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X-Men: The Last Stand

Just got back from seeing the new X-Men movie, but before I go on...


I had a really good time with the movie, despite all of the little annoyances in it which I'll get into now. First off, Nightcrawler isn't in it, which was expected, but they don't even explain where the hell he BAMF'ed off to. Secondly, what was with all the "gothy" mutants? It's like the only way they can make them evil is to make it look like they all went on a shopping spree at Hot Topic. "Teen angst mutants! We must rise against our corporate oppressors!" Third, Mystique wasn't in the movie much at all and it's always fun watching her fuck people up. Fourth, I can't believe they did the "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch" crap.

Re also brought up a good point on the way out; they really tried getting rid of the blue mutants in this movie. Think about it, no Nightcrawler and they turned Mystique back into a regular human. Beast is the only one left who's blue. It's like they were worried that there would be too many blue mutants in the movie or something. Of course, they also left the ending wide open, so perhaps that "cure" was only temporary since we saw Magneto moving the chess piece? If that's true, then I assume Mystique will be back with her gargantuan angry blue boobs in part 4 to wreak havoc upon mankind.

But what about that little scene after the end credits? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Captain Picard, er, I mean... Professor Charles Xavier was blasted into a million little pieces. Is he a god now or something? Admittedly, I haven't read any of the comics because, well, they never interested me.

The little annoyances aside, I really liked the movie. The spectacular action sequences did not disappoint, seeing all the mutants in a big comic book-like battle was something I had wanted to see for a while, Beast was awesome, and Phoenix... well she looked downright frightening at times. I thought they did a great job with her and the rest o' the special effects. They also killed Cyclops too (I think) which makes me happy because I always thought he was a whiny bitch. Though, I must admit, I wanted to see Wolverine kill him instead.

So what'd all of you think of the flick?



Thingyman (Guest) on 05/26/2006 9:27 pm

I watched the first two x-men before watching this and for some odd reason i just never realized the absence of nightcrawler in the third one until you pointed it out, odd. Anyways I thought it was mediocre overall, it seemed like they really rushed through a ton of plot points. For example they made this big deal about angel before it premiered, and even did some stuff with him in the beggining but just never went anywhere with it.


Bryan Hawke (Guest) on 05/26/2006 9:29 pm

Collusus Didn't get to fight enough. I think he should've been more of a main character.


Bizarcane (Guest) on 05/26/2006 10:32 pm

I can almost guarantee that some studio exec somewhere said, "What's with all the blue guys? It's like smurfs with muscles or something," and they cut down on the blue.
That or Ratner is in more of a "maroon" period.


Diabolical (Guest) on 05/26/2006 10:49 pm

They need to stop screwing around with the characters so much. I am still not over the fact that Wolverine had no idea who Sabertooth was in the first movie and now Professor X did not even recognize his own half brother The Juggernaut. Also, when was Mulitple Man a villian? Maybe I just don't remember that, but I am pretty sure he was always a good guy.
Also, I just could not stop laughing at The Beast when he would wear a suit, it just looked bizarre. All in all that movie was a disappointment.


LordHart (Guest) on 05/27/2006 2:12 am

I'm mostly annoyed with the fact that Alavar Trask is in the movie, and the only god damn scene with a Sentinal is a small bit at the start in the Danger-Room, where you don't even see anything apart from the head. It's a movie about humans VS mutants, and there aren't Sentinals... thats stupid.


Ggal (Guest) on 05/27/2006 4:18 am

heh heh... boobies.


SealFlavoredGoop (Guest) on 05/27/2006 9:18 am

What I'm pretty sure of is that Xavier transplanted his consciousness into a braindead body, much like what he was talking about in the Ethics class earlier. So that's how he didn't "die".


Britta (Guest) on 05/27/2006 10:41 am

I might just have to go and see it for the "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch." part, although I've never been a fan of X Men
I can't believe that they would put that in the movie.


Awesome (Guest) on 05/27/2006 2:08 pm

I have refused outright to see any of the movies due to the lack of the single greatest x-man ever, Gambit. Flaws put aside gambit would rock your face off.


Hunter S. Thomspon (Guest) on 05/27/2006 6:28 pm

The only thing that really got to me is how they changed Juggernaut into a mutant; he was never a mutant in the comics or any of the television series. He got his powers from the Gem of Cyttorak.

But I guess they had to do something for the leech shit. Oh wells.


Hunter S. Thomspon (Guest) on 05/27/2006 6:29 pm

And yeah, they need to get fucking Gambit in there. There is no better.


ninjawolf (Guest) on 05/27/2006 8:03 pm

I guess you had to play the game based on teh movie to understand Nightcrawlers abscenes, which is kind of stupid. And from the trailers I saw Juggernaut looks like he stepped out of a gay bondage film. But Cyclops dying makes up for it and then some. Even if it will only last for about 1 month, and it'll be around 3 years until the next movie.


jhyle (Guest) on 05/27/2006 9:00 pm

HI ROG!!!!


