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I-Mockery’s 20th Anniversary.

It's I-Mockery's 20th anniversary. Thank you for all the wonderful years!

Hard to believe, but it's I-Mockery's 20th anniversary, and I wanted to share some thoughts with all of you about the occasion. Please click to continue reading:

I've always believed in celebrating big milestones, and while this was certainly never the way I intended to be spending the 20th anniversary of, I still want to recognize it. TWENTY YEARS. Sure, it's technically been around even longer since the site started out on Geocities back in the day, but I can't believe what was just intended to be a fun hobby has lasted for two decades. I know I haven't updated the site since Re passed, but I love looking back on all the wonderful times we had because of it. As a guy who used to write his own photocopied print 'zines to distribute them in school and local music shops, I never imagined my writing would reach an audience beyond the town I grew up in. I-Mockery opened so many doors for me, and I'm forever grateful for all the amazing experiences that presented themselves as a result of it.

My intention with I-Mockery was always simple: to create a place of my own where I could house all my stream-of-consciousness creative efforts, and share them with likeminded people who wanted to enjoy some escapism for a while. In-depth features, comics, videos, blog entries, tributes, original video games, pictorials, reviews, stories, becoming a b-movie & horror host, celebrating my favorite holidays, and more - I-Mockery was home for it all. I always worked on this site simply out of love and an innate need to create. I looked forward to it, even when I knew the workload for some of the larger pieces would be a huge endeavor, because I knew the end result would be its own reward.

It may sound corny, but I always considered it an honor to be such a big part of everyone's annual Halloween festivities. When I started the first annual "Two Months of Halloween" celebration, I never expected to meet so many wonderful weirdos who simply couldn't get enough of the spookiest of seasons. Now it seems like everybody is celebrating Halloween for a full two months (or longer) each year, and it's a great thing that always puts a smile on my face. It's a tradition we built together, and I love seeing so many people having fun with it in their own ways.

I-Mockery also introduced me to so many brilliant people over the years whom I'm lucky to call friends; being able to collaborate with many of them on countless endeavors was just an added bonus. Honestly, I can't thank all those talented people who've lent their time, energy, and creativity to my wide array of projects over the years enough. I truly believe we created a site that was unlike anything else out there, and I couldn't have done it without them.

Additionally, I want to thank ALL OF YOU who've stuck with me over the years on this absurdist ride. Having an audience who has been so enthusiastic and supportive for so long means more than you can possibly know. Writing can be an incredibly lonely vocation (especially since I did the majority of mine in the wee hours of the night), but knowing that I'd be hearing from so many of you whenever I posted some new content online always kept me going. Never underestimate how even a little bit of feedback can truly help fuel creative types.

Most importantly, I married Re, the love of my life, shortly after starting I-Mockery, and it's nice to be able to look back on our many laughs and adventures together featured on the site from over the years. Whether it was writing about our big road trip move from the east to west coast over a decade ago, sharing our amazing overseas adventures, or simply sitting down on the couch to record ourselves playing a song together, I'm so glad to have all those wonderful memories carved into digital stone to revisit whenever the mood strikes. I just wish Re was still here to make new memories with me.

I still have to figure out my place in a world without her — and there's no way to convey just how heartbreakingly difficult the process has been, and will continue to be. But I'm trying to keep moving forward in honor of her.

I know this post has the air of a goodbye, but I assure you, it isn't. Whether I resume writing for I-Mockery in the future, or simply leave it online as an archive for all to enjoy, is something I have yet to decide on. I still have a long road ahead of me, and more special places to bring Re's remains to, so please continue to bear with me. It hasn't even been two full years since she passed. I'd love to be spending I-Mockery's 20th Anniversary as I had always intended - by kicking off another huge "Two Months of Halloween" celebration on September 1st, but that's just not in the cards for me right now, as I'm sure all of you can understand. Right now, I can only live vicariously through you. That said, I've left the decorations up on I-Mockery so you can still enjoy all the years of Halloween content in the archives.

