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Proof That He-Man And Prince Adam Are Two Completely Different People!

I grew up thinking that He-Man and Prince Adam were the same person. Once Adam whipped out the power sword and said that magical line, "By the power of Greyskull... I have the power!", he would transform into He-Man. End of story story, right? Granted, I never understood how he ever reverted back to being plain old Adam after dispatching Skeletor and his minors (or why he would bother reverting back for that matter), but it was always understood that they were the same person.

That all changed recently when I took a closer look at one of my all-time favorite Masters of the Universe promotional posters:

The greatest He-Man and the Masters of the Universe poster ever? I think so. Well done, William George.
[click to enlarge]

Badass, isn't it? It was beautifully hand-painted imagery of enormous battles like this which caused us kids to have such rabid fanaticism about the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toyline back in the eighties. We wanted to recreate those poster scenes with our own action figures more than anything. Sure, scenes like these raised many questions... questions such as, "Why the hell are Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain literally situated right next door to each other?", "Why did nobody opt to ride on the Road Ripper?", "Who is the mysterious character piloting the Wind Raider", "Was Stratos accidentally knocked off the path by the Dragon Walker?" and "Where the hell is Mekaneck going?" And the only way we were going to get answers to those questions was to recreate the scenes using the toys and act them out with our own imaginations.

But a new question has risen from this old poster... a question far more important than all the other ones combined. The question is simple: Are He-Man and Prince Adam the same person or not? Well my friends, this particular poster shows us beyond the shadow of a doubt that He-Man and Prince Adam are two completely different people. Take a closer look:

Undeniable proof that He-Man and Prince Adam are NOT the same person!

See??? We've been lied to, folks. All these years, I thought they were the same person, but it turns out Prince Adam and He-Man are two totally different beings. At best, I'd say the two of them were twins... one of whom spends a lot of time in tanning booths. And no, this isn't the only occurrence of the two appearing in the same battle together. Here's a shot from another MOTU poster:

Thunder Punch He-Man and Prince Adam - again, not the same person.

Okay, are you ready to really have your mind blown? Not only are He-Man and Prince Adam different people, but He-Man and Battle Armor He-Man are apparently different people as well! LOOK!

Even He-Man and Battle Armor He-Man are different people!

I understand if you are unable to drop a comment below in the blog... but please try your best so I can read your thoughts on this deception. It's pretty difficult to type after your head explodes, isn't it?


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darkvare on 08/09/2011 3:08 pm



Stunt Double (Guest) on 08/09/2011 3:37 pm

This is madness I say! Madness!

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Jony B. Good on 08/09/2011 3:47 pm

This is outrageous! Specially because I didn't get any of them! All I got of the entire line was Webstor and Clawful, which are literally background characters. Webstor was kind of cool, with the hook and all, and Clawful was just a dumbass man crab with the lamest weapon (shown) which didn't even fit well. I could've gotten Battle armor He-man, or Skeletor, or the regular ones, you now, axes, swords, shields, the cool stuff, if only my parents had given half a fuck and got me those in the time they where plentyful, and not some stupid ass generics years latter as a consolation prize for the termination of the train wreck they dared called family.
Oh the memories!

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Tacobot on 08/09/2011 4:48 pm

ram-man and fisto didn't want to adopt so they made clones of their like minded friend he-man.


Trekkie313 (Guest) on 08/09/2011 5:39 pm

I suspect two of those "He-Men" are really properly formed Fakers.


yolm (Guest) on 08/09/2011 5:59 pm

Mekaneck is a coward.


Joel (Guest) on 08/09/2011 6:00 pm

An epic poster that desplays all the action figures in one heroic clash...or multi eternias fighting for supremecy. You decied!

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Captain Seamus on 08/09/2011 8:02 pm

They aren't two people.

He-Man is just that fast.

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Jaimas on 08/09/2011 9:22 pm

Hey, I see Zodak back there!

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k0k0 on 08/09/2011 9:57 pm

What about Faker? He's like a 4th He-man.

My favorite toy was Snout Spout.

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Jony B. Good on 08/09/2011 11:31 pm

Also, judging by past articles of yours, it seems this was all before the coming-out-of-the-closet/pre-monorail era. Maybe they were just angry at having to climb up and down the hills to meet each other. That would explain the monorail perfectly.