AngryHydralisk (Guest) on 05/28/2006 1:40 am

X-Men III was hilarious IMO. Okay, Xavier getting blown to particles was kinda sad, but army of extras, Evil asian mutant, evil prince-look-aliike mutant, and evil generic mutant? HELL-arious!


Goblin Cock (Guest) on 05/28/2006 1:42 am

I personally loved it, they really went into the "WHAT-IF" category, and they couldnt have picked a better actor to play beast... i wonder if they are gonna do the whole apocalipse thing in X4, it sounds like a good idea u know the 4 horsemen X4...


Brett (Guest) on 05/28/2006 4:33 am

I was disappointed by the size of Juggernaut. However, I love Vinnie Paul so I don't really care. Also, disappointed by the total lack of Gambit.

Plot was too rushed. Actors didn't seem to care about the movie. Too many generic, nameless mutants. Blah blah blah. Actions sequences were cool, but overall I'd just give it a five out of ten. Pretty damn disappointingly average.

Beast did kick a suprising amount of ass, though. (Even if his fur looked more like blue shag carpeting than fur.)


Kirbykitty (Guest) on 05/28/2006 1:12 pm



jon (Guest) on 05/28/2006 10:28 pm

in regards to the end credis scene if you remember Prof X teaching class to the kids about the man in the coma , i believe before he blew up into a billion tiny picard peices uses his powers to transfer into that mans body. and is using his telepathy to speak with the nurse., i mean its not hard to believe since the misused every other putant power. lol


protoclown (Guest) on 05/29/2006 10:36 am

Professor X transfered his mind into the guy with the coma, like jon said right up there.

I enjoyed the movie, though it definitely had its flaws. Not as good as the previous two movies, but I still thought it was fun, and I didn't even care that much that half the characters were completely out of character. I just wish Phoenix would have done more than stand around and look mean until the very end.


Chris B. (Guest) on 05/29/2006 10:29 pm

First of all, let me say that I didn't really care about any discrepancies between the movies and the comics. I don't read them (much), and I enjoyed the self-contained narrative created by the films.

Second, I also didn't notice the absence of Nightcrawler, until you pointed it out. Very strange; but it did give them an opporunity to make Kitty Pride's powers useful (teleporting > walking through walls).

Third, I didn't stay for the part after the credits. Now I kind of wish that I had.

Fourth, I think the goth mutants might have been based on the Morlocks. After all, they did have a male Marrow wanna-be.

All in all, a good movie.


Ty (Guest) on 05/29/2006 10:37 pm

I don't know if anybody but me got annoyed by this, but Juggernaut couldn't have gotten out of the floor after Kitty put him in there. Kitty Pryde's power doesn't work that way. She "phases" people into things, meaning their molecules fuse with the floor's (or wall's or whatever) molecules. So it doesn't make any sense that he just jumped out of it. I tried to explain this to my friends after the movie, and they just stared at me.

But yeah, anyway, I loved the movie, and the ending scene in the park was really cool. And Angel had, what, like 2 lines? That was pretty sad.


Lord_erk (Guest) on 05/30/2006 4:59 am

well i saw it.didnt stay for stuff after credits :(
beast was gambit...gh3y.not much of angel......gh3y.same with collosos.
ending scene with wolverine with his shirt off holding pheonix.looks exactly like van hellsing ending

but i liked it none the less


rimmie (Guest) on 05/30/2006 5:16 am

i am just curious as to where Callisto was. I saw the name in the credits and I was like "Uh where exactly did Callisto appear?" Maybe I blinked I dunno. Also if you look during the war and in the meeting at the church there was a green version of Nightcrawler, he even Bamphfed during the war bit at the end.


OH NOES!! (Guest) on 05/30/2006 7:30 am

Callisto was the bitch that constantly went after Storm, you know the one that moved really fast and dressed out of Hot Topic, the one that could detect other mutants and the one Storm fried at the end...


