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Yo ho ho and a bottle of 2007!

I'm back. Didja miss me? Sorry for the blog absence over the past week 'n a half, but I promised myself a nice long vacation away from the computer after working on the site nonstop for the last four months. And what a vacation it was. The drive up the PCH to San Francisco was easily one of the most amazingly scenic drives I've ever done - and that says a lot when it's coming from a guy who just drove across the entire friggin' country last year. Between the vast ocean views, the rock slides and the constant reminder that if I took any turn too fast our car would plummet into a watery abyss - I can't recommend doing that drive enough. It was like being in a video game the entire time. Only, if you lose, they don't instantly replace your car with another one. If you lose on this road, they find your car in the water somewhere with your corpse half-eaten by sharks. SHARKS.

San Francisco was really interesting and it's a city I definitely need to visit some more before I can form an official opinion on the place. I will say this though... you'll never find a more insanely hilly city than San Fran. Imagine an entire city laid out over the humps of a giant camel and that's San Francisco in a nutshell. Our hotel was one of the best and most interesting ones I've ever stayed at, but I'll share more details and pics from that place later on. Didn't do too much touristy stuff while we were there, but we did get to take a tour of Alcatraz which was extremely badass, especially since the guy speaking sounded a lot like R. Lee Ermey. Union Square had plenty of shopping to do, but the homeless seem to accost you every 5 feet in that area. Seriously, if you were to give money to every person that asked you for change as you walked 2 blocks in union square, you yourself would become homeless by the end of your journey.

Haight ("hate") Street, on the other hand, was really cool. Much like a South Street in Philly, or a St. Mark's Place in New York, or a Melrose in L.A., Haight Street had all sorts of nifty independent shops and food joints - including some of the best pizza I've had since I've been on the West Coast. They also had another Amoeba Music store there and I can spend HOURS in that place alone due to their immense CD and DVD selections. While I was there I finally scored a copy of the original Maximum Overdrive DVD release. Why is the old one better you ask?

Old vs. New

I rest my case. Screw any company that dares to change classic movie poster art when re-releasing a DVD. I see it happening more and more often these days and it's atrocious. I'll take classic hand-drawn poster art over any badly Photoshopped, toned-down modern "art" any day.

Anyway, after San Fran, we headed farther North to check out the giant Redwoods. If you want to get away from everyone and everything you know, there are a few places you can go - the ocean, the desert, and the Redwoods. Seriously, it was a much longer drive up to them than I had expected, but still scenic, so it wasn't a bother. The Redwoods were very impressive and yes... we did drive the car ththrough the tree. I'll have pictures of that to share in the next week or so along with others I'm sure. It's truly amazing how much more interesting driving up the West coast is compared to the East. While the East Coast could put me to sleep within minutes, I find myself wide-eyed with wonder wherever I drive out here. Completely different worlds. We were also gonna check out the Sequoias and Yosemite, but they were snowed out so we'll have to try that some other time because we don't have snow tires for the ol' Honda Civic.

All in all, a hell of a good vacation. I'll be posting pics from it at some point I'm sure, but right now I'm busy getting caught up on a million things, writing some new articles, and getting a bunch of new features ready to launch on the site in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details on all that stuff.

Some people have asked how I made out with gifts 'n stuff over the holidays and my birthday. I can't complain about that stuff because I consider myself lucky to get any presents. I got some really nice gifts from site visitors including "Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2" for the Nintendo DS (KONG!), "Rampage Total Destruction" for the Wii (a system I'm still waiting to buy, mind you, but it's gonna be a blast playing it 4-player style whenever I make four friends), a spook-tacular Boo Berry Bobble-Car (from an anonymous person, oooooh!), a copy of "The Ice Cream Man" on DVD (absolute cheesy horror wrapped in a waffle cone), and a bootlegged copy of Jaws rip-off movie called "The Last Shark / Great White" (can't wait to watch the giant rubber shark in action). Finally got the "When We Were Very Maakies" book too (hooray Drinky Crow!) and I'm already prepared to buy more of 'em. Mega-thanks to all of you sent stuff, can't tell ya how much I appreciate the generosity! And to those of you who didn't send anything, you're a bunch of cheap bastards for taking all this free entertainment and giving nothing in return. I'll see you in hell. I kid, I kid!