So, I hope you all have a terrific time celebrating the Halloween season, even though I won't be a part of it. It's the best time of the year, so run through a pile of crunchy fall leaves, stuff your face with seasonal candies, bathe in all things pumpkin spice, wear day-glo monster masks, watch cheesy horror flicks, and just soak it all in.

Lastly, if it's not too much to ask, I'd love to hear from all of you. Maybe share some of your favorite I-Mockery memories from over the years... or simply drop a comment down below to say hi.

Again, thanks for welcoming me into your lives for the past two decades. Thank you for so many fantastic years. It's truly been a privilege, and I hope I can one day resume entertaining you again.

With love, gratitude, and flickering jack-o-lanterns,


p.s.: While I won't be creating any new content this season, you can still pick up our Halloween video game, Grave Chase. It was released just before I was hit with that awful tragedy, but I'm still very proud of it. The game is a love letter to all things Halloween, and takes place over the 31 days of October. It's available for PC, Mac, and Linux, so it'll work on whatever you have. Please give it a try!



Cody Magnuson (Guest) on 09/01/2019 2:13 pm

Hey Roger, It's Cody Magnuson, glad to see your still looking forward to everything. I'm ready and prepared for the Halloween season, it's going to be great, along with the rest of the holidays this year. I'll be sure to check in on you again in no time and let you know what I'm up to. I'm also very happy that you've reached 20 years of Halloween on I-Mockery.


Michelle (Guest) on 09/01/2019 2:22 pm

Roger, I raised my son on your “two months” of Halloween celebration. He’s 22 now. Thank you for always making the season special. I just wanted you to know my family and I have always enjoyed your content, the things you shared, and celebrating the season.
As hard as it must be, thank you for your updates, and letting us know you're ok.
Simply, and with much love to you, and Marie, thank you.

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shimwood on 09/01/2019 2:53 pm

Happy to hear from you, sir! It's crazy to think it's been 20 years already; that's quite the milestone these days. I'll be busy getting my house ready for the season and might sneak back here from time to time to check out some of the old articles for a good nostalgia kick.


Felix Vasquez (Guest) on 09/01/2019 3:00 pm

You're a champion sir. A wonderfully creative and remarkable writer. Thanks for being the cause of me wasting hours on that monster builder game, lol. I also loved your Halloween candy reviews, all of which were so very thorough.

Thanks for everything. Seriously. You're not forgotten and are in all of our thoughts. When I'm celebrating Halloween this year, you'll be on my mind.

Good luck and all the best to you.


Shroooom (Guest) on 09/01/2019 4:06 pm

Haha, it's been so long I can't even remember the original handle I used to use while talking with all the old main writers! I remember your first fun Pak! Doorways wishing you the best and feeling for you and your journey every time this year. I hope to continue to have you as part of my life! Lots of love!


Toshi (Guest) on 09/01/2019 4:56 pm

I remember stumbling upon this site when I was in college (around 2003) and reading the rom hack reviews. I still say “bybus slago” from time to time and think of the article.

I didn’t even know the site was still here until Edmond McMillian retweeted your tweet.

Thanks for the great memories growing up!


Michael Pinto (Guest) on 09/01/2019 5:43 pm

Been coming to this site since I had graduated high school. I'm now 37 and I still come back for the spooky movie spotlights and the Halloween collection. This site is one of the few things that still brings me joy. Whenever I'm having a shit day I come here, read an article and feel a whole lot better. So many youtubers, web creators and other personalities have all been inspired by this place in one way or another. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go crank up the Jack-O-Juke before my power goes out.

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zeldasbiggestfan on 09/01/2019 7:27 pm

Hey man, been a reader a long time. It's nice to hear from you again. It's so strange that you moved to California over 10 years ago. I was in high school, and now I'm in my own place as an adult.

