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The Post-Halloween… Post.

They really need to promote the West Hollywood Costume Carnival more... there was hardly anybody there!

Man... I'm still recovering from Halloween. The annual West Hollywood Costume Carnival was just too much fun as expected and I wish it could've gone on for another 24 hours. My pal Tyler and I dressed up as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, complete with giant heads and arm extensions, and the costumes were an absolute hit. We couldn't take five steps without being absolutely mobbed by everybody on the street. There were well over 250,000 people there that night, and I feel like just about every single one of them asked us to stop and take a photo with 'em. Re even saw some woman run up to me and pinch my ass. Yeah baby... the ladies love Voorhees. Every now and then, we would stop taking photos with people and have a real live Freddy vs. Jason battle right there in the streets. Of course, when you're hurling giant arm extensions at each other while wearing big masks that render you nearly blind, it's hard to pull off the same acrobatics seen in the FvJ movie.

On top of all o' that commotion, the local ABC news station apparently liked our costumes a lot as well, because they pulled us aside and conducted a little interview. Fortunately, we found the video on their web site and one of our site members was nice enough to capture it for us (thanks Tadao!). Take a look after the jump: (more...)


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