Alysha (Guest) on 08/10/2011 2:18 am

"I could've gotten Battle armor He-man, or Skeletor, or the regular ones, you now, axes, swords, shields, the cool stuff, if only my parents had given half a fuck and got me those in the time they where plentyful, and not some stupid ass generics years latter as a consolation prize for the termination of the train wreck they dared called family." "Maybe they were just angry at having to climb up and down the hills to meet each other. That would explain the monorail perfectly." -Jony B. Good

Thanks for this.

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Pentegarn on 08/10/2011 5:32 am

Battle Armor He-Man was never real. Like the real He-Man would let his armor go into disrepair.... or wear armor at all for that matter.

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A-bomb on 08/10/2011 6:56 am

I almost can't process this. It just raises more questions, like where and why did Prince Adam hide anytime He-Man was around, and vice-versa? And if there are 2 different He-Men, why are any of Skeletor's gang still alive? You'd think the whole series could have been resolved before the first commercial break.

Well, at least it still seems Cringer and Battle Cat are one and the same. My childhood was not a complete lie.

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Jes22 on 08/10/2011 7:54 am

If they are supposed to be the same person then why is He-Man right handed & Prince Adam left handed?


paracellus (Guest) on 08/10/2011 10:55 am

This is ridiculous...what are you going to say next? That the moon landings were fake and drummed up by Hollywood?

Obviously the Eternians used mannequins to bolster their numbers. I'm sure Prince Adam had an army of wax figures made of himself to display different ensembles.

As for the wind raider...definitely a weather balloon. It's best not to ask questions you won't like the answer to.


SunsetLament (Guest) on 08/10/2011 11:50 am

I think it's obvious that the He-Man in the image (not the Battle-Armor He-Man) is actually the evil Faker He-Man robot, repainted in flesh tones and re-programmed by Man-At-Arms. Everyone knows his vehicle of choice was always the Dragon Walker and he is not depicted elsewhere.

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Billy Chapman’s Friend on 08/10/2011 12:09 pm



Daniel (Guest) on 08/10/2011 4:34 pm

I'm cracking up at Mekaneck high-tailing it

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Flashman on 08/10/2011 6:27 pm

ooh my Man at Arms hasnt got his 'tache

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dextire on 08/10/2011 8:14 pm

Also where is the power sword?
Prince Adam seems to just have a normal sword and the two uh, He-Men(?) don't have a sword at all.

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-RoG- on 08/10/2011 9:31 pm

Dextire - Maybe He-Man accidentally left the power sword in Castle Greyskull, so he sent Mekaneck running back to get it? Hmm, nah... I still like the idea of Mekaneck either being completely confused or a total coward.

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Dungeonbrownies on 08/11/2011 2:59 am

Actually, contrary to popular belief, every character in the show is actually Eddie Murphy.


legend forge (Guest) on 08/11/2011 8:04 am

What they do not tell us is that Skeletor used the DIFFRACTION CRYSTAL to turn He-Man into a light beam and into the PSYCHO PRISM which split him into his Id Ego and Super Ego. Up to you to decide which is which. I can only assume this battle is over those two artifacts so they can reconstitute He-Man and win the day!

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Jony B. Good on 08/11/2011 9:45 am

Alysha: You're welcome.

Update: A friend of mine had offered to give his own stash of He-man figures, so I finally went yesterday and pick them up. They're more or less in good shape, painting scrapped at some spots, and some off them don't position well on the legs, due to the rubbers being really old (some very loose, some very stiff) I got:

He-Man, Battle Armor, no weapons, but works.
Skeletor, Battle Armor, no weapon, works.
Kobra Khan, n/w, barely works
Mekanek, w/weapon, no chestplate, works.
Man-e-Faces, complete, works.
Fisto, no chestplate, works.
The skunk one (Stinkor I think) Complete, it stinks (literally)
Orko (probably works, but no wind up thingy to test it).

My 6 yo. boy likes them a whole lot better than I expected. After seeing him so happy with them, I feel I don't give a damn any more. Case closed. :)


Black Zarak (Guest) on 08/11/2011 10:18 am

I like how Evil Lyn is gesturing in a "C'mon, dammit!" way to Beast Man but you know he's got Roton stuck in first gear and is only going as fast as a parade float.

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-RoG- on 08/11/2011 2:56 pm

Black Zarak - Of course Beast Man isn't driving the Roton quickly... he's whipping it as if he's riding in a horse & buggy! What a moron. Makes you wonder how many times Evil Lyn has begged Skeletor to fire him.