Rainbow Puke and Secret Santa were always great times. And the rom hacks were always fantastic. The Slurpee Thievery Gag still makes me crack up.

We love you man. Say hello again soon!!


McJeffrey (Guest) on 09/01/2019 8:20 pm

Yo Rog! Always a pleasure to see a new post. I've always been a champion of your excellent content...especially Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum which at the time was flat out appointment viewing!

I love a good laugh and some of my heartiest guffaws are because that wonderful program. I remember Re giving me a shout out on the message boards once (parroting my reference to Stamos as "A Sexy Piece of Beefcake"). That made my week and with that mere acknowledgment made me feel in some extreme small way I was a part of this thing I loved.

You are one of the few peeps who inspired me to create something for myself. Find that labor of love and jump in with both feet. This led to me creating a podcast that I have steadily been pumping out weekly for nearly a decade. It has changed forms throughout the years (at the moment it is focused in finding the greatest song of the 2000's) but it is my baby and it is something I look forward to recording every week.

I still check in here for old times sake on occasion (usually to introduce a newbie to your amazing wares) and I never fail to smile every time. Thank you for being one of my all time favorite personalities on the gosh darn web.

Thanks for everything.



Benjamin (Guest) on 09/01/2019 8:48 pm

It's funny. I had remembered that halloween season started on September 1st so I decided to check I-Mockery for the hell of it. I never would have expected this post but I am so glad to be here reading it.

20 years huh? That's a bit more than 2/3rds of my life and I've been browsing on I-Mockery for nearly as long as I've had an internet connection.

RoG, thank you so much for everything. I remember my older brother reading your story about the Pepperidge Farm fair and cooking with Soda Popinski out loud to me and actually crying from laughter. I remember taking your word as gospel for every retro game and horror movie recommendation. I remember getting every single one of my classmates to start playing Trick-Or-Treat Adventure Quest during our computer classes.

This year I scheduled a week off from work to celebrate Halloween and my birthday, I had planned to spend that week with a friend drinking and watching spooky movies. I'm grateful that this site is still around to recommend fantastic thrillers that I can share with others.

I know it's been hard for you this past year. Whatever you choose to do; I think I speak for everyone when I say: We love you and will support you always.


Tony (Guest) on 09/02/2019 12:42 am

Hey, Rog. Dropping in to comment for the first time, just wanted to tell ya how much fun I've had reading through all the editorials, features, etc. since all the way back in 2001 when I discovered your site. Much love to ya, and I wish you well.


Anastey (Guest) on 09/02/2019 2:55 am

Lots and lots of hugs. Your two months of Halloween got me through some really dark times when my depression was eating my brain. It's better now that we figured out the cause (hormonal crap).

I can tall a huge difference in how your writing sounds compared to your previous posts. I'm glad that maybe the darkness is receding a bit for you. I hope someday you will be able to see what sunshine looks like again, and that all the beautiful colors in the world will be bright once more. Those are the first two things I noticed when I finally crawled out of my deep dark depression oubliette.

We are here if you need us, and there are lots of shoulder to cry on, and lots of arms to give you warm hugs too.

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A-bomb on 09/02/2019 2:51 pm

Hey Rog, great to hear from you!

Congratulations on 20 years with the site! I haven't been here from the very beginning but I've been a reader for quite a few years. Your annual 2 months of Halloween was a big part of making me appreciate this time of year more, and I've gone from thinking of Halloween as one day to considering it an entire season. To this day, every time I see a new Halloween themed treat in the store I think about how you risked your pancreas every year to bring us your huge review of each season's candy. I did miss all your Halloween content last year
(although I completely understand and support your reasons for mot doing it), but I still get a kick out of re-reading your previous spooky articles. After 2 decades heaven knows there's more than enough to last the whole season. I hope this post finds you well, and whether you decide to take up writing for the site again or life takes you in some other direction, I look forward to reading I-Mockery for another 20 years!


