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Funko Pop Vinyl Toy Figures, Plus A Bonus Giveaway!

Funko POP! Vinyl Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Horror Movie Monsters!
[click to enlarge]

I've been meaning to post more about Funko's POP! vinyl toy line for a while, and since I just received a large shipment of some of my favorites in the mail, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Unless you've been living in solitary confinement for the last several years, chances are you've seen these figures, because they're everywhere. Normally when a product saturates every nook & cranny of our society, I tend to get sick of seeing it really fast, but that's not the case with the POP! toys. There's just something about their inherently adorable minimalism that I absolutely love, not to mention how much fun it is to see how Funko will redesign a popular character to fit their unique branding.

Now I snagged some extra figures for a lil' giveaway contest that you can all enter, but before we get to that, let's take a closer look at two of my favorite sets: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Horror Movie Monsters!

Funko POP! Vinyl Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures! TMNT!
[click to enlarge]

Come on, you can't tell me these aren't absolutely fantastic. What I really appreciate is Funko's attention to detail; they could've easily just repainted a single mold for each character and called it a day, but they tweaked each of the turtle's faces to fit their personalities. Raphael looks pissed off, Michelangelo looks happy-go-lucky, and all is right with the world. The fact that they also made a figure for Splinter (complete with cane) and Shredder (not pictured) just shows how much Funko knows what their fans really want. Speaking of which, if anybody from Funko is reading this, please make figures for Krang and a Foot Soldier. I'll also accept Ace Duck.

Funko POP! Vinyl Horror Movie Monster figures!
[click to enlarge]

Moving right along, Funko proves that no matter how horrific a character's subject matter may be, they have the ability to make it absolutely adorable. I'm 100% positive that they could turn Angela from the final scene of Sleepaway Camp into a sickeningly cute figure. Not that they would do such a thing... but they could. As much as I love Freddy Krueger and Beetlejuice, what with the green varicose veins on his face, I think Leatherface is my favorite of this group. His face just looks so hilariously tragic, like he's really having second thoughts about the current trajectory of his life. FACT: Introspective Leatherface is the best kind of Leatherface.

Beetlejuice will be the referee in this ultimate showdown of good vs. evil!
[click to enlarge]

Perhaps best of all, when you collect enough figures, you can set the stage for some truly incredible good vs. evil battles. Freddy vs. Jason? Alien vs. Predator? Psh... that's nothing compared to having all your horror movie heroes and Shredder going up against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Splinter. Naturally, Beetlejuice would be the referee for the ensuing battle; just like the Joker, he's an agent of chaos. Now THAT is a movie Hollywood needs to start producing pronto! Speaking of the horror figures, I still need to snag the Gremlins Stripe and Slimer figures, because they clearly need to be part of this ever-growing war.

There are boatloads of these figures out there now ranging to anything from Ghostbusters and Game of Thrones to Adventure Time and even the Monster Cereals (yes, I do have the two Boo Berry variants). I honestly don't see any reason why the toy line would show any signs of stopping, as there is a never-ending supply of pop culture icons they can pay tribute to in squashed vinyl form. Case in point: they even have a Sharknado one coming out in June. Seriously.

I also gotta say that it's nice how they're easy to collect without feeling like you're sinking a fortune into them. Considering they usually don't run more than $10 bux a pop (har! har!), you can quickly build up a nice collection to decorate your shelves or desk space with. And then they'll stand there, staring at you with those longing, desperately beady little eyes as if to say, "We need more friends! Go buy some!" And you'll have no choice to comply, unless your heart is dead or something. Damn you, Funko!

Now I mentioned a giveaway earlier, and I wasn't kidding about it. Behold!

Enter I-Mockery's new Funko POP! Vinyl Skeletor and Spikor toy giveaway!
The Masters of the Universe POP Figures Giveaway!

Thanks to my pals over at, I have this set of awesome Skeletor and Spikor Masters of the Universe figures to give away to one lucky winner! While He-Man and Skeletor are obviously choices for production, I was really surprised that Funko went with a more obscure character like Spikor instead of Beast Man or Trap Jaw (though they did produce a Hordak one). But damn, did that ever completely nail his look; from the coloring to his tiny little arm trident, Spikor is absolutely perfect!

So what do you have to do in order to win these figures? It's extremely simple. All you gotta do is post a reply in the comments section below and tell me at least THREE characters you'd like to see Funko turn into POP! vinyl toys that they haven't already produced. It can be characters from TV shows, comic books, movies, video games... whoever you happen to think would look awesome as a squashed vinyl toy. And while it's not a requirement, it'd be nice to hear the reasons why you selected your characters too, so be sure to include that by all means.