ColdFusion (Guest) on 08/11/2011 8:01 pm

Mekanek is a co- oh someone said that?
I used to always pretend redundant action figures were their older brothers or something.

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Jony B. Good on 08/11/2011 9:21 pm

Holy Crap! Rotor is supposed to fly!

That's what Evil-Lyn is trying to tell Beast man.


Black Zarak (Guest) on 08/12/2011 12:48 am

Maybe Beast Man is just far too enthusiastic about battle and starts cracking his whip as soon as he walks outside Snake Mountain. Also, Mekanek looks like he's trying to covertly make his escape.


Zombie-man (Guest) on 08/12/2011 2:40 pm

Talking about an epic picture! We don't get this kind of awesome stuff anymore. . .

Any word about the new Thundercats Rog?


Squoose (Guest) on 08/12/2011 4:46 pm

Yes, MOTU posters rocked. I had the one you're talking about here over my bed as a kid - I think my mom still has it.

As for the strange character flying in Wind Raider, I think it's meant to be a very early version of Sy-Klone.

Also, check out this one - it came much, much later to celebrate the Eternia playset.

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HowardC on 08/13/2011 1:12 pm

I suppose I could put my toungue firmly into my cheek and go along with the silliness but there is a real simple answer to your question.

This isn't a He-man poster, it's He-man TOY promotional poster. They were actually meant for trade shows but eventually made it into the toys.

Adam and He-man are indeed different action figures, and thus both are represented. That's also why there are multiple he-men.

I know, I know, it was supposed to be a joke... but next time be funnier. ;)

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-RoG- on 08/13/2011 3:13 pm

Jony B. Good - Haha good call, it *is* supposed to fly! Then again, trusting Beast Man to fly anything is a serious error in judgment if you ask me. Skeletor is just too trusting of his bumbling minions.

Zombie-Man - Yeah, I wish there were more hand-painted promotions like this. Nowadays, everything is whipped up quickly in Photoshop and you can tell there just isn't as much love put into the packaging on most toylines. As for the new Thundercats, I heard the cartoon stays fairly true to the original and is animated well, but I haven't watched it.

Squoose - Hmm, doesn't look like Sy-Klone to me, but I haven't seen any of his early prototypes, so who knows. And yeah, I love that Eternia poster too. I definitely plan on making a blog post about it in the future where I conduct an in-depth analysis of everything taking place in the image. In fact, I plan on doing a lot more posts where I analyze everything about old packaging and promotional items, so I'm always open to any suggestions you or anybody else has.

HowardC - You could put your tongue in your cheek and join in the fun, but you consistently choose not to. Thus, we can always count on you to be the wet blanket on any lighthearted conversation. Carry on sir, carry on. ;)


Jonathan Passow (Guest) on 08/13/2011 3:40 pm

Meh, found this post lacking. :(


Herr Punkinstein (Guest) on 08/13/2011 5:27 pm

I think we are missing out on what's truly important here...there is not enough SKELETOR! Let's put this into perspective, we have Clawful looking like some creepy Mon Cal on 'roids and just a touch of Evilyn, but I gotta have more Skeletor. I'm pretty sure he is the real reason I ever purchased a MOTU toy in the first place.


Herr Punkinstein (Guest) on 08/13/2011 5:28 pm

PS: He-Man is on there twice, once in normal 'alternative lifestyle' outfit and once in Battle-Armor. When will this anti-Skeletor prejudice end?

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monster_movie_night on 08/13/2011 8:16 pm

this is a awful lot of comments over a he-man poster


Jesse (Guest) on 08/13/2011 10:33 pm

Cool Poster! I had several of the figures. The he-man I had popped those old red ring gunpowder caps. I couldn't get the big items like castle greyskull, but my dad built me one out of wood. I think it turned out better anyway.

I did see one of the new Thundercats episodes. Looks good!


Chentzilla (Guest) on 08/14/2011 2:50 pm

More important question: why does Evil-Lyn have breasts, and Teela doesn't?


Jonathan Passow (Guest) on 08/14/2011 4:29 pm

More importantly, why does Jitsu look like actor Al Leong?