For my birthday, Re got me a limited edition Fossil watch that I had wanted for ages. It loops an animation the classic Asteroids game in the background... check it out:


My wrist has never been so happy. She also got me one of those cool new McFarlane 3-D movie posters for Friday the 13th. They make a bunch of 'em and more are on the way including Elm Street, Robocop and Silence of the Lambs, but from the ones released so far, I gotta go with Friday the 13th as being the best simply because there's a lot going on in the poster. The Jaws and Aliens ones still look nice though and I'm sure I'll eventually get 'em all.

The biggest birthday surprise, however, was that my entire family joined forces to get me a gift certificate to Guitar Center so I can get a new guitar. I've been playing on the same cheap guitar that I started learning on 15 years ago, and while I love it, it would definitely be cool to practice on something a little better in terms of quality. It's one of those things I've always talked about doing, but never actually did it and would've still probably put it off for another 15 years if they hadn't gotten me the gift. So now I'll be going to Guitar Center (and other music stores) to try out countless guitars until I find "the one". I'll be sure to post a pic of "the one" whenever I get it, but being a nitpicky bastard, I'm sure it'll take a while before I can settle on something. I just hope my old guitar doesn't hold a grudge against me for cheating on it. You know I love you baby, I just need a little variety!

All in all, a helluva nice haul if I do say so myself. Now it's your turn to spill the beans on whatcha got! Hope you all had a great holiday and New Year's!

Survey #1: Share in detail your holiday haul with the rest of us. Spare no details. If you got underwear from grandma, I wanna know what size and brand!

Survey #2: Give at least one example of a DVD release in which the original movie poster art was completely bastardized on it. There's loads o' bad ones out there, so let's see your top picks! (hmmm, I'm smelling a potential for an article here actually...)



Connor (Guest) on 01/03/2007 1:43 pm

I got two lego sets, two boxes of Fiddle Faddle, and a beard trimmer set. I believe the Lego sets are some bastardized attempt by my parents to try to keep me a child labor slave forever, as I'm already doing the work of a maid service with none of the pay. The beard trimmer, however, speaks to me. It says "your parents think your a fucking hippie and if you don't get a haircut and your act together you'll be out on the street by monday." Really though, thanks mom and dad.

In an unrelated note, Northern California is awesome. I've lived here all my life, and I can't imagine living in a place where you wouldn't be able to see the beauty of a full moon on a clear winter night. I'm still astounded by the majesty of the redwood forests.


-RoG- (Guest) on 01/03/2007 1:50 pm

Ack, a few comments got accidentally erased. Sorry ’bout that. Repost ‘em if ya can.


Dan the man (Guest) on 01/03/2007 2:15 pm

i got an ipod shuffle,a remington 12-gauge pump action shotgun, a custom steering wheel for my truck,need for speed carbon(Wii version), some new bedding, some clothes and an unusually large amount of tag body spray.


Aks (Guest) on 01/03/2007 2:18 pm

I just got alot of random things. Movie posters from Chasing Amy, and MAllrats,Clerks X, Clerks 2, Children of Mana (for duh DS!), and underwear. Size large and their Fruit of the Loom if you must know.

I wouoldnt know about the movie posters. But I know a book that completely switched that I was really mad about. Maniac Magee! I used to be yellow and it had Magee on the front walking away or to (cant remember which) to or from a town. It was awesome and pretty nice looking. Now it only shows his feet. I still cry sometimes.

Oh and, I wanna hear your geetar. Thatd be awesome if sometime in the future you had a video with you playing on your new one. That way I could mosh in my basement. ROCK!


James (Guest) on 01/03/2007 2:24 pm

I got Zombies!!! the game (which rocks), a AMD X2 4200, a pair of Converse Star Player shoes (size 11), a 6-in-1 key tool that pretty sweet, A bottle of Bells 8 year old Whiskey, cash and some duck tape.

As for movie posters I can't think of anything at the moment.


shannon (Guest) on 01/03/2007 3:06 pm

i only wanna comment on The Ice Cream Man. i have been meaning to get that movie so long! Ron Howards retarded brother killing people and putting them in the ice cream while driving around in a non descript white van. i saw that movie as a child and to this day unmarked white vans freak me out.


