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So my friend was messing around with that celebrity face recognition feature on the MyHeritage web site this morning and convinced me to give it a shot. What you do, is you upload a picture of yourself (preferably facing forward for the "best results") and it will give you a list of celebrities it has determined you look like most. So what celebrities came up for me?

Well, according to the absolutely brilliant face recognition program on MyHeritage, this is apparently who I look like the most:

Yep. Deep down, I'm just a little girl.
Shirley Temple

Yes indeed, according to MyHeritage, I look like Shirley Temple more than any other celebrity. Fantastic. After matching me up with some other random women (including Keira Knightley and Christina Aguilera), it finally landed on a decent comparison:

Steven Colbert

Now while I don't think I really look much like Colbert, I can at least see why it would compare us since we're both making similar facial expressions in those two photos. Oh, but I saved the best result for last, because I know you'll all just love it...



Burbank, here we come!

So after months of searching for and calling and visiting countless apartments, we have a place in downtown Burbank and are scheduled to move in at the end of this month. We were originally trying for the West Hollywood area, but after experiencing immeasurable amounts of bullshit (ie: price gouging, lies, dragging their feet, etc.) from various landlords and apartment companies over there, we decided to move to the downtown Burbank area instead. You get a lot more bang for your buck there, it's cleaner than WeHo, the view of the mountains is incredible, I haven't found myself wanting to destroy everybody there (as opposed to the Hummer/Ferrari driving braggarts I constantly see on Sunset Blvd) and frankly, I don't even need a car where I'm gonna be living. Within less than a mile of where I'm gonna be, the following places can be found:

· A comic shop (haven't been there yet, but here's to hoping it's a good one)
· A movie theater (hooray movies!)
· A mall (not that it would normally matter, but they actually have a pretty good arcade)
· A huge IKEA store (and we all love IKEA, right Fight Club fans?)
· A variety of martial arts studios (been wanting to get back into it since I stopped right when we moved out here)
· A boxing gym (in case I decide that having a dentist pull my teeth is an act of cowardice when I could have them knocked out)
· Trader Joe's (healthy groceries)
· Candy Shop (unhealthy groceries)
· Ice Cream Shop (more unhealthy groceries)
· Book/Magazine shop (really cool little place that sells all sorts of old used books and magazines)
· One of the few good pizza joints I've been to so far in CA plus a bunch of other restaurants
· Circuit City (too bad I don't get that employee discount anymore. oh wait, the employee discount was a farce)
· Hollywood Video (for when I don't feel like watching one of the many neglected, unwatched movies that I already own on DVD)
· Cartoon Network (maybe I'll force my way into their office building and demand they give us a PickleMan cartoon)

And that's just what I've seen so far. Anybody know of other cool stuff in downtown Burbank that I've yet to discover?

But the real reason I'm moving to Burbank is because I thought our own Max Burbank lived here. Guess I should get to know the few other people who write I-Mockery a little better, eh? So yeah, I'm excited that we'll have a place to officially call home here in CA (well at least for a while) and I can finally get all my shit out of storage. Plus, Re will have an easier commute now which is always a good thing.

Now while I don't need a car in Burbank, I am thinking about getting some additional transportation. We have the one car right now, sure, but I don't always have it during the day. So, there are a few options I'm thinking of. One would be a motorized scooter (like a Go-Ped), another would be an electronic skateboard (which is consequently made by a small company right here in nearby Santa Monica), and of course a bike of some sort is always an option. So which one would you go with if you were in my position? Or am I forgetting some other fun means of personal transportation?

By the way, go check out Max and Proto's collaboration on their newest comic article if you haven't already!


Heath Ledger as the next “Joker” ?

As you may or may not have heard by now, Heath Ledger has been confirmed by Warner Bros. as "The Joker" in the next Batman movie. When I first heard rumors about Heath being considered for the role, I simply thought to myself, "Yeah right, there's no way they'd go with that guy for the zenith of comic bad guys!" And yet here many of us are, confounded with how he got the role, let alone was even considered for it. I mean look at the guy, he's not the kind of person you look at and go, "You know, he looks just like The Joker!"