You have between now and Friday, May 9th at midnight to post your entry comments. I will be selecting the winner at random, so please only one entry per person, but feel free to list as many characters as you like in your entry. No registration is required to enter, but be sure to fill in the form field with your email address (if you don't already have an I-Mockery account) so I can contact you if you're the lucky winner.

Alright, that's all there is to it. Thanks again to for providing me with the fun Funko figures, and be sure to check out their site for more... fun. That's a lot of fun for one sentence. Good luck to all who enter and I'm looking forward to seeing your Funko POP! character ideas!



Erin H. (Guest) on 04/25/2014 4:45 pm

I'd really like to see "Labyrinth" POP! figures, particularly Jareth, Ludo, and a Firey, although any and all of the characters would be cool.

User avatar

iamsphinx on 04/25/2014 4:56 pm

It would be awesome if they made an Alfred Hitchcock figure. I can just see his round face and maybe a raven sitting on his shoulder?

The ultimate ones (for me at least) would be if they made a Hedwig and Tommy Gnosis from 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'. They could even make a special Neil Patrick Harris one since he's performing it on Broadway right now!

User avatar

All Hail Duke on 04/25/2014 4:57 pm

1-exploding head guy from Scanners
(standard is head in mid explosion, exclusive is the big onion head look right before explosion)

2-Tall man w/ sentinel sphere in hand (if they haven't done one already)

3-a toss up between melted Emil from Robocop, Brundlefly or Bill & Ted

User avatar

kasper31383 on 04/25/2014 5:28 pm

ALF, perfect strangers, wonder boy (with skateboard). Runner up the main guy from decap attack.


Will Edwards (Guest) on 04/25/2014 6:43 pm


Brundlefly, just to see if they could make that horror show cute.

Bouncer Big Daddy from Bioshock. I think that'd be pretty nifty.

I would have said Spikor in any other situation as he was one of my favorites growing up, but they've stolen that from me..

Lastly, NES Jason. Obvious reasons are obvious. He'd have to have his scrubbing brush, of course.

User avatar

darkvare on 04/25/2014 6:47 pm

i would like a jill valentine a strider hyriu and an elizabeth from bioshock infinite


FunkFarmer (Guest) on 04/25/2014 6:59 pm

1) Alien Queen from Aliens. Might take a little detail, but to see them make a cute Alien Queen would be amazing.

2) Snake Plissken. Again, it would be awesome to have a cute little Snake Plissken sitting on your mantel.

3) Ajax from the show Duckman. Because he's a lost cult character from the 90's and that's all hype now, right?

User avatar

blood_panther on 04/25/2014 7:54 pm

I tried to google all my ideas, and I'm pretty sure they havent been made......yet.

I would buy a Monty Python Funko set in a heartbeat.

lots of great and awesome characters to pick from, but I'd narrow it down to these three from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

King Arthur.
He's (arguably) the lead. has to be in this.

The Black Knight.
someone for King Arthur to fight. bonus points if they make the figure without arms and legs.

Tim The Enchanter
With staff. Obviously.

User avatar

Terrible-D on 04/26/2014 12:20 am

Ryu Hayabusa (classic Nes outfit), Scrooge McDuck, and Jack Burton. All kinds of awesome.


Cam (Guest) on 04/26/2014 1:10 am

1. Matt Cordell from Maniac Cop
2. Swan and Ajax from The Warriors
3. Herbert West
4. Carrie in bloodsoaked dress
5. Maybe a GTA set of Trevor, Michael and Franklin
6. Casey Jones for their TMNT line

Any of these would get all of my money.


mgriff (Guest) on 04/26/2014 2:01 am

1. Sir Daniel Fortesque from the MediEvil video game series because he's badass and deserves a figure.

2. Mandroid from "The Eliminators" movie because that movie rules and deserves recognition.

3. The Merchant from Resident Evil 4 because if you buy it from a store the clerk can ask you "what are you buying" in the merchants voice.

User avatar

A-bomb on 04/26/2014 6:58 pm

1. I'm a huge fan of kaiju movies, so I would say Godzilla, Gamera, or any other monster from those series.
2. Along the same lines, I'd like to see some giant mecha like Striker Eureka, Cherno Alpha and Tranzor (or Mazinger) Z.
3. Riddick.
4. Martial arts stars: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li.
5. Action stars: Arnold, Stallone, Bruce Willis.
6. The A-Team.

