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It’s Friday! Time For Another LIVE Episode Of Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum!

Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum - Ninjas, Horror & Death: Part I

Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum - Ninjas, Horror & Death: Part II

Yes indeed! Time for cinematic mayhem! Just dropping you guys a reminder that Episode #3 of Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum is set to air tonight, Friday May 15th, LIVE on at 10pm PST (1am EST), so be sure to tune in and join in the chat room as our resident nurse, Miss Diagnosis, will once again be on-hand to field your questions and comments! You'll also want to tune in again because actor / comedian Alex Berg, from two of LA’s top improv comedy teams (Convoy and Sentimental Lady), will be joining me as we watch another movie made to stupefy your senses!

And remember, in addition to being on, the show will also be streaming live on both and in their "thestream" channels. Wherever you happen to be watching the show from, be sure to hop in the chat rooms so you can blab it up with all the other insomniacs as we watch another movie together!

While you wait for the new LIVE episode to air tonight, you can catch up on what went down in the Movie Mausoleum last week as the full episode is now available online!

Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum, Eliminated - Part 1:

Doc Mock’s Movie Mausoleum, Eliminated - Part 2:

See you guys in the chat room tonight!


User avatar

Trash on 05/15/2009 4:16 pm

Dang, I guess us Europeans just have to stay awake till 7 AM just to get a glimpse of your genius :(


boosman100 (Guest) on 05/15/2009 5:58 pm

heh, yeah im not sure if i can get up at 6AM again to watch but dammit i'll try my best!


boosman100 (Guest) on 05/15/2009 6:01 pm

also, is it just me or is RoG buddies with every improv comedian in LA?

User avatar

-RoG- on 05/15/2009 6:32 pm

Hehehe thanks for trying to get up early to see the show. As for the improvisers, I've been a student at UCB since I moved out here, so yeah... I've met a lot of amazing improvisers. And honestly, I think they're perfect for this kind of show since it's supposed to be like two pals just hanging out, watching a cheesy movie and talking about it. Makes for a far more interesting show than having movie stars or whatever talking about what they did to prepare for a role in a film 'n what not. You can definitely expect to see many more talented comedians & improvisers in future episodes.

User avatar

Kat on 05/16/2009 11:35 am

This show has gotten some real publicity for I-mockery, Rog.

But I'm guessing that was one of your intentions.


Vert (Guest) on 05/17/2009 2:17 pm

Didn't have a chance to see it this time (02:00-04:00 isn't the best schedule for me), but I'll be sure to check it out when the recorded show comes online.


DrBadtaste (Guest) on 05/17/2009 2:22 pm

once again i got up at 7 am to see the movie and participate in this wonderful event :D! thanks again, i had lots of fun


boosman100 (Guest) on 05/17/2009 7:16 pm

man us brits have to get up at a way more inconvient time yet there are more americans bailing.

User avatar

BigMac500 on 05/17/2009 7:32 pm

I actually set my alarm clock to wake me up at 2 in the morning. (that's when it starts here)

Well worth it, it was a real blast. And a bowl of alphabet pretzels helped, hehehe.

There were no E's. :(

User avatar

-RoG- on 05/18/2009 1:20 pm

BigMac500, I've never seen a more noble use of alphabet pretzels. Well done!

User avatar

BigMac500 on 05/18/2009 9:13 pm

Well thank you, RoG my good man. Tell me, do you know when Licky is releasing his solo album? His rendition of "Freebird" was nothing less than life-changing.


KDH (Guest) on 05/19/2009 9:52 am

All right, that's it. I'm getting up at 7 am next Saturday to watch that show. I enjoyed the earlier ones on the stream.


Vert (Guest) on 05/19/2009 2:41 pm

Very, very fun. Alex was a great guest and the movie was excellent, I really enjoyed watching this time!

Hope I can see the next live show on Friday... Great stuff!

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