Daniel (Guest) on 09/02/2019 3:44 pm

Roger - I've been lurking on the site the better part of those 20 years and really want you to know how much it has meant to me. Refreshing the website on 9/1 and seeing the flashing pumpkin always brings a smile to my face.

I know you've been through a lot lately but know that you have made an impact on people and can continue to do so.

It's hard to pick a single article but I always crack up at the One Dollar Pirate and the Rip-Off Costumes articles. Look out! It's "Overalls" the killer!

Anyway, congratulations on 20 years. Take as much time to heal as possible. We'll be waiting here for you.


emilie (Guest) on 09/02/2019 10:02 pm

Hey Roger,

I stumbled on i-mockery over ten years ago. I don't even remember what I was searching for but it led me to your Twinkie oven review and I haven't looked back since!

Your product reviews were always my favourite, the old-school "gifs" were hilarious, as was the writing!

Oh, and the haunted house you built in your apartment with the really cheap decorating kit! "It's Frankenstein!! or, is that the hulk? No, no, that's Frankenstein!"

I'm glad you have such a huge archive of content on here, I've re-read a good chunk of it over the years, it always makes me chuckle. Thanks so much for keeping the site active, you assembled an amazing team of writers and the quality has never diminished.

Make sure you take the time you need for yourself, grief is a complex beast and it's so easy to think you need to be at a certain level of functioning by a certain time. We're all here for you, Roger.


Scotch (Guest) on 09/02/2019 10:32 pm

I discovered the site back in 2006 while killing time working at a call center. It brought me hours of joy then and I still take people to the "Cool as Ice" review, and the Nintendo merch reviews. Also, the annual candy review was one of my favorites.

You make the internet a better place. (and that is saying something).


A.G. (Guest) on 09/03/2019 12:07 am

It's so nice to hear from you Rog :) Like many others I stumbled across your site more than a decade ago and founf myself coming back regularly to read classic articles or look for new content. Your site has brought a lot of joy to my life over the years, and you and Re both deserve praise for that. When I learned of her passing I was heartbroken, and when I tried to leave this message on your past posts, comments had already been disabled...

I don't know if this is weird, as I've never met you, or communicated with you, or even left a comment here before, but I find myself thinking about you and worrying about you on a regular basis. I won't go into great detail, but I've experienced something similar to what you are dealing with, and it never stops hurting... but it does get easier. It gets better. You already know this, but you were so lucky to have your soulmate, however briefly... this kind of love isn't something everyone gets to experience, and from how you write about her, how you interacted with her, it was clearly that kind of love. Just cherish her memory as you are doing already and know that you'll see her again someday.

I am second-guessing submitting this because it could come off as weird or corny, but what the hell. We all love you Rog, and for every comment here there are a thousand more people who love you, who cried for you, who prayed for you, and I am one of them.

It sounds selfish but I do hope you continue to work on this site, but only when you're ready. There are too many wacky Halloween products, 80s relics, and other pop culture oddities that need your take on them to give it up...

Anyway. We love you Rog. Stay strong and know that we are here for you :)

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Skulhedface on 09/03/2019 3:55 am

Congrats on the two decade mark, Rog! I’m sorry it can’t be under better circumstances but you’ve built a monument in a corner of the internet that has stood the test of time. I used to be here frequently and rediscovered the site recently and rereading all the old posts and catching up on newer stuff brings a smile to my face.

Best wishes moving forward.


Betty (Guest) on 09/03/2019 8:32 am

I knew this site back in 2007 when I was doing an internship. It was a hard time for me because I was not the most skilled talking with people and had the pressure of doing it right because I had to help my mother putting food on the table. I had stomach problems because of the pressure and lost a lot of weight.

I honestly don't remember what I googled it to get here (I think the first piece I read here was the "Cho Aniki" one) but it was an escape from those hard months. The internship was for three months but was let go after two and was one of the happiest news of my life. I used that experience to learn and grow, took this insane page with me and has been on my favorite folder ever since.