User avatar

baronterror on 04/26/2014 11:25 pm

I would like to see Toxic avenger, classic 80's Tron, and Jack Burton.

You never can tell.

I'd also appreciate a Large Marge in full mode.


jack (Guest) on 04/26/2014 11:32 pm

1. Any of the Running Man movie villains
2. Super Mario Bros The Movie figures (I would buy the hell out of a Dennis Hopper King Koopa figurine)
3. Wizard Lucas figure (with the power glove)

User avatar

kasper31383 on 04/27/2014 6:58 pm

Also any of the Kid Chameleon characters.


Alessandro (Guest) on 04/28/2014 11:14 am

I'd love to see more obscure Marvel/DC characters show up ... Maybe "obscure" isn't the right word, but I bet there aren't many other people clamoring for figures of:

1) The Beyonder (in his white disco suit and jheri curl!)
2) Doctor Bong
3) Bat Mite


Mazuse (Guest) on 04/28/2014 2:50 pm

Mosquitor obviously!! Also Lobster Johnson from Hellboy and Snake Plisskin!

User avatar

saturnknight on 04/28/2014 3:00 pm

I would love to see :
Bill and Ted (phone booth optional)
and Dark Helmet ( with removable mask like in space balls)

it's hard thinking of what wasn't done by Pop yet


Sam (Guest) on 04/28/2014 3:05 pm

i would love to see,

walter white, because breaking bad is just the greatest show
vass, from far cry 3 because who doesnt like a good vilan
and finally barney stinson from how i met your mother because barney always looks good in a suit even in vinyl form


Teresa (Guest) on 04/28/2014 3:53 pm

1. The Goonies

2. All the Doctors (Sonic Screwdriver and Tardis too please)

3. Jem


Ryan (Guest) on 04/28/2014 4:43 pm

Definitely need a Greatest American Hero, a Warhammer 40k Space Marine would be cool, especially with battle damage, and lastly I'd love a Bucky O'Hare cast set


Chaotix12345 (Guest) on 04/28/2014 6:57 pm

1. Slash (TMNT): My favorite Turtles character and one that I'd absolutely love to see in an adorably deadly form. Though, Archie Comics, IDW, vintage toyline, or Nickelodeon version only, please. The original cartoon version was a disgrace to the character.

2. Kululu (Sgt. Frog): This'll NEVER happen, but Funko Sgt. Frog figures in general would make me rocket to the moon in excitement, as it's my all-time favorite show. Plus, another figure of my favorite character from it to add to my collection is always a good thing.

3. Mewtwo/Greninja/Charizard/Sceptile/Lucario/Etc. (Pokémon): This one's like a quintuple tie, but WHO CARES?! A Funko Pokémon line in general would be PERFECT! Having small, stylized versions of all of our favorite pocket monsters would be a collector's dream AND nightmare at the same time! I'd especially love some of the more serious ones, as I can't get enough of awesome things being made adorable.


Sean (Guest) on 04/28/2014 8:03 pm

I'd love some Jurassic Park figurines; Dr. Grant, T-Rex but especially a Dr. Malcolm one!

I WOULD say RoboCop and/or Predator ones but they already exist. Hmmm...

Little Mac and his plethora of opponents would be awesome! Maybe Bill & Lance from Contra? Yeah, that'd be bitchin', especially if they had the various power-up guns (spread shot, lazer, etc)


CMM (Guest) on 04/29/2014 1:24 pm

More TMNT characters would rule.

1. krang as just the brain, krang in the bubble walker, and krang in his android body

2. Leather-head

3. Metal-head


Garret (Guest) on 04/29/2014 6:58 pm

1.Hunter S Thompson (Raoul Duke figure from fear and loathing in Las Vegas)
2.Death from (the seventh Seal)
3.and Tyler Durden


Chris (Guest) on 04/30/2014 1:56 pm

I would love to see Nights from Nights into Dreams, Ernest P. Worrel and Freight Train from $5 Wrestling.


KingVidiot (Guest) on 05/01/2014 8:36 pm

A few off the top of my head... well, a few ideas, some with multiple characters. Okay, here goes!

1. Willy Wonka - The Gene Wilder version, obviously. Such an iconic character that it's weird they haven't done him yet.

2. The Gecko Brothers - From Dusk Til Dawn is still one of my favorite movies, and you don't really see much merchandise (or any?) from it.