Sasa (Guest) on 05/30/2006 11:39 am

Jubilee was also in there according to the credits, but I didn't see her at all...


kayla (Guest) on 05/30/2006 12:05 pm

I liked the movie, honestly. there were some plot holes, which were also as annoying as what you pointed out. the frickin audeince at my viewing CHEERED when wolvie almost.... ALMOST got the sex from pheonix there in the beginning. well, they were all like, " YEAH! FINALLY!" when they were snogging, but when she went all S&M on logan, we all, about 90 of us, went " awww man.." also, Warren ( angel) didnt have much of a part in the movie. and as to Xavier.. if you noted earlier about the guy at the end of the credits, when he said something about that body going to waste, that became his plan. If you follow that part close enough, when charles wakes up at the end, he IS IN the comatose man's body. He knew he was going to die, so he figured with his " woot godly" powers ( yeah right) he trasnfered his soul or whatever mutants have to that body when he went Kaboom. The end of the film, when Jean died, made me go " awww.." as well. i mean, she says " help me" and Logan goes " I love you" and skewers the bitch like a shishkaboob. i mean.. kabob. then he goes all " Noooooooo!" well, more of a " ARRRRRRGH!" which put me in mind of this line- "KHAAAAN!!!" from a non mutant sci fi flick which i wont meantion.
still... Logan.. er.. Hugh.. was sexy as ever in this one. and Scott summers died. let us have a moment of silence.
Ah screw it. They wont stay dead.
doesnt anything stay dead anymore????

anyway, i loved it, dispite the obvious plot holes.
and if the anti-mutagen is temporary, then Eric, Raven,( mystique) and Rouge will be back to their mutanty selves in no time.
and the gothy teenagers i believe are a part of a group called " Omega Corps." far as i've been told by my geeky comic book loving brother.


jenny (Guest) on 05/30/2006 4:30 pm

im just bitter because of what they did to rogue, she would have never given up her powers. erdfgdrgertg


Lee (Guest) on 06/01/2006 6:05 pm

I just thought i'd pipe in with one comment. and thats the X-men movies aren't based on the origonal comics. their based on that new x-men evolution crap. Or maybe its the otherway around anyways thats why it makes no sense.


BigAl (Guest) on 06/02/2006 11:22 am

I do agree that Juggie looked like he was into bondage, but everything was alright when he uttered those famous internet words....

Don't you know who I am?! I'M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!

I was happy that cyclops died, he was a bitch.

I was sad when Mystique was changed, but then I was happy when she was neked.

They couldn't have picked a better man to play Beast. He sounded and looked just like he did in the cartoon! But, wasn't he human in the first movie?

Iceman finally turned completely to ice!

The Iceman vrs. Pyro beam struggle reminded me VERY much of Goku versus Vegeta in DragonBall Z. Why hasn't anyone mentioned this?!

Collosus should of been a main character, but he did the famous windup move with Wolvie, which made me :)

They should of had the blob. John Goodman would kick ass at that part.



That's my rant! Enjoy the movie kiddys.


Grislygus (Guest) on 06/02/2006 6:08 pm

Personally, the only point that bugged me was the fact that Halle Berry is an overacting whore. Aw, she wanted more screen time? She threatened to walk out on the project? Fine. Let here walk her self-serving ass out of the picture. It's not like she can act...


Amanda (Guest) on 06/02/2006 6:36 pm

Why couldn't they just throw the cure kid at the Phoenix? Would this not have stopped her, sans skewery?


Sam Hain (Guest) on 06/03/2006 5:46 am

Pheonix had to die. So I think it was up to the writers to do so in a way that we can accept. They can WRITE ANYTHING THEY WANT. So plan ahead. Hit her with the cure. She's just Jean or angry no powered Pheonix personality, either way, no threat. Get Leech next to her, but I assume she'd just blast him. It was Wolvie's healing that let her get close. Leech'd just fade probably. So shoot her from behind with gun, or explain why that's not an option.

Anybody notice "Psylock" was in it? Oh yes, I assure you. Purple streak Asian chick evil Omega mutant. Look it up.

Psylock bad, Multiple Man bad. Meh, whatever, at least Mutiple man got a cool part.

Oh, and I'm devil's advocate, I like the underdog, but I like Cyclops, in a way. He's always been leader, can't help he's not that great but he tries. He deserved (And definately the actor deserved) better than to be killed needlessly offscrene with little fanfare. Aaaaaand he's dead.

Though I didn't see any Body. Maybe I just like James Marsden. But Wolvie's so "underdog" but he's such a favourite. So he's in no way an underdog.

Long live Cyclops, you try. And Jean loved him and not Logan for a reason.
Anywho, Jubilee has been in the background of all three, as has Kitty, (Though played by three different ladys) and Siren (Banshee's daughter) was in the last two.

I actually like how characters move up as others fade, just like in the comics. Feels organic and real.

And leaves room for people like Gambit to show.

How cool would that be. Iceman love triangle with Rogue and this "new guy" Gambit.

Thought Gambits an overated girly love idol. Ass. Go Bobby.

NeXt movie: Should be; Sentinels & or Apocalypse. No Storm, Cyclops, Jean. Collosus, Iceman, Rogue (assuming the "Cure" wears off) Shadowcat, Angel (Tie in to Archangel/Apocalypse) Enter Gambit. Promote?.... Siren? Introduce Banshee? Jubilee?


