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I-Mockery’s Online Store Is Finally Up!

The I-Mockery Store has finally launched! Help support the site by purchasing our nifty products for yourself!

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally launched I-Mockery's Online Store! People are always asking me how they can help support the site, and usually all I tell them is to just tell their friends about it since we rely solely on word of mouth advertising. Well now there's a new way for you guys to help support the I-Mockery cause, and you'll get some spiffy merchandise for yourself in doing so!

I'm really excited about the launch of our store, or "The Mock Shop" as I refer to it, because we have some really cool stuff for you to pick up. Here's a list of what you'll currently find in there:

-I-Mockery T-Shirts! (including the all new "Forbidden Love" PickleMan shirt and the return of our "Awesome Shark" shirt!)

-Official I-Mockery Pickle Hats! (People have asked for these for YEARS, so I'm really happy to finally be able to offer them to you!)

-The Ultimate Pixel Poster! (We sold this at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con and it was an instant hit with fans of pixel art and retro pop culture! You'll stare at this thing for hours!)

-Comic Books! (Now all of I-Mockery's original comic books are available online, including Protoclown's new "Henching" comic, PickleMan and more!)

-Button Packs! (A brand new set of 6 buttons, plus we throw in an extra PickleMan button with each order while supplies last!)

-Shiny Stickers! (Everybody's favorite I-Mockery sticker that doubles as a funhouse mirror is available once again!)

Also, since people have requested it in the past, we're happy to sign anything you order... just be sure to include a note with your purchase so we know. Last but not least, for all of you international customers outside of the U.S., we haven't forgotten about you. We've set up a special International Store Page that you can place your orders on with the adjusted shipping rates. So if you live outside the United States (yes, even you Canadians), please make sure you order from that particular page.

So there ya have it - a boatload o' new I-Mockery merchandise for you guys to spend your life savings on. Every purchase helps us keep I-Mockery running, and it will also lead to us putting up new products for sale on the site in the future, so thanks in advance to all of you who buy our stuff!


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King Credo on 08/24/2009 4:36 pm

I've been waiting so long for the Awesome Shark to return.

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-RoG- on 08/24/2009 4:53 pm

Heheh, a lot of people were. The original sold out really fast in most sizes, so I had to print up some more for everybody. May the warm glow of the Awesome Shark light your darkest hour. Or... you know... I hope you think it looks as cool at night as I do.

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Nick on 08/24/2009 5:49 pm

Thanks for this awesome shop Rog! I've already ordered a shark shirt, buttons comics, and pickle hats!

Too bad I didn't read that part about you signing stuff until after I bought it all, though. Woulda been nice to have you sign that Pickleman comic.

Oh well, shark shirts!

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-RoG- on 08/24/2009 6:30 pm

Nick, it's not too late. I'm more than happy to sign the PickleMan comic for you. Just shoot me an email with your full name and mailing address and exactly what you ordered and I'll make sure the comic and anything else you want gets signed. Thanks for ordering all that merchandise btw!

User avatar

Nick on 08/24/2009 7:12 pm

Thanks alot, I shot you an email!

And no problem at all. I love this kind of stuff.

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Shironu-Akaineko on 08/24/2009 10:36 pm

I have so much joy right now it's not even funny. I posted a link to the Mock Shop on my DA, in my twitter, on my facebook and on my LJ.
Should probably post one on my Myspace tomorrow.

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Julio on 08/24/2009 10:59 pm

It's time for me to order an Awesome Glowing Shark t-shirt... I'm just waiting for my paycheck.

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Coryjonc on 08/25/2009 1:01 am

Pretty soon I need to order an Awesome Shark shirt and get a signed copy of Henching.

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blood_panther on 08/25/2009 1:29 am

hmmmm for some reason, microsoft thinks the International Store Page is a phishing site/ security risk....might be worth checking into.

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-RoG- on 08/25/2009 1:44 am

Shironu-Akaineko, you did a great job on the artwork of the comic, so you should be excited!

Julio / Coryjonc, thanks! Hope you guys enjoy your purchases when you do order 'em!

blood_panther, hmm, it's not doing that for me... it may have been a network ad that was displaying on there or something that caused it to worry.

On a more important issue, why are you using IE instead of Firefox? :P

User avatar

blood_panther on 08/25/2009 1:47 am

right seems fixed now. probably an ad then.

I'm afraid of change so I stick with IE.


Al Boondy (Guest) on 08/25/2009 9:53 am

Will there be combined shipping here? I mean, if I order the poster and the "Henching" comic, will I pay 17 bucks or 15?


Natedizzle (Guest) on 08/25/2009 10:54 am

Just ordered my very own Awesome-Shark shirt. Now everyone within reading distance shall know just how Awesome I truly am. Woo hoo!! Thanks Rog!

User avatar

-RoG- on 08/25/2009 2:25 pm

Al Boondy, afraid not. For one thing, a poster and a comic book ship in two separate things. The comic comes in a sturdy flat envelope, while the posted comes rolled in a tube so it doesn't get any creases. A lot o' people want to frame 'em, so I make sure they get sent out nicely. Furthermore, the Henching comics are sent out from Protoclown himself back in Virginia, whereas the posters are located here in California. SCIENCE!

Natedizzle, thanks for purchasing the glow-in-the-dark shark shirt and may you enjoy the rest of your now-far-more-awesome life as a result!

User avatar

Pentegarn on 08/25/2009 2:34 pm

The poster is mesmerizing. I will have to order one. Probably will order a Henching book too because it sounds like an amusing read.


Piyo (Guest) on 08/26/2009 4:13 am

This is what I've been waiting for! The return of the awesome t-shirts, and last but not least... picklehats! I'm definitely going to have to order some stuff when I get paid. I'd really like to get one of Re's comics as well.
Thank you for doing this!

User avatar

Drunken_Lemur408 on 08/26/2009 11:05 am

Awesome, you remembered Street Sharks!


Left Hand Red (Guest) on 08/26/2009 10:16 pm

At long last I can order your "Awesome' T-Shirt!


User avatar

eric-the-ded on 08/27/2009 3:40 am

Sorry I missed you guys at Comic Con. I live in San Diego... My only excuse is a tiny tiny paycheck.
However, that goddamn shark shirt is on my must-buy list.

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blood_panther on 08/28/2009 3:36 pm

so what (if any) are the estimation on shipping times for orders out of country....canada for example.

User avatar

-RoG- on 08/28/2009 3:45 pm

Not sure how long it takes to arrive for international orders, just depends on where you live. But I ship everything out pretty quickly, so I would imagine you'd receive your order within 2 weeks at most if you live in Canada.


ReBirFh (Guest) on 08/29/2009 2:47 pm

For international purchases, whats the payment method? I hope that Pay Pal is an option.

User avatar

-RoG- on 08/29/2009 3:07 pm

It is indeed. PayPal is our preferred method of payment for all orders, including the international ones.

User avatar

Protoclown on 08/31/2009 11:58 pm




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