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Halloween Edition Color Blanks!

Halloween Edition Color Blanks - Jack-O-Lantern and Frankenstein's Monster!

It seems as though vinyl toys have never been as popular as they are these days. More stationary pieces of art than toys, they're being sold just about everywhere you look, and a number of companies have been selling blank vinyl toys that you can customize yourself. Those of you looking for some new Halloween crafts to tackle this season will be pleased to know that Rose Art has just released two new Halloween edition versions of their Color Blanks figures. One is Frankenstein's Monster and the other is a Human Jack-O-Lantern, and they come with a few markers and various stickers to decorate their bodies with.

Naturally, I had to pick up both of them, but rather than torture your eyes with what mine would inevitably look like (hint: covered in far too many stickers), I called upon Re to lend her artistic talents to this urgent Halloween project. She got right to work and I'm pleased to unveil the results of her labor:

Customized and looking good!

That's a hell of a lot nicer than anything I could have pulled off with the markers and stickers included with the Color Blanks. Now, you may be wondering why these two look like they're a bit embarrassed. Well, I believe a look at their posteriors will answer that question:

Halloween Poop Chutes!

Yes, my friends... you come to I-Mockery for spooky Halloween stuff, and we continue to deliver year after year. This year, you've been given the gift of Monster Poop Chutes! Big thanks to Re for taking the time to come up with a great design for these figures. Be sure to check out her Strange Puppets site and maybe pick up one of the new nesting doll t-shirts she has for sale in her store!


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snoogans on 10/07/2010 5:14 am

They're so cute! Nice one Re!

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Danny 4 Eyes on 10/07/2010 6:15 am

Awwwww they're adorable.

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Julio on 10/07/2010 9:32 am

Once again, Re doesn't take any prisoners and delivers a fantastic piece of work. Way to go, Re!

By the way, are we getting any spooky recipes for unholy candy this year?

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ChrisGlass on 10/07/2010 12:28 pm

For some reason I'm surprised to see a green butt. But I guess that makes sense.

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The Nun Eater on 10/07/2010 2:08 pm

Wow those look really good, she has some real artistic talent.

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ChrisGlass on 10/07/2010 4:31 pm

You know, thinking about it more, if she seriously did a few custom vinyl figures, I would buy them.

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robo_rob on 10/07/2010 5:33 pm

I've gotta get these.


ColdFusion (Guest) on 10/07/2010 6:02 pm

This is the first time I can actually describe what someone did with these things as genuinely artistic. Nicely done Re!

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zombielordoiram on 10/07/2010 8:24 pm

i want one. it will be cool if they have creature from the black lagoon one ill GET IT

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-RoG- on 10/08/2010 2:34 pm

Glad you all like her designs. The monster poop chutes now grace my mantle.

If any of you end up purchasing some of these Color Blanks, be sure to post some photos here of how you colored them in!


Zombie-Man (Guest) on 10/11/2010 7:24 pm

They look really nice!! Good work Re!

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doopa on 10/12/2010 4:01 am

Thanks guys!!!! Glad ya like em. They were fun to do.


EP (Guest) on 11/02/2010 5:50 pm

They have their own gallery on the website, Re nice job! Frankies eyes are definitely speaking volumes. haha

User avatar

-RoG- on 11/02/2010 8:00 pm

EP - Re's two figures are now up on their gallery. Check it out :)

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