Uchuu (Guest) on 08/15/2011 5:01 am

I think to know the answer to this big question.
The reason why Prince Adam always disappears when He-Man shows up and why He-Man disappears when Battle Armor He-Man shows up is very simple.
The stronger ones want the limelight.
Prince Adam is weaker then He-Man so when this evil man shows up he has to go off the stage or he will get killed.
It´s that simple.


RedRocks (Guest) on 08/16/2011 3:45 pm

Orco made clones. Simple

User avatar

Drew Bludd on 08/16/2011 8:03 pm

I'm of the belief that RoG should maybe put Pixel Posters to bed and move on to these.

Imagine Snake-Eyes, Panthro, StarScream, He-Man, The Green Ranger, Boba Fett, Peter Venkman and more all doing battle in the beautiful style of the He-Man promotional posters.

The great action figure toy lines of the 1980s and 1990s.

Anybody with me?

User avatar

Jony B. Good on 08/18/2011 12:40 am


And Storm shadow, Mumra, Optimus, Skeletor, Han Solo, Slimer, and whatever freak is the enemy for the power rangers. Also, in the center, far on the background, Godzilla fighting Stay Puff, the marshmallow man. :)

User avatar

Jony B. Good on 08/18/2011 12:42 am

Correction: VOLTRON fighting the Marshmallow man.


Hugglebump (Guest) on 08/18/2011 10:30 am

Ghostbusters vs Mum-Ra....EPIC WIN FOR ALL.


Damon (Guest) on 08/18/2011 5:05 pm

I think Mekaneck is having a gastro-intestinal emergency from Taco night at Castle Greyskull. That would explain Stratos and Buzz-Off jumping off the trail.

User avatar

Rufus the Perturbed on 08/18/2011 6:51 pm

This just pisses me off (surprise) by reminding me of the old MOTU figures and the sad, sad fate of my collection (sold by my parents while I was at college, along with my Ninja Turtles, damn them!!!). I always felt kinda bad for Skeletor being outnumbered by all those damn He-Men. I mean, there were only two Skeletor figures that I remember and like ten different figures of He-Man. Thanks for reminding me how unfair MOTU was, Rog.


Hero (Guest) on 08/20/2011 6:59 pm

The lie of lies!

User avatar

SewnonSmile on 08/22/2011 10:58 am

Ok, there is a blatantly obvious lesson to be learned here... Never share the other half of a mutton,bean&cheese burrito with Battle Cat rite before a battle is to ensue. Notice the clear look of release then relief on his fuzzy face. Now equally notice the opposite expression on Panthor & He-man's faces as well as Man at Arms,Man-E-Faces,Prince Adam & the Dragon Walker riding He-man, all of which have seemed to stop dead in their tracks. Further up the mountain Stratos,Mek-A-Neck,Buzz-Off,& Fisto catch the spoils, while Ram-Man seems oblivious. This is rumored to be because he has carelessly misplaced his suit/spam key that opens his armor...need i say more.


Drüd (Guest) on 08/24/2011 6:22 pm

Maybe these posters aren't necessarily showing the characters of the series. Maybe they are instead showing the series of action figures?

Maybe there is a He-man figure, a battle-armor-he-man figure, and a prince adam figure.


Christina Humphries (Guest) on 08/26/2011 8:24 pm

Haha this website is posting a lot of interesting things...maybe Peter Parker and Spiderman are also not one? Well, you can't tell since Spiderman is wearing a mask all the time!

User avatar

Drew Bludd on 08/28/2011 7:34 pm




torpedoboy (Guest) on 07/04/2012 12:13 am

I found a similar goof in the Eternia playset poster.


he-bro (Guest) on 03/18/2017 12:34 pm

s1 ep6
cringer says he "don't tell me i have to be that dreadful battlecat again"
to which he-man says "sorry old cat but he'll stay on teela's track better than you could"

implied to me cringer wasn't him when he was the battlecat which then led me to think neither was he-man and thus we are here


Savage He-Bro (Guest) on 08/17/2020 7:46 am

Zodac i thought you were nuetral clearly he is the Sith Lord. Out of control He-Man clones? is Mekaneck looks like hes taking a piss right there in battle or he is going to jump to his death. The winged guys are fighting fucking Screach lol clearly skeletor has the uperhand in this fight, where is regular Skeletor and Faker? If the good guys can produce and use He-men as a weapon why cant the evil characters. and my word what are they the fighting Mccoys and the Hatfields? Two mountains side by side who is the better family? Skeletors

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