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In Which I Make Reference To The Recent Scarcity Of Me.

Ho Ho Ho

Gentle reader, you may have noticed I have been absent more than present recently. In fact, I think I may have begun my last ‘Blog entry’ with similar words, and I’d know if I could be bothered to look it up, which I can’t, though it would be easy as ‘pie’, which ought to give you some idea of how much I ‘care’.

If memory serves, the last time I wrote this sort of introduction, I blamed the decline of my fecundity on ‘difficult’ events that had taken place in my ‘personal life’ that were none of your ‘business’. Since that time several more ‘events’ of a difficult nature have take place that have made me nostalgic for previous unpleasantness, have indeed lent to those previous unpleasantnesses the ruddy glow sometimes associated with the cheeks of happy Sunday School Children. This second set of events are even more none of your business than the first set. For those of you entertaining the notion you know what I am talking about, let me say you are almost certainly misinformed, owing to both your inherent, amiable gullibility, and the wealth of misinformation regarding my circumstances as easily plucked from the internet as village idiots pluck spoiled fruit from beneath trees. Unless you are thinking of reports involving a certain species of Japanese giant salamander and damage to my left testicle, which are for the most part true, except it was my pituitary gland, damage to which turns out to be more crippling, but less funny.

In any case. I have returned. For now. So let me tell you what I have ‘learned’ from my ‘holiday season’ thus far.

1.) Instances in which I have run out of Harvey’s Bristol Crème during the last calendar year were grave errors and will not be repeated. Previous statements that I did not ‘need’ Harvey’s Bristol Crème, I just ‘liked it very much’ have been proved through field research to be untrue. There are people who will tell you that Harvey’s Bristol Crème is not a scientifically recognized medicine, that it is in fact a ‘fag drink’, to which I’ll just say this: I am acquainted through my church with any number of perfectly respectable homosexuals who could drink you under the table and remain sober enough to remove one of your kidneys for later sale on eBay without killing you. The next time you wake up in a strange hotel bathtub full of ice, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2.) Fifteen turns out to be NOT too many for my holiday table, unless by ‘too many’ you use measurements that do not feature my climbing atop the table stripped to my underwear and sobbing “Who, who, who ARE all you people?” For your information, things like that may happen at any meal, just ask my children, and the mashed potatoes remain perfectly sanitary and edible unless you’re squeamish in which case you should never have come to my house in the first place.

3.) If anyone tells you they saw ‘Mommy’ ‘kissing’ ‘Santa Claus’, they are just being cute. That was not ‘Mommy’, nor was the person in the red suit ‘Santa Claus’, and the act they were committing cannot be called ‘kissing’ except in the loosest possible terms. Also there were more than two of them, perhaps as many as six, and one of them was either multiply handicapped and equipped with a great deal of assisting technology, or was a robot, or perhaps some sort of ‘Borg’.

4.) Here’s what you tell the police after you answer the door: “I am unable to recall the events of the last forty-eight to seventy-two hours of my life.” THEN ask for a lawyer. Say that first, not after, do not submit to any tests that measure competence or sobriety and DON’T give them any urine because chances are they haven’t asked for it yet and you are only making things worse. I can write this for you on a card if you don’t think you can remember it. In fact, I believe I have several already printed.

5.) On Christmas Eve, be very, very, very, sure of what the sound that awoke you is before discharging any firearms. Yes, most likely it is an intruder with criminal intent, and yes, you are certainly covered by the second amendment in most states. Nonetheless, ‘safe’ is always better than ‘sorry’. The sound may have been Reindeer alighting on your roof, or Santa himself, or even a neighbor dressed as Santa with whom you had made plans earlier in the evening to create a ‘special memory’ for your children, hours and hours earlier when there was a great deal more Harvey’s Bristol Crème left than there is now.

6.) Remember, no matter how difficult and complicated your life has become, the holidays have their own, special magic that can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles when you least expect it. This has always been my excuse, and it’s held up in court.


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ceti on 12/30/2008 1:44 pm

Cool story bro.