3. The crew from Heat - Or at least Deniro and Kilmer, with or without masks. Whatever works better!

4. Inglourious Basterds - As many characters as would make sense, but obviously Aldo and Col. Hans Landa

5. Bub, from Day of the Dead - Come on, they have The Walking Dead but not the best zombie of all time?

6. Pretty much any or all characters from Freaked - It's a long shot since that movie's still pretty unknown even among cult movie fans. But I'd really like to see at least Randy Quaid's Elijah C. Skuggs and Alex Winter's Ricky Coogan.

And on that note...

7. Bill, Ted, and Death - What more needs to be said?


Gregory (Guest) on 05/01/2014 8:45 pm

I think they should make family guy pop vinyls


choconado (Guest) on 05/01/2014 10:42 pm

I'm going to Nth the recommendation for Kaiju figures...Godzilla, three-headed Ghidorah, and Mothra in either form.

Some Troma figures like Toxie and Sgt Kabukiman could be fun

I was about to suggest the classic Universal monsters, but looking them up, they come out in August!


Erik C. Jones (Guest) on 05/02/2014 9:47 am

I would kill for them to do a series of Vertigo figures, especially Preacher(Who doesn't want a tiny adorable vinyl Arseface??), Hellblazer, and Transmetropolitan. Also it would be awesome to see Pennywise from IT, a Dark Tower series, MST3K, and of course Mike Danton from the best movie ever, The Deadly Prey.


Trey Lawson (Guest) on 05/02/2014 6:06 pm

1) Phantom of the Paradise
2) Godzilla
3) Darkman


Crizag (Guest) on 05/03/2014 9:09 am

A Big Trouble in Little China set would be awesome, with Jack, and Lo Pan and one or all of the elementals (the Raiden lookin guy was cool, of maybe the wind guy before he blew up). Point is, BTILC is one of the best movies ever and it deserves this treatment!

User avatar

Thanos on 05/04/2014 9:30 am

Scrooge McDuck - An iconic character with a rich and much-loved history

Toxic Avenger - a well-designed classic character that would look fantastic in a chibi vinyl version

and of course...

Thanos - Marvel's most complex and enticing villain/sometimes hero that's about to explode into super-stardom


Jake Rock (Guest) on 05/05/2014 10:59 am

1) Captain Caveman. Because he is the world's first superhero. Also, I could easily add the Teen Angels as 3 more on my wish list to complete the set...

2) Godzooky. Simply put- there are not nearly enough Godzooky collectables in the world and the world would be a better place with more of them.

3) A twin pack featuring Abobo and Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla. Need I say more?


Angel Woznick (Guest) on 05/06/2014 1:29 pm

1. The Tall Man from Phantasm
2. Harry Warden from My Bloody Valentine
3. Snake Plissken from Escape From New York/L.A

User avatar

Joel3K on 05/08/2014 10:52 pm

1) The Addams Family, because how the hell could this not have been picked already?
2) characters from Creepshow, including at the very least the Creep himself (who would no doubt be realized somewhat differently from the Saturday morning cartoon style animation in the 2nd movie), Jordy Verrill, and Upson Pratt
3) the characters in the Chuck Jones cartoon "The Dover Boys", because they're just totally oddball and unique character designs that were never used outside of that one-off cartoon
4) Bruce Campbell. That's right, Bruce Campbell. Yes, there's an Ash one. No, it's not the same.
5) Rod Serling, to go with iamsphinx's choice of Alfred Hitchcock
6) PickleMan and Count Pop


Josh (Guest) on 05/08/2014 11:57 pm

Samus, Ridley, and Kraid from the Metroid series. Why? Because it woud be awesome!


lils (Guest) on 05/09/2014 10:05 am

John Constantine, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and Spider Jerulasem for sure

PS. Was an awesome surprise to see you on the new episode of Screen Junkies!! :)


MattyV (Guest) on 05/09/2014 10:06 am

1) The Sweathogs from "Welcome Back, Kotter"

2) Belial from "Basket Case"

3) Angela from "Sleepaway Camp", bonus if it's naked holding a knife in one hand and Paul's head in the other...


Theresa O (Guest) on 05/09/2014 1:36 pm

1) The clowns from Killer clowns from outerspace (either Jumbo, Fatso or Shorty)
2) Regan from the exorcist
3) Pale Man, the creature with his eyes on his hands from Pans Labyrinth
4) Jareth, The Goblin King from the movie Labyrinth (David Bowie at his finest)
5) And while we're at it... Ludo, Hoggle and Sir Didymus from the movie Labyrinth as well.