Currently I'm a product manager but still remember those times every time I visit this website; however on these occasions I smile instead of being sad.

All the way from the Dominican Republic, thank you for the laughs and work you have done on this site. You never know in what ways you change someone's life. Hope you're proud of your achievements and that you find peaceful times on your time still on this earth.



Ragemaster (Guest) on 09/03/2019 9:30 am

Roger, I have been using your content to teach my English as a second language students for years. From my time in Prague to now back stateside, you have provided a ton of educational material beyond your expectations. Now I am part of a podcast called Sci-fi Malady, where we discuss all things sci-fi. October is or horror sci-fi month and you have contributed much to our content in the form of suggestions. If you have the time, please listen and leave a comment for some tips how to make us better.
Also, your comments since Re's passing have helped me, so thanks.


Christian DiLuizo (Guest) on 09/03/2019 2:48 pm

It was GREAT to see an update from you Man! So, the last few years of my military career I worked law enforcement / Security Control for a large Air Force installation. Mon to Wed were SLOGS on 2nd shift, just absolute boredom hell. Trapped in a small, 8 by 8 room waiting for the phone to ring (if there was in flight emergency or a distress call on base) and MAN did I spend hours upon hours upon hours on I-Mockery. All the cards, and movies and updates and amazing times, games and grab bags.
In short, I cant thank you enough for saving my sanity through some of those boring, 12 hour shifts. I really cant thank you enough or express how much I appreciate your hard work, your talent, or express how much joy and laughter you've brought me personally since I found this site in 2009.
Best to you my friend, do what you gotta do.



Chris (Guest) on 09/03/2019 4:28 pm

I loved reading the comic reviews on the site, especially US-1 and Warrior. The former needs to be a trade paperback, dammit!

Also, I always looked forward to the Halloween and Christmas content, but hey, I can look back on the old stuff. It's long enough to make me nostalgic, and what's more nostalgic than Halloween?


ColdFusion (Guest) on 09/04/2019 2:37 am

So many i-Mockery memories in the 15-ish years since I discovered the site. Laughing my ass off at the absurdity of hacked ROMs, enjoying strange movies via just-the-best-bits reviews featuring animated gifs and audio clips, receiving my Pickleman comic with a personalized gag written on the cover and proudly slapping the shiny i-Mockery sticker on my laptop...
The greatest time, though, has to be Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum. I've never felt so connected to reality through the internet as watching live and contributing quips and gags via the chat (curated expertly by Re as Miss D.), actually getting a few read on-air... Toby Huss told several unique behind-the-scenes stories about Pete and Pete and King of the Hill as the result of looking at my fanart!! I didn't win that contest, but I FELT like a winner. Staying up late had never been so great, it was like some mad sleepover.
Without i-Mockery, I might never have given Boo Berry another chance and found out I loved it. I probably wouldn't burst into inappropriate laughter every time I see Wilford Brimley's walrus-ass mug on TV. And I DEFINITELY wouldn't know how to use the three seashells.
It has to be really hard when a holiday season all about getting jolly with the macabre becomes a time when we actually lost someone so important, but in a way that's kind of helpful? Reminds us to take that 'honoring the dead thing' halfway seriously once in a while. Because basically most of the cool people are dead. I think we can say that safely. But they got all their cooling in while they were alive, and we have to try to do the same and carry that on.


Sean (Guest) on 09/05/2019 1:24 am

I'll keep you in my prayers, Roger. I've never commented before, but I've enjoyed your writing on this site for several years now. I especially remember the article on Candy Corn Oreos, which I now use as a classroom assignment. This year they have maple flavor. Try it! I've always wanted to comment on your stuff, maybe even debate on some opinions. But now, obviously, would not be the time. I look forward to you writing again.


Chuck (Guest) on 09/05/2019 4:54 pm

We love this site! We love you! Thanks for everything!


