day for me to sign a book that I'm in that I didn't even know was out on store shelves yet, so maybe you'll get to surprise us to by bringing us stuff to sign.

For those of you who can't come, we're sorry you're gonna miss it, but rest assured we'll still do our best to take as many photos of the convention as possible. Obviously, we're gonna be super-busy with the booth, but once I'm back in town from Comic-Con, I'll try to post up all those photos as quickly as possible. I'll also try to update the I-Mockery blog with some photos each day if time permits.

Again, for those of you who've never been, I feel I need to remind you of a very important fact: despite the misleading name, the Comic-Con has MUCH more than just comic books. True, if you're a fan of comic books, you'll be in heaven, but if you're not that into 'em, there's still PLENTY for you to do. Over the years, the convention has basically become a mega-media event. The convention center is chock full o' the latest video games for you to test out, tons of movie promotions, toys galore, incredible costumes, and some truly amazing artists as well. If anything, comics have taken a backseat to all the other crazy things going on at the convention. So yeah, the name is really misleading to some people, and that's unfortunate because they have no idea what they're missing out on.

Alright, that's all for now. Wish us luck... this is gonna be one hell of an insane week!

If you want to relive the Comic-Cons of yesteryear, here's a look at just some of our huge photo galleries: [2008] [2007] [2006] [2005]



Doc Mock Episode #9 Premieres LIVE Tonight At 10pm PST / 1am EST!

Hey guys, I'm just dropping in to give you all a quick reminder that the ninth episode of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum airs LIVE tonight (7/17/09) at 10pm PST / 1am EST, so be sure to catch it! You can watch the show and join in the chat room fun and either of the following two URLs:

The show goes on a one-week break after tonight (for the San Diego Comic-Con!), so don't miss this one! Hope to see ya there!

Also, if you missed our last episode from July 3rd, you can get caught up on it before the show tonight. Click here to watch Shockingly Aliens: Part 1!



Ladies & Gentlemen, I Present You “Henching”.

Henching - a new comic by Protoclown debuts next week at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Many moons ago, I said I was putting together a comic book to have ready for the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. Believe it or not, I wasn't lying. Through the help of this very blog, I hooked up with my wonderful artist, a talented Canadian named Sharon (check out her Deviantart page here) who had just the style and wit I was searching for. This is a project that has consumed us both (her far more than me) for the last several months, and I am thrilled to report that the comic will be printed and ready in time for the Con!

Seeing as how I'm promoting this book at the I-Mockery table and on the I-Mockery site, it seemed appropriate that I do a humor book, one which parodies the superhero genre and makes fun of many of the typical cheesy conventions you see in those comics. This book follows four friends who happen to hench for various ridiculous super villains, as they reminisce on all of the bullshit they've had to put up with in their daily lives working for those idiots and assholes.

It's a black and white book (due to time and money constraints) and it'll cost ya three duckets, because I want to be able to pay my artist decently for her hard work. The initial print run will be available at the SDCC at I-Mockery's table #A10, and following that you'll be able to purchase it online, so don't worry if you can't make it out to the Con. You'll still be able to buy the book. And if there's enough interest, a color printing is certainly possible in the future (assuming Sharon wants to do it).

I had a damn good time writing it, and an even better time watching Sharon bring the words in my script to life. After all this time writing about comics, it's about time I got off my ass and actually wrote one myself. I hope you guys enjoy this thing even a fraction as much as I enjoyed seeing it all come together.



In Which I “Help” My Daughter With Her “Blog”.


My eldest received for her birthday a cookbook devoted solely to cupcakes. She was thrilled and immediately began plotting an obsessive compulsive new hobby, to with; baking complicated cupcakes. Since this is obviously not enough, she also planned a cupcaking blog. As she brainstormed a title she became increasingly frustrated and asked me, her father, a writer, for help. Doesn't she know you, you well may ask. She does, but sometimes her memory fails her. Herewith, a list of some of the titles I suggested:

-Genocide Cupcakes

-Cupcake Jihad

-Li'l Cups o' Hitler Cake

-Hate Crime Cupcakes

-A Fistful of Cupcakes

-Kick You in the Cupcakes

-Sucking Chest Wound Cupcakes

-Rancid Pork Loin Cupcakes

-Cups of Poisonous Cake

-Not For Consumption Cup Cakes

-I Wouldn't Put This in My Mouth Cupcakes

-Li'l Debbie's Headless Torso Cupcakes

-Hidden False Tooth Cupcakes

-Spoiled Dairy Products Cupcakes


-Ground Glass Cupcakes

-Serial Killer Brand Meaty Cupcakes

-Unending Vomiting Cupcakes

-Killed your Mom Cupcakes

-Test Your Will Cupcakes

-Unpleasant Cupcakes

-Kweazy Kupkakes

-Ebola Cupcakes

-Irritable Bowel Cupcakes

-Nazi, Nazi, Nazi Cupcakes

-Cupcakes for Morons

-Headcheese Cupcakes

-Hideous Eyeball Injury Cupcakes

-Psoriasis Fingers Cupcakes

-Missing Pets Cupcakes

-Sociopath Cupcakes

-Probably Cupcakes

-Ipecac Cupcakes

-Maybe Mercury Laden Cupcakes

-Them Ain't Cupcakes


-Mister Deadly Cupcakes

-You Didn't Eat That, Did You Cupcakes

-Obese Leering Registered Sex Offender Cupcakes


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