Mike L (Guest) on 05/09/2014 1:49 pm

1- Ray Cameron (Night of the Creeps)
2- Big Ben (House)
3- Gramps (House II)


James (Guest) on 05/09/2014 1:50 pm

I'd like to see Pop Vinyl versions of:
-Classic Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior
-Pee-Wee Herman


mike (Guest) on 05/09/2014 1:52 pm

1. Critters
2. Captain Spaulding from Devil's rejects
3. The leprechaun


Shane Wright (Guest) on 05/09/2014 2:11 pm

I would love to see how Funco treats some of the "classic" b-movie monsters. Monsters from "Green Slime" "Crawling Eye" "She Demon" "Invasion of the Saucermen" etc.

Funco's attention to detail is legendary. I just bought the Cesar Romero 60's Joker bobblehead and you can even see his mustache under the make-up! Amazing.


dean K (Guest) on 05/09/2014 2:15 pm

The Terminator
Lloyd Christmas & Harry Dunn (dumb & dumber)
Cast of Reservoir Dogs


Sheldon (Guest) on 05/09/2014 2:59 pm

I'd really like to see one based of the RX78-2 Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam, and entire line based off the classic Mega Man series, and the original 8 Street Fighter II cast.

User avatar

-RoG- on 05/09/2014 3:31 pm

Just a reminder that the deadline for entries is tonight (5/9) at midnight (PST). The winner will be chosen at random, so everybody has an equal chance of being the lucky winner. Good luck to all who enter!


John (Guest) on 05/09/2014 5:20 pm

I'd like to see a Phantasm set to tie in with the new movie; the tall man, an orb (they could make it work, and Reggie (complete with welders mask).


Lampie (Guest) on 05/09/2014 7:29 pm

Arseface from Preacher - Do I REALLY have to give a reason for this one? ;D
Delerium from Sandman - She's so much fun, & I think this medium would suit her
The creepy rabbit from Donny Darko - I love the idea of something that horrifying being all small & cute


Jenna Melanson (Guest) on 05/09/2014 9:02 pm

Lady and the Tramp- These are a classic Disney duo that would work great as funko figures.

Harry Potter characters - This series was essentially my childhood. There would be such a wide variety of characters to release.

Scooby-do characters- Again, growing up I absolutely adored these and they would make a great addition to any collection.


IzThatIz916 (Guest) on 05/10/2014 12:47 am

1. The Greatest American Hero
2. Alf
3. Kevin Garnett
4. Karate Kid Cast (movie 1)
5. The Ultimate Warrior


Zach (Guest) on 05/10/2014 2:26 am

I'd like to see some rock stars! Imagine a Lemmy, Peter Steele, or Ronnie James Dio figure! Hope I'm not to late for the drawing!

User avatar

-RoG- on 05/10/2014 2:39 am

Alrighty, the clock has struck midnight and it's time to select a winner for our Funko POP figures giveaway. As promised, I've selected a completely random winner using the generator at, and I'm happy to announce that Thanos is the lucky winner of the two MOTU figures!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway! There were so many awesome character suggestions and the people at Funko would be fools not to take them into serious consideration for future POP figures. Some of my favorites included the Tall Man from Phantasm (squashed to tiny size = ironic?), Mandroid, Large Marge, the Greatest American Hero, Abobo (naturally), and characters from Big Trouble In Little China. Here's hoping some of them eventually make it to store shelves!

Hoping to have more giveaways soon, so you'll have more chances to win stuff. In the meantime, there are some new articles in the works that I'll be posting up soon, so keep your eyes peeled for 'em!


stevetothepast (Guest) on 05/11/2014 6:59 pm


User avatar

Thanos on 05/12/2014 12:13 pm

That's pretty damn awesome. Spikor was one of my top favorite MOTU figures as a child, along with Moss Man, Webstor, Mantenna and Roboto. What a nice score! Thank you so much RoG and Funko!


substitutecreature (Guest) on 05/14/2014 12:28 am

A Zombies Ate My Neighbors! set would be awesome. The first 3 characters released would obviously be Zeke, Julie, and a Zombie. Then they could release a set of Neighbors and Monsters. Any and everyone who owned a Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo knows Zombies Ate My Neighbors and I have many awesome memories playing all 55 levels


louie (Guest) on 05/17/2014 8:38 pm

I'd like to see JD,Eliot,and Turk from scrubs


Ken H (Guest) on 06/05/2014 10:41 pm

I'd dig if they did Nightcrawler, Scrooge McDuck and Voltron

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