Brian (Guest) on 01/03/2007 3:09 pm

Man, you are so lucky, guitar center is my favorite store in the entire world. As for me I got both season 8 and 9 of the Simpsons. A new Cell phone, and the Wrestlemania boxset. Yeah i'm a wrestlemaniac. And i agree that West coast is twenty times better than the east. I'm really missing northern california. I had to move. Let me tell you, I didn't think I'd ever find a state worse than New jeresy, but Arizona proved me worng.


the boy (Guest) on 01/03/2007 3:43 pm

I don't have time for these pesky surveys, I'm too busy listening to Sodom and Venom nonstop. Now that's what I call livin'!


protoclown (Guest) on 01/03/2007 3:47 pm

Hell, just look at the new Star Wars DVD releases for an example of horribly shitty photoshopped covers.

And this doesn't really count cuz it's not a remake, but the ugliest photoshopped-looking DVD cover I think I've ever seen is for "The Matrix Revolutions".


wiggyman (Guest) on 01/03/2007 3:59 pm

dammit.. protoclown stole my star wars shitty picture thingy. :(

for christmas? i think i might have gotten the last Wii that available on the continent, i almost passed out when i saw it. it's tricky to remember anything after that, but i did get a sharp new pair of creepy pants. nothin beats sitting down to some twilight princess in a fresh new pair of creepy pants :D


doctor dumbass (Guest) on 01/03/2007 4:31 pm

3 sweaters, a jacket, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Pheonix Wright for the DS.


doctor dumbass (Guest) on 01/03/2007 4:53 pm


Ronin S (Guest) on 01/03/2007 5:48 pm

I got lots of cash from my relatives, some clothes from some aunts, Final Fantasy XI for the PC from my younger sister, penguin PJs from my older brother, a glass bead ornament making kit and a pack of Naruto playing cards from one of my friends and a hand painted trinket box from my best friend. All in all, my Christmas rocked.


Ironside (Guest) on 01/03/2007 6:20 pm

I reseved much this year and although most of it was video games i still found it a very nice haul.

1.kirbry squeak squad (ds)
2. castlevania portrait of ruin (ds)
3. elite beat agents (ds)
4. yoshi's island ds (ds duh...)
5. super mario sunshine (gamecube)
6. super smash bros melee (gamecube) (got it from one of my freinds)
7. wii sports (wii)
8. god hand (ps2)
9. paper mario the thousend-year door (gamecube)
10. super monkey ball banana blitz (wii)
11. zelda tp (wii)
12 the wii itself
13. an extra wii-mote
14. a bunch a new hoodies and shirts (2 of them are novelty shirts for my collection.)
15. an fantasy dragon hour glass
16. a 156 mb mp3 player
17. an nintendo power magazine
18. some undergarments fruit of the loom of course

well know that i think about it i got a lotta junk sheesh well um..... my christmas was really awsome i wonder how long its going to take me to beat all these games.


Bri (Guest) on 01/03/2007 7:33 pm

You know... With Stephen King in general they bastardize the covers. Whether it be a newer release of an older book, or a DVD release of an older movie... they tone it down! And, being a huge fan of his works, it pisses me off! The man is insane. His stories are twisted and deranged. Stop PCing the shit all the time! Let the cover reflect the story and go back to the days when it was okay to make your kids pee their pants and cry when they saw one of his books or movies! No matter what kind of sick cover they give any of it... it isn't gonna even come close to the horror and insanity within the pages or frames so... why not at least try to come somewhat close?


Lone Wolf (Guest) on 01/03/2007 9:02 pm

Goodness, do I ever feel slighted next to some of these.

1. iPod shuffle
2. "Kung Fu Grip" T-Shirt (XXL)
3. Tub of Cheese, Butter, and Caramel Popcorn
4. Afghan and Pillow
5. Three Sudoku books.
6. Front row tickets to Kenny Rogers Christmas Show. (Hey, my girlfriend wanted to go, and my mom offered...)

Aaand...I think that's it.


