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This Friday: The Return Of Doc Mock!

Update: You can watch the show and join in the live chat room fun at any of the following URLs tonight at 10pm PST / 1am EST:

Hope to see all of you in the live chat rooms tonight!

Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum returns to the air with all new LIVE episodes starting this Friday, January 22nd!

That almost sounds like a threat, doesn't it? While it's only been a month since we went on break, it honestly feels like forever to me and I've been itching to broadcast some new episodes. Fortunately, our withdrawals from the show are about to end, because this Friday night at 10pm PST / 1am EST, Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum is back with an all new LIVE episode! I really can't wait to get back into the mausoleum and dust off some crazy old movies to share with you guys.

We also have some big names in comedy coming up during this next run of live episodes, including a childhood hero of mine, so you guys definitely don't wanna miss out on all the fun we have in store for ya. Hope to see you guys in the chat rooms this Friday night!

p.s.: If you still haven't watched our big holiday special from last month, you should definitely check it out because it was one hell of a ho ho holiday hootenanny! Watch it here!


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caffman on 01/22/2010 2:53 pm

YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The return of the DOC!!!!

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Senor Shutter on 01/23/2010 2:09 am

Licky's baby is actually a girl and her name is Iris! Get it? Wacka Wacka!


I-Mockery Fan (Guest) on 01/23/2010 2:23 am

Can I be honest? I know I'll get bashed for this. Doc Mock has kinda taken the fun away from I-Mockery for me. Every few days I come to see if anything new is up (much as I have done for years with X-E), and it's turned into "All Doc Mock, All The Time." It's a good show, yes, but how about some new material for those of us who just want to sit down and read an article, but don't have time to watch the long show? The flashbacks to old articles featured on the front page are cool, but I guess I'm just dying for some new content and besides the movie, there isn't much to be seen.

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ryot on 01/23/2010 3:37 am

Hey thanks for the entertainment. You guys rule!!! The set pieces, the commercials, the guests, and the movies!! Everything about Doc Mock is amazing. Nothing else compares. Thanks for coming back and completing what F#(@&# up last time. Great show, best show, best cast, and crew. WOOOOOOOO! (ric flair chops) Keep goin'!!

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caffman on 01/23/2010 4:25 pm

To "I-Mockery fan". Thats your opinion so you wouldn't be bashed for that. But if you are such a fan, why no login?

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-RoG- on 01/23/2010 7:34 pm

Thanks for watching guys! It's seriously great to be back and we had a ton o' fun with the show last night. Can't tell you how much I honestly love doing the show every week and I really hope it comes through to all of you in the audience. Don't forget to post your ideas for the name of the lovechild of Miss Diagnosis and Licky in the blog!

ryot, thanks! Glad the show kept ya entertained!

I-Mockery Fan, Nobody's gonna bash ya for expressing your opinion, and I really do appreciate the support for the site so I'll be happy to address what you had to say. I've always tried to keep myself busy with new projects as I think too many people stick with working on just one thing and eventually end up beating a dead horse. I'm all about variety, hence the inherently chaotic nature of this web site which I've always tried to keep wide open so myself and the other writers can literally cover anything we want without having to feel boxed in. Doc Mock has definitely been a huge part of my life in recent times, because I'm absolutely loving it and it's a total change of pace in which I get to interact directly with my audience as it happens. It's very exciting because I know there's absolutely nothing else like it out there on the web.

That said, I've been doing my best to continuously keep this site updated with fresh new content and maybe you just haven't noticed. Aside from the batch of four new Weeklies that we put up every week, there have been plenty of new things on the site in the past month:

Coverage of the He-Man Art Show:


Santa Fu - a brand new flash game:

Tales From The Longbox #34:

Christmas Comes To Pacland:

That's a LOT of all new content on top of new Doc Mock episodes each week. And before all of that, we had another two full months of nonstop updates during our Halloween season.

So with all that in mind, I'm not sure how you can really expect much more from us. I've always been a quality over quantity kind of person as it is, and anymore productivity and I'll be officially burning the candle at both ends.


I-Mockery Fan (Guest) on 01/24/2010 4:12 am

caffman - No login simply because I've never really been on to comment on stuff here, so I never signed up for a login. Perhaps I should!

RoG - Thank you for your reply! I think I came off more negative than I meant to, honestly. I'm glad you do have the Doc Mock deal and I'm glad it's given you something new and inspiring! That's never, ever a bad thing. Might not be my cup of tea (or more realistically, might not have the amount of time to sit down with a cup of tea and watch it), but it's a good thing!

And no hard feelings about doing more than you already do - no need to burn yourself out, and you've done plenty with this site to entertain me over the years! Maybe the newer content just hasn't crossed over into the "my personal interests" category as much as past stuff has, but that's hardly your fault.

I still come by and check everything out - and did check in for the Halloween season and loved it as always! - and won't stop anytime soon! Keep up the good work and thanks for your reply!

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Julio on 01/24/2010 9:57 pm

I really wanted to get to the chat room in order to watch the movie from the very first frame, but I had my graduation ceremony from college that same night and I only managed to view half a show.


That means that now I'm REALLY greaduated from college! Now I can go through the streets and claim I'm a graphical designer! Yes!

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