A Joker's Tale?

All I know is that the fx/prosthetics department has their work cut out for 'em with Heath if they wanna make him look the part.

Ok, but looks aside, what do you think of his acting? Yeah, there's a lot of people making jokes about him being a gay cowboy joker har har har... but his acting was quite good in Brokeback Mountain. Still, I can't look past the fact that this is the same guy from "A Knight's Tale" or the TV show "ROAR". Plus, anytime I hear a mention of his name, I think of the commercials for that damned Cassanova movie where he remarks, "she was hardly a novice," in that oddly muffled voice which made me want to tear out his throat and remove whatever phlegm was causing him to speak like that. All in all, he just hasn't done enough as an actor to convince me that he's the perfect match for the role of The Joker. If Ledger doesn't do justice to the character, I'm sure Cesar Romero will jump out of his grave and make Heath swallow his own goatee.

But hey, Batman Begins was, in my opinion, pretty much the greatest superhero movie ever. Perfect casting, amazing direction and simply the best telling of the Batman story to date. Plus, the batsuit didn't have nipples... thus restoring integrity to the franchise. So it's with that in mind that I'm not going to jump to conclusions that the next Batman movie will bite just because Heath is playing The Joker. I believe quite the contrary.

I must admit, however, that I'm not nearly as excited about the movie now as I would be had they chose Crispin Hellion Glover for the role of The Joker like people were originally rumoring.

No make-up needed... he IS The Joker!

I mean the guy already looks the part without any make-up and he clearly can play "crazy" better than pretty much anyone. But even if they're not going to use Crispin Glover for the role, there's still a lot of people who could pull it off nicely. Hell, I'd honestly like to see Danny Glover give it a shot!

So what do you think? Do you believe enough in the filmmakers like I do that the next Batman movie is gonna be great, or do you think Heath "He Will Rock You!" Ledger will ruin the experience? Who else could you see playing the role of The Joker?


A visit to Venice Beach!

This past Saturday, Re and I took a drive down to Venice Beach for the day. It's kind of funny, because in the 3 months we've been here, we've only been to the beach once. I guess we were just so accustomed to not being within extremely close distance to a good beach, we overlook the fact that now we are close to some of the best beaches in the world. So with that in mind, we're trying to make an effort to go to the beaches here more often. With so much to see and do at the beaches in California, there's really no reason for us not to.

Where's Waldo?

As expected, the sidewalks of Venice Beach were filled with thousands of other beach-goers, plenty o' street performers and artists. Even if you don't like the beach or taking nice long naps in the sun, there's always plenty of amusing people to look at on the sidewalks. My favorite on this particular trip was an Ethiopian-like crazy man dancing in front of a restaurant that had some Ricky Martin music playing on the radio. He was trying to sing along with it by moving his mouth and mumbling some incoherent jibber-jabber, but the guy clearly didn't know the actual lyrics to the song... or where he was for that matter.

Of course, we went into plenty of the little touristy shops along the sidewalk. In need of a lifetime supply of incense sticks, some cheap sunglasses, or a foot massage? Venice Beach is the place for you. One of the clothing shops had a peculiar warning sign in it. Behold:


Anybody wanna take a stab at just what the hell this sign meant? My guess is the people who ran the shop were trying to say that if you had tattoos and/or you weren't dried off after a dip in the ocean, then you weren't permitted to enter their store. Well, Re wasn't soaking wet, but I guess she was lucky that her tattoo was covered up or they might've called the cops on her. After all, she wouldn't have a tattoo if she wasn't a tough hardcore gangsta thug, yo.

Took a few more pics while we were there, but just to keep you in total suspense (and to keep this post from scrolling on forever) you'll have to click below to see the rest:



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