Sam Hain (Guest) on 06/03/2006 5:49 am

And I ment No Storm Cyclops Jean BUT KEEP The others, not lose them too.


Frank Castle (Guest) on 06/03/2006 8:52 am

This movie lacked the emotional weight that the last two had when Bryan Singer was director (did anyone know that Bryan Singer is openly gay). However I did enjoy the film because of it's action and somewhat there story. I wonder how man squat Vinnie Jones had to do to get that big (or did he get on "the cream" like our baseball allstars did). Bryan Singer sure doesn't have the panache of storytelling and character emotions like Singer did. Here's hoping for a Bryan Singer sequel (assuming I don't exterminate these mutants with a Vietnam Hog).


Lirlond (Guest) on 06/03/2006 9:20 am

I thought in all the movie was mediocre-good, if there is going to be a good movie it will probably be all about that Asteroid thing(I forget the name) and Magneto building the X-gene enhancement machine. Then the 5th movie(if there is one) will be all about the X-men destroying the asteroid, Havok being introduced and the brotherhood having white hair(a side-effect of the machine...if I remember right)


Lirlond (Guest) on 06/03/2006 9:22 am

oops...extreme typo >>; (its early) I didn't mean "good" in the first line....I meant "Fourth" ._.


Gil (Guest) on 06/05/2006 10:03 pm

I too, thought Cyclops was a douchebag and was totally happy to see him bite it. I will disagree on Juggernaut, though. I thought he looked pretty cool in the movie, about as good as the Juggernaut could look in a live action film. Plus, he had some really cool scenes, like when he tossed Wolverine so hard into the ceiling in Jean Grey's house that he went up through it and crashed back down the next room over.

And I laughed at the "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch," because ever since I read an old issue of X-Force (I think it was X-Force) where he said "Bingo, bango, bongo, the Juggernaut is back," I've been amused by the idea of Juggernaut saying stupid shit and thinking he's all cool.

Anyway, I liked the movie overall. Probably my second favorite behind 2.


Saint Horsefly (Guest) on 06/06/2006 10:50 am

Comments about X-Men 3: The Last Stand

1. Cyclops did not die. It is a comic book, so he can and will return if they want him to. No body, no dead.
2. Prof X jumped into the body they set him up for early in the flick, so he lives, too.
3. Jean Grey... Phoenix... can and will rise from the ashes if they want her to. How many time has she dies in the comics.
4. The 'Cure' did not work. Magneto, Rogue, Mystique and all will get there powers back, so all can return to normal.
5. Oh my stars and garters... Beast was perfect.
6. Iceman iced up... perfect.
7. Juggernaught's costume was... I dunno, um... not good. I saw an early design as a maquette, and it would have been perfect, but they went with this one. Bad choice.
8. Psyloke? and others in the flick were just odd, because they did not look like their comic book counterparts, and basically were there to be named, just to say they were there.

Comment about X-Men: The Movie

One person above stated that Wolverine did not know who Sabertooth was, and thought this was wrong. In my opinion, if you watch it with a differnt attitude, he did know. In the snow, on the road, he popped his claws out when he smelled him, so he knew who was around him, and later when Prof. X called his attacker 'Sabertooth', Wolverines reaction was one of puzzlement, like 'Why is Creed calling himself Sabertooth', wheick lead right into him mocking the rest of the x-mens 'code-names'. Just my thought and 2cents on this idea.


Juttin (Guest) on 06/07/2006 9:13 pm



james (Guest) on 06/13/2006 3:00 am



CosmoToad (Guest) on 07/04/2006 11:39 pm



keeble (Guest) on 07/18/2006 1:27 pm

where was gambit?

seriously the film sucked in places.but at least it didnt just centre on wolverine

gambit for x4?yes please


JOJO (Guest) on 03/11/2007 8:01 pm

X-MEN the last stand was pretty ok. BUT, there's some things that just r stupid, yet perfectly understandable.(1)Mystique should NOT have bit the big one cause she is so damn cool. (2)Cyclops caused his own death.If he had not have been so weak in the second movie (when Lady Deathstrike got him off guard) Striker would not have controlled him and he would not have been fighting with Jean, which made the building break, which flooded it, so she died. Then he went over to where she (died) and she killed his dumb ass. He should have known that she was up 2 some shit.


JOJO (Guest) on 03/11/2007 8:21 pm

ROGUE & BOBBY were ment for eachother. fuck GAMBIT!!!! u can tell they like eachother and there's those little "moments" where u know that they want 2 be 2gether but there's some sort of barrier between them. it's so sad=( And Cyclops is so fucking gay. jean grey has such bad taste in guys except 4 Wolverine. N-E ways Cyclops deserved to die. And i hope they don't do that corny shit where he comes back cause i'll protest!!!!!

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