Aaron (Guest) on 09/05/2019 5:56 pm

For years I left comments under the user name Istoleyerkeys (because I am a weirdo and thought it was funny). I've also left a few drunken comments and bone headed emails on here and for that I apologize and hope that in the end it wasn't too off-putting or inappropriate. That aside, I have been a follower of I-mockery since 2000 when a high school friend came up to me in the school library while I was parusing a site (about psychedelic mushrooms of all things) and said "check out this site I-mockery. I know a guy that contributes to it sometimes (I believe he knew Max Burbank at least at the time if not still). I have been a regular to I-mockery since, and to this day consider September 1st every year to be the unofficial start of my favorite season, because of the I-mockery celebration basically giving me the excuse to do so. I remember watching for the new pixel pals comic, contributing the most bizarre inquiries to Dr. Bactine that I could possibly think of, and trying each new game as it came out, including Grave Chase. I have read each editorial probably a half dozen times at least over the years. I watched the site like a hawk back in 2015 when I was battling cancer because, well, I-mockery and facebook were my only connections to the outside world on days when I was recovering from surgeries or chemotherapy and too sick to get out of bed. The content of this site will always have a special (if not absurdly weird) place in my heart and mind, and Rog, as I have said before, while I hope you continue to create and share those creations in some form in the future, I will understand if you take a different path. But as far as I-mockery and its content, I hope that at the very least it is maintained as an archive of awesomeness if nothing else. It represents a lasting mark you and Re made on this existence and this earth, which is an accomplishment not many people can claim when all is said and done. Thank you.


anonymous (Guest) on 09/05/2019 11:10 pm

It feels like another lifetime ago when I first stumbled upon I-Mockery. I think it was through one of the flash games, or maybe I'm Gonna Beat Pac-Man: smack dab in the middle of both my awkward teen years and my NES collecting phase. While I was always more partial to the writing and layout of X-Entertainment (now Dino Drac) I-Mockery's consistently polished look and obvious, loving attention to detail simply can't be outdone by any other "nostalgia sites" of it's ilk. You put so much work into every aspect of the site, and it shows.

Without getting too long winded, I noticed you mentioned zines you did back in school: did you scan any of them, and if not, could you? Believe it or not, tangible xerox zines still exist in various incarnations today, and despite being born at least yen years late to their heyday, I've always found them pretty novel (no pun intended).


Fable Fox (Guest) on 09/07/2019 3:24 am

Congratulations on 20th anniversary.

Let's enjoy this year Halloween!


Ben UK (Guest) on 09/07/2019 8:34 am

Thanks for all your work over the years Rog. Sounds from your latest post like you're making progress even though it may not seem that way. All the best and happy Halloween to one and all. Ben.


Corky Donkins (Guest) on 09/07/2019 10:49 am

Back when I got my first computer in 2002, my tween-aged self was obsessed with retro gaming. In my internet travels, I stumbled on the "classic game reviews" section of i-mockery. I was like a kid in a candy store. I laughed my ass off at Sexual Moments in Video Game History (particularly MAD TIGER BALLS!) I visited the site religiously for years. I-mockery Halloween became tradition for me and my little brother. We had the good fortune to bump into you at the 7-11 turned Kwik-E-Mart back when The Simpsons Movie premiered. I still have some of the stickers you gave me. I can't thank you enough for the joy you've brought me over the years. You, Re, and the rest of the gang played a big part in forming the wonderful weirdo I am. I wish you the happiest of spooky seasons, and all the peace and healing the universe can muster. Take good care, Rog.


John (Guest) on 09/07/2019 8:53 pm

Congrats on 20 years! I can't believe it has been that long. I have been a follower of the site since nearly the beginning. I-Mockery has always brought me enjoyment and cheered me up during dark times in my life. Thank you personally Roger.


