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I Was A Guest On Screen Junkies!

Last week I was invited by my pal, Hal Rudnick (who also co-hosts the Tournament of Nerds at UCB theatre which I perform in regularly), to join him and Eben McGarr for a fun discussion about movie monsters on Screen Junkies. We talked for well over an hour and could've kept going all day long, but since their videos are always edited down to only about seven minutes, that probably would've been pointless. It was a blast to do and we had some really good laughs, so I hope you enjoy it:

[click here for high quality video]

Thanks for watching and I'm looking forward to appearing on Screen Junkies again in the future! If you have a chance, please drop a comment on the video page to let 'em know what you thought of it. And in case you didn't know already, I have a YouTube channel as well and always appreciate new subscribers. Hoping to have some new videos up soon.