Cooper (Guest) on 01/03/2007 9:23 pm

what i got for christmas was:

1.Beavis and Butthead The Mike Judge Collection(DVD)
2.Ace Ventura Movies (DVD)
3.Monty Python and the Holy Grail (DVD)
4.Some Clothes
5.An African snake (not real)
6.Books (A lot of them)
8.Tickets to the Toronto-Boston hockey game

I think thats it.....


Steve (Guest) on 01/03/2007 9:25 pm

I got a new computer chair, wireless internet, the "Airplane!" DVD, and a penguin that craps jellybeans when you push down on its head.

I also got Rampage Total Destruction, but I got the Gamecube version.
I give high praise to the idea of sticking the classic rampage arcade game in the extras on total destruction. One might even say that the classic was the most addicting game of the series.


LemonWitch (Guest) on 01/03/2007 10:59 pm

I got housewares stuff for Crimmus, and I am blissed about it. BLISSED!! I got a new vacuum, bagless with a HEPA filter, which is awesome since I'm allergic to...everything. I also got a stick blender, which is great because I love to cook, soups in particulkar. And now I can make my own frappes! WOO!!!! I am SO blending the HELL out of something and then VACUUMING UP THE MESS!! I also got a set of really nice cutting boards.

In non cooking or cleaning stuff, I got season 2 of Monk on dvd, a Charlie Brown Christmas, and a My Little pony! WOOO!! Her name is Comet Tail! She's pink with yellow feet! GIRL BLISS!!!

I also got a copy of a great low-budget horror movie called The Hazing. i LOVE that movie! Christmas was good, even with my crazy-ass parents. :)


Simon (Guest) on 01/04/2007 5:11 am

I remember seeing at the Comic Con in 05 those 3D movie posters... they had one for Army Of Darkness... hopefully that one gets made


Kevin (Guest) on 01/04/2007 8:53 am

Most of my gifts were learn how to play guitar books and CDs. The funny part? My parents "forgot" to get the guitar, so my musical expression has to wait a few weeks for them to get around to it. I also got a couple of CDs (Including Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, which comes with the titular guitar pick), and some Mel Brooks movies.


Angryhydralisk (Not very new, but surely improved!) (Guest) on 01/04/2007 10:30 am


- Awesome stuff you got, -RoG-! I have GOT to get me a copy of "The Ice Cream Man." I seen that back when I was 8 and still remember the part where he used that kid's eye as a gumball and the cop ate it!

- What I got: A watch, two gift certificates, a sweater, a framed picture, a massager, and five cds. Good score for being 21 and broke.

- Bad DVD covers? Ever watch Godzilla films (I want to say old kung-fu films, but they suck just as bad.

Exhibit A: Godzilla: FINAL WARS!



Exhibit B: Look Out, Officer!


Exhibit C: Ninja Terminator (RoG, this film is cannon fodder for a good minimock. IT's dangerously cheesy!)





Justin (Guest) on 01/04/2007 1:24 pm

80g video iPod
multiple crate and barrel gift cards (turned into apartment furniture)
brown long sleeve shirt
starbucks gift card, but i don't drink coffee

And SF is awesome. i moved here from the RIC (we do know each other) and have not regretted it at all. and just think, when you give all your money away to the homeless (they actually get a paycheck from the city, that's why there are so many) you can just turn around and start collecting yourself! another interesting tidbit about SF, you can apply for a card to get free pot from the gov't.


Richard (Guest) on 01/04/2007 6:32 pm

Well, I got robosapien (the small one that walks good) a gi joe, starwars transformers ( i collect toys, what can I say?) A zelda shirt, A mario shirt, and Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn Limited Edition. The squishy movie case one that screams that you have -RoG-? Thats the one I got, my sister gagged at the eye-in-mouth part though. On an unrelated note, I also Played Red Steel, and it uh... had horrible controls. drove me nuts while playing it. The sword fighting is coo (but doesn't happen alot) and the story isn't very interesting, so yeah, I'd hold off on red steel if I were you. Thats just my opinion though, so you could try it if you like, as for me, i'm off to watch evil dead 2!


Yummm (Guest) on 01/04/2007 7:08 pm

I got:
(insert catchy music here)
A SanDisk sansa e260 4Gig MP3
The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic, both by Terry Pratchett (If you have ever laughed at anything on this site, I highly commend anything by him)
A set of fine leather gloves (not much unlike the Hitman's)
Cash to buy RAM with
Scarface:The World is Yours (Xbox)
An obscene amount of chocolate and candy
A new watch
and a large sweater.