Jeremy Kerby (Guest) on 09/07/2019 11:08 pm


I don't even remember when I started viewing this website. Funny story, in 2012 I got in trouble for NEVER doing my accounting and just looking up Halloween sections and Rom Hack reviews. When I heard, you know, what happened, also how flash ends in 2020 I try like hell to archive this website in the prospect of you would shut i-mockery down, even from the wayback machine. So for the past 3 months I have been right-clicking (save page as) urgently. Unless you already have this website on a nice little .zip file or something. The memories I had, ranging from the Abobo's Big Adventure countdown (I waited) to Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla have made this website a memory that is different from watching a favorite YouTuber. It's like an old home...

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UrinalPooper on 09/08/2019 10:11 pm

Thanks for all you've done! 9/1 became my official 'beginning of Halloween season' because of this site and based on the number of houses I've seen already decorating, you've managed to impact the zeitgeist.

User avatar

NotDavid on 09/10/2019 5:44 am

Thanks for 20 years, Rog!! We don't really "do" Halloween here in Kangaroo land so i-Mockery has always been synonymous with Halloween for me. I truly regret never getting around to ordering one of those Halloween grab packs you
put together for a few years, but hopefully it'll be something I'll finally get around to in the future :-)

As for my favorite i-Mockery content over the years, I loved Domo-kun (which introduced me to the site), the Monkey Island stuff, those absolutely massive choose your own adventure novels you and the main contributers used to do, Doc Mock and the road trip imagefest as you mentioned which taught me everything I needed to know (and more) about 21st Century Americana. Oh yeah and Rainbow Puke!!

Here's to another 20!?


K (Guest) on 09/12/2019 12:12 pm

I think I found this site maybe 10 years ago or so. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, but it always saddened me that the concept just seemed to fade as you got older and all you were left with was a bunch of nostalgia. Something about this site fed my sense of nostalgia, but also made me feel like there was still something left in the halloween season for me to enjoy. I feel like that's almost metaphoric of getting older. You lose a lot of things you love; carefree playing with toys in the backyard with friends, summers that held the promise of endless adventure, halloweens that the whole world seemed to revolve around. You find meaning again in the smallest of details that not only conjure the memory of what used to be, but also give you something new to look forward to. Something as simple as halloween candy gives me a reason to go out and enjoy the halloween spirit in some real way, not just a nostalgic recap in my head.
I think the biggest appeal to this site was it provided people with a way to feel connected to things in some real, tangible way that we thought we lost when we were younger, and for a long time only existed in our heads.

User avatar

All Hail Duke on 09/13/2019 11:52 pm

That's some milestone.


Ben K Evans (Guest) on 09/14/2019 6:46 pm

I've been a fan since I was... probably younger than I should have been to be enjoying this content, but nonetheless. It was a huge part of my early exposure to the internet, and it's downright strange to think of how much my sense of humor and love of the strange and obscure has been influenced by I-Mockery. Whether it was a retrospective of some goofy old movie or TV show, a travelogue of a visit to some roadside attraction or other, or just you and your friends fucking around in monster costumes or pillow forts, it was all just so much fun. And of course, Greatest Horror Movie Moments introduced me to my favorite movie, Wild Zero, which I then spread around to pretty much my entire group of friends. I honestly can't thank you enough. Even if this was the final post on this website, it would be an amazing run... but I'm glad it isn't.


Sam (Guest) on 09/15/2019 3:01 am

I probably would not take as much delight in the weird and obscure if I had not discovered this site when I was maybe too young for it. I also must thank you for letting this Minnesotan gamer and scaredy-cat live vicareously through your E3 and Halloween Horror Nights albums. Actually, now that I think of it, I think my ability to appreciate all the work that goes into horror despire not having the stomach for it probably stems from this site, and your deep love for the genre. Either way, I have so many great memories from this site, be it articles, games, or Dock Mock. I'm so glad to have been here for some of this site's history, and am eternally grateful for the impact it's had on my life

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