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How Los Angeles Drivers React To Rain!

We recently had about four days of fairly rainy weather here in Los Angeles. To many of you, that's a typical week, but to the people of LA who see the sun practically every day of the year, it's a very rare occasion. With that in mind, I present you with my reenactment of how all drivers in Los Angeles react to this terrifying sky substance known as "rain". Enjoy!

[click here for high quality video]

Hope you enjoy the video and be sure to drop a comment and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't already. Thanks for watching!

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Mister Tea on 03/06/2014 3:47 pm

I've lived both in New England and South Louisiana, and I can vouch that the reaction is much the same as in L.A., except that atop the usual panic reflex is the overwhelming desire to floor it and zip through traffic as fast as possible to get out of the rain. They're never too worried about stopping, since a streetlamp post, the front columns of a Walgreens, or my bumper will normally handle that part.

Oh, and unrelated to that: RIP, Harold Ramis. Someone here had to do it.


MeowMixMaster (Guest) on 03/09/2014 8:04 pm

Just not the same without Egon here. Betcha he would've came up with a way to prevent the rain in Los Angeles but alas.

RIP Harold Egon Ramis


Fartgruber (Guest) on 03/10/2014 5:22 pm

So it's a lot like how people from Virginia react to snow?

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