ToxinBlackheart (Guest) on 01/05/2007 12:08 am

Christmas was great this year, and you got some great gifts yourself RoG!

This year, I got a Nintendo Wii console (thank God for my friend at Gamestop) with Zelda and Red Steel, a talking Jesus Christ action figure, a book called World War Z (chonicles of zombie warfare), a bacon wallet, a backwards clock, Elite Beat Agents, Slither, Silent Hill, and a slew of Best Buy gift cards.

I wish you the best of luck with your guitar hunt, and I'm glad you had a safe and merry Christmas!


CBrown (Guest) on 01/05/2007 12:55 am

I got a rock


Debra (Guest) on 01/05/2007 2:59 am

PHC is a great drive- even in the dark in summer when you have the windows down and can hear and smell the ocean it's gorgeous. :)

hehe You know R. Lee Ermy lives in my town, right? He has a small herd of Barbados sheep that are in desperate need of segregated and castration, and a few horses that paints the word "sucker" across his forehead because he actually bought them. (I learned this because my friend used to excercise the horses for him.)

That watch is insanely freaking cool!

#1 - I got a new car, but you'll have to visit my blog to see it. If pics aren;t still on the first page, they're on the second.

#2 - um... pass.


-RoG- (Guest) on 01/05/2007 5:55 pm

Wow some of you made out like bandits. Nice Xmas hauls, everybody!

Aks, while there may be more comedic music posted by me in the future, I truly hope you won't have a 1-man moshpit in your basement. If you do, then you seriously need to get out a bit more heheh.

Shannon, yeah the Ice Cream Man flick is hilarious, but a bit too tame as far as the kills go. Definitely some good ones in there, but it still feels like they could've taken it further, ya know?

Brian, you think Arizona is worse than Jersey? I dunno, I will say that Jersey was pretty cool right on the shore overlooking Manhattan. We almost moved there once actually. But other than that, it's a pretty rotten city. Oh well, at least they have the Toxic Avenger as a superhero and that's pretty awesome.

The Boy, well you'll just have to MAKE time!

Protoclown, haha yeah, as you know I liked all the Matrix flicks, but what they did with the DVD cover of Revolutions was sooooooo bad. They should've given people a choice of what cover they wanted to buy instead of putting out that ultra-shitty looking 4-panel job that I could've done in about 30 seconds. And yeah, the recent Star Wars covers are horrible compared to the originals.

Doctor Dumbass, yeah, I've seen it. Can't say I'm looking for to the TMNT movie at this point... same for the Transformers one. The new trailer makes it look pretty awful.

Steve, nothing beats the original Rampage, but I'm still looking forward to playing the new on with friends... whenever I actually get a Wii system. It's weird having the game before the system. The game stares at me everyday, laughing as it says "HAHAHA YOU CAN'T PLAY ME!"

Angryhydralisk, excellent choices man, though the Ninja Terminator one isn't THAT far off from the original - but the original does have a ninja leaping over a skyscraper and that's pretty goddamned good. And yes, I saw that movie a long time ago and I've had several people suggest I review it over the years, so it's definitely a possibility. I recall the ending being absurdly abrupt too.

Justin, hehe yeah man, so do you miss Richmond at all? I don't miss the boredom of Richmond, but of course miss some friends 'n family. That's about it though haha. As for your gift card to Starbucks, you can still make use of it even if you don't drink coffee. They make some good Rice Krispie Treats and Coffee Cakes there.

Richard, yeah I wasn't planning on getting Red Steel. I haven't even gotten my Wii system yet!

Debra, a new car?? Jeez, you win the best gift prize. Anyway, yeah, I definitely plan on doing the PCH drive again sometime.


Akumakaze (Guest) on 01/05/2007 10:42 pm

My loot from christmas this year was:

1. Final Fantasy V (I've been playing it for almost two weeks straight and that is why I'm so late to post)
2. Cheap-o I-pod speakers
3. Popeye fleece pillow and blanket (OMG so friggin comfy!)
4. The good, the bad, and the mad some weird people in american history (awesome book by the way)
5. A Philips electric shaver (no more bleeding from the face)
6. Michael Moore is a big,fat,stupid, white american (I'm not kidding that's the title of the book)
7.Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (XBOX)
8. Metal Dungeon (XBOX)
9. Bunch of clothes
11. finally got my I-pod nano un-hacked after trying to install I-pod Linux on it.