User avatar

Doctor_Who on 12/30/2008 2:30 pm

Max, you need your own TV show.

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Dungeonbrownies on 12/30/2008 3:32 pm

i can imagine this as an illustrated pamphlet.

a best selling one at that.


Su (Guest) on 12/30/2008 3:49 pm

I see this as an old-timey radio show. One that makes you and your loved ones fight about what was said and you eventually steer the car into a ditch just to "show them."

User avatar

Silver on 12/30/2008 3:50 pm

I assume that what woke me up on Christmas Eve was a couple of lousy cats giving each other their "gifts".

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rizzo on 12/30/2008 3:58 pm

Holy crap I can't wait for your book...


RichardJAgu. (Guest) on 12/30/2008 6:24 pm

2, 4-6 are lessons many of us have learned. Neighbors still wont stop cowering in fear even after i apologized.
though #2 has happened way too many times...its almost turned into a tradition if it hadnt been for the variable of me smashing a cider bottle over a loud mouthed relative's noggin.. still not sure how it all went down though...


Alicia (Guest) on 12/30/2008 7:46 pm

I was JUST telling Mike a story about Harvey's Bristol Creme. Wooooowwww....

User avatar

Geminate on 12/30/2008 8:15 pm

See I told you that you would run better on some form of alcohol. Hell, if I had to produce for this sorry site I would be inebriated 24/7, and maybe come up with something once a, year. Contract? What @$%>&*# contract?! Oh god not again, leave me alone.

User avatar

Protoclown on 12/30/2008 10:07 pm

Glad to see you back, Max.

I was just thinking, you've gotten a lot of mileage out of that one photo of yourself. That's not a complaint by any means, no sir! I take comfort in seeing that same familiar "get off of my lawn" expression of yours poking into the corner of whatever scene we have before us.

User avatar

greenimp on 12/31/2008 1:20 am

"DON’T give them any urine because chances are they haven’t asked for it yet and you are only making things worse."

so that's where i went wrong

User avatar

Perndog on 12/31/2008 3:27 am

Max, I think it's spectacular that the funny face picture in your post header is still making appearances. Keep up the good work.

User avatar

El Sammo on 12/31/2008 1:14 pm

Missed you Max old boy. Your prose reminds me of a reporter or PI from the 50's. A metaphor and a simile or allusion are like clay in the hands of DaVinci. A Wordsmith I shall call you. Crafting masterful sentences and cunning phrases as Dali crafted swans reflecting elephants and gelatinous timepieces.

User avatar

mburbank on 12/31/2008 1:31 pm

I love all of you very much, but RoG is the only one who ever gives me money.

User avatar

Icculus on 12/31/2008 4:01 pm

Here's to neverending bottles of Harvey’s Bristol Crème in 2009!


Dennis Rader (Guest) on 01/01/2009 5:52 pm

I buried his body under the grave of Otis Toole


Tommy Leon (Guest) on 01/01/2009 8:35 pm

Being one of those perfectly respectable homosexuals you know, I would like to inform you I have never taken advantage of someone whom I have drunken under the table by removing a kidney -- at least not JUST a kidney.

Fabulous blog, Max!

User avatar

Colonel Flagg on 01/03/2009 8:49 am

Max - I imagine #4 comes in handy on many different occasions, and not only those involving police. Are those printed cards for sale?

Just askin'


Welcome Back Mr. Max Burbank (Guest) on 01/04/2009 5:55 pm

Welcome Back Max. My condolences to you and your family. All of us at I-mockery are very sorry about what happened when your father passed. Glad to see you back and Happy New Years.


Tim (Guest) on 01/05/2009 9:37 pm

Max, you brilliant bastard, welcome back. Your return is a great holiday gift. Christmakwanukah just ain't the same without your Jean Shepherd-on-mescaline take on the proceedings. Well done, sir, as always!

Hope you're doing well. I know '08 was not the choicest or bestest or gooderest of years for you and yours. Here's hoping things are great in the year ahead.

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