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A new home, Halloween fun, and a run-in with an actor!

Man, talk about a busy week. The past 7 days have been nonstop madness. We moved into our new place in downtown Burbank last Friday, and while the place itself is working out great so far, the move was a pain in the ass. So on the day of the move, we woke up super-early to get a Uhaul pick-up truck in order to move the things that were in our current place over to the new one. No problem there, thankfully. We then get home and start loading up the truck with everything and then afterwards we were going to scrub the floors and do all the things you do in hope of getting your deposit back (which they had better send by the way, because we left that place cleaner than it was when we moved in).

But before the cleaning could commence, the company that was dropping off all of our stuff at our new apartment calls me on the phone (for those of you who don't know, practically everything I own has been in storage for the past 4 months). Turns out they've arrived at our apartment HOURS before we had scheduled them to do so, and as a result, I had to speed my ass on over there to get it all sorted out and show them where to place our storage containers so we could unload them later in the day. I then speed back to the old apartment to help finish cleaning up the place and getting it ready to be inspected. Problem is, we've already killed a lot of time and aren't able to finish cleaning before we gotta get back to the new apartment to meet up with the people who were supposed to help us move in. So what happens? The friends who were supposed to help out bailed on us and the extra movers I hired (just to speed things up and not make it such a pain in the ass for our few friends to help us move in) call me to say they're stuck on another moving job and won't be able to show up.

As you can imagine, by this point I was about ready to tear someone's face off with my bare hands just to release some tension. Fortunately, the moving company guy who usually works as a dispatcher/manager offered to come out himself and help us move in. So it was just us moving in everything and I must say we unloaded it all relatively fast considering the conditions, but man oh man was I sore as hell when it was all said 'n done. Aches in places that shouldn't ache. Bruises in places that shouldn't bruise. Cuts in places that I thought for sure were made of adamantium instead of flesh. Sonofabitch.

But like I said, aside from the move-in hassles, it's been really nice so far here in Burbank. And we already had our first visitor, check it out!


Yep, Mr. Praying Mantis was just hanging outside on our screen door there and while I'm not superstitious about them, I'm gonna pretend that this one was a magic mantis who was indeed bringing us a big ol' bag of good luck. Considering all that we've been through to make it out here, I would've preferred cash, but I'll still take the luck. Thanks Mr. Mantis.

Just call me Mr. Fix-it! I also go by Mr. Break-it as well.

As you can see, in addition to our unpacking, I've been assembling all sorts of new crap including the new bed. Not sure why, but as long as some of those projects can be, I tend to enjoy doing them... partially because of the satisfaction I get once it's completed. No, I didn't just assemble that bed, I built it goddamnit! I chopped down a mighty oak! I stained the wood! I hammered the nails in with my bare fists! Ok, that's clearly bullshit, but it really does feel like an accomplishment when you finish putting something together like a bed or shelves or what have you.

Mellowcreme Pumpkins. More addictive than crack.

Anyway, even amidst all of the move-in madness, our Halloween season began on September 1st as planned! Hope you've all been enjoying the updates to the site so far this month! You can expect daily updates every week from now until the end of October! We already drove out of our way to one of the largest Halloween shops I've ever seen, and I'll be sharing a few pics from that place soon enough - along with some articles based on the goodies I picked up while I was there. We've got so much fun stuff to write about this year I can't wait to show it to you all. Well, I just did a piece on Ghostbusters II which should convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's a good movie. Oh and that bag of Mellowcreme Pumpkins you see in the photo there? That bag was full about a half hour ago. I think I'm gonna puke orange for about a day now. But guess what? It was still worth it. No regrets.

In other news, I was in the grocery store late last night and who should be in line in front of me but Daniel Roebuck, who many of you probably remember as "John" from River's Edge, which has always been one of my favorite movies. We spoke for a little bit while in line and he was very cool and totally approachable. Turns out he lives here in Burbank too (along with plenty of other actors no doubt) and he's quite a horror buff as well. You can check out his impressive collection of classic monsters online. And for all of you wanting the scandalous National Enquirer styled gossip: he was buying duct-tape. DUCT-TAPE? OH SUCH A SCANDAL! WHAT KIND OF HOME REPAIRS COULD HE BE USING IT FOR??? LEARN ALL THESE STEAMY DETAILS AND MORE ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT!

On a final note, I'd like to say something. I love Halloween... LOVE it. There is nothing better than Halloween and it's the only holiday worth dedicating two full months of my life to every year. However...

Halloween My Little Ponies? No. We don't need those.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a few more Mellowcreme Pumpkins to eat before I puke them all up. Hooray for Halloween season!


A Stingray!?

I'm stunned. Steve Irwin is dead and I'm sure the entire internet is already talking about it, but jeeeeez... a stringray?? A STINGRAY!?!? We're talking about a guy who basically spent all of his days figuring out ways to piss off the deadliest animals on the planet; crocodiles, sharks, snakes... and a stingray of all things is what takes the man down? That's the equivalent of a bullfighter being killed by a koala; it just doesn't happen.

I feel bad for him and his family, I truly do... but I'm also sure there will be people getting angry at stingrays; saying all sorts of stupid shit like, "They're the terrorists of the sea!" and what have you. I spent much of my childhood at sea, sailing with my family, and aside from sharks, stingrays have always been my favorite aquatic creatures. I always thought the way they looked and moved was awesome. The mouths on the underside of stingrays always made me laugh too.

But really, those creatures are timid as hell and Steve's death is truly a freak occurrence of epic proportions. They're called stingrays for a reason, not stabrays. Hopefully people will keep that in mind, but I guarantee you the media is gonna have a field day with this stuff. You'll soon be seeing all sorts of special reports on stingrays. Reports with ominous titles like "Stingrays: Friend or Foe?" and "Stingrays: A History of Bloodlust."

He was supposedly filming a documentary when this happened, so does that mean it was captured on footage? If so, it's kind of a double-edged sword; I don't want to see footage of a Steve Irwin getting killed cuz I really did like the guy, but I always want to know just how in the hell a Stingray managed to do that. It's just so friggin' bizarre!

R.I.P. Steve Irwin.

Steve, your bravery/insanity will be missed. I'm gonna go press the button on our Crocodile Hunter action figure tonight, just so I can hear him say "Crikey!" one last time.


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