Jeff (Guest) on 01/06/2007 11:34 am

From my family for Chirstmas, I got some iPod speakers, a blue iPod nano, two tubes of toothpaste, a Swiss Army knife, a pair of size 30 jeans and some size medium boxers.
My amazing girlfried got me a Nintendo Wii and Twilight Princess.
And because I already had a black 30GB iPod, I sold the nano and got Trauma Center: Second Opinion, Elebits, rechargeable batteries, a case for the Wii, and I pre-ordered Wii Play, a game that comes with a free Wii Remote!

And as for movie posters, some of the Spanish Pan's Labyrinth posters were creepy, while the American ones were kinda lame.


Richard (Guest) on 01/06/2007 2:37 pm

I must say, that while I was out at zellers (its awesome there, there were like 18 hicks there) I saw the scarecrow killer and american psycho in the bargain bin. I wanted to get them both but, alas, I'm broke because of buying GuildWars: Nightfall. :( And -RoG- I know you don't have a Wii but on your wishlist didn't it say you wanted red steel? :P the sensitivity is horrid...


Debra (Guest) on 01/07/2007 1:53 am

Woohoo! I won! I won! Wait... what'd I win?

hehe It's not brand new, but with only 10K miles on it and in excellent shape, might as well be.

I'm still weirded out by saying I got a car for Christmas.


Annabel (Guest) on 01/09/2007 12:16 am

Oh Oh! i did get undies for x-mas and they WERE from my grandmother! jesus im 18 and i get "barbie" panties- size Childerns 6! oh but don't worry they were in mint collectors condition- she had even thoughtfully left the price tag on them: a whole 2 bucks (for a pack of 2! what a holiday bargan!) (NZ dollars, $2 NZ = $1 US = Darn!)


Eric (Guest) on 01/09/2007 2:19 am

Good old Nor Cal...Couldn't live anywhere else. Anyway, for Christmas I got...

1.Elite Beat Agents-DS (Most addicting game I have ever played)
2.Excite Truck-Wii (Yep, stayed up all night at launch)
3.Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
4.Final Fantasy XII
5.Wii Points Card
6.Assorted Chocolate Santas
7.Long Sleeve Shirts
Have a happy new year RoG!


Eraia (Guest) on 01/09/2007 3:54 pm

I got a new computer. A shiny one. Shame my moniter was made in 1992...

I can't think of any film posters, but the Moomin books were murdered with the new release. The puffin books had a nice, trippy covers and the new ones have really plain covers, with two colours max.

It's just not good enough.


noob3 (Guest) on 01/28/2007 11:02 pm

i am invading this shit why are you guys even reading somone elses stuff that is way wierd guys

and hella creepy


Sears (Guest) on 10/31/2007 8:27 am

Nice site. Thank you!!!


I-Mockery Blabber (Guest) on 02/02/2009 5:29 pm

[...] why companies feel the need to redo cover art that was perfectly fine the way it was. I've ranted about this in the past though, so I [...]


Gato (Guest) on 02/03/2009 11:39 pm

I didn't ask for much. I got a new DS Lite, as I burned out the touch screen on my old one, (DAMN YOU COOKING MAMA), Chrono Trigger (DS, but I also have it on my SNES too), some new jeans (the dog ate my other pairs. NEVER ADOPT A LAB PUPPY.), a couple new tops (I think my parents are tired of seeing me in T-shirts constantly.), a couple books, a 25 dollar giftcard to barnes and noble, and an Adidas workout suit thing that I wear when I'm being lazy instead.


I-Mockery Blabber (Guest) on 09/03/2009 12:15 am

[...] poster artwork for the insert with some Photoshopped imagery. As you probably recall from my post a few years back, in which I purchased a copy of Maximum Overdrive and mentioned how I hate when companies don't use [...]


Joseph Wachtel (Guest) on 03/19/2010 12:20 pm

Huh, I hope I understand this the way it was intended...

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