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I Ate Frankenstein’s Brains!

Paying a visit to Knott's Scary Farm has become an annual Halloween tradition, for it always has a great blend of haunted mazes, spooky rides, and a terribly cheesy public hanging of a current popular celebrity (this year it was Rebecca Black). While the mazes haven't changed much in the past two years, it was still a blast checking them out again - especially my favorite "Dia de los Muertos" 3D haunt and the always amusing haunted log ride. The one thing I did take photographs of while there was the amazing desserts we were served as part of our monster dinner. Behold!

Frankenstein's Monster mousse dessert from Knott's Scary Farm!

Up until this event, I had never tried mousse before, so I'm glad that my first time eating the dessert was out of a monster's skull. It was a mint mousse stuffed into a chocolate head of Frankenstein's monster and it was absolutely delicious. They even added a raspberry drizzle to it so that it appeared his brains were bleeding all over the place. The raspberry didn't really mix well with the mint, but the rest of it was so good that...

The brains of Frankenstein's Monster were minty and delicious!

...well, as you can see, I really enjoyed it. They had a few other flavors such as a chocolate cauldron filled with strawberry mousse and another filled with almond mousse, but let's be honest here... who in their right mind is going to pass up a chance to eat the minty brains of Frankenstein? That kind of thing only happens once in a lifetime if you're lucky. Just like Winston told Ray, "If somebody asks you if you're a god, you say yes!", if somebody asks you if you want to eat Frankenstein's minty brains, you say yes too.

So yeah, I grabbed a fork and hollowed out his skull without ever looking back.

In related news, not to break with tradition, I made sure to get another photo of myself hanging upside-down in a coffin at Knotts:

Hanging out at Knott's Scary Farm never gets old!

While we're on the subject, in case you haven't seen them already, be sure to check out some of my previous Knotts Scary Farm Halloween maze pictorials: Knott's Scary Farm 2009 and Knott''s Scary Farm 2006.



Apicarnage Tour Coverage: Part Two.

[Click here to watch in hi-res]

I know it's not technically a Halloween update, but I'm sure you'll like this new video... and I do experience quite a few horrors in it, so that counts as far as I'm concerned. The Apicarnage tour may be over, but Gametrailers finally put up the second tour coverage video which showcases some more of the great game stores and arcades we visited, what driving around the country in a station wagon with Keith Apicary is really like, and the luxurious accommodations our sponsor provided us with. Once again, be sure to stick around after the credits for an extra scene.

If you missed the first video where we visit the Goonies house and beach, definitely check it out too. And yes, there's still more tour footage to come, so I'll post it here whenever they put it up online.



The 2010 Lego Halloween Ghost, Bat, And Pumpkin Set!

Like many of you, I spent far too many hours building pirate and space Lego sets when I was a kid. Most of the time, I would end up combining the two series and creating some bizarre anachronistic monstrosity that probably should've been set on fire. Fortunately, for your eyes, I don't have photos of those old creations of mine, but I do have a great set of Halloween themed Legos to show you today.

The 2010 LEGO Halloween Ghost, Bat, And Pumpkin Set!

Left over from last year, I never got around to showcasing these ghost, bat, and pumpkin Legos when they came out during 2010 Halloween season, so it's high time they enjoy the limelight. These small Halloween Lego sets came packaged separately and could be found in various toy stores last year. Don't worry, if you missed out on them while they were in stores, I'm sure you can still buy them on eBay or something.

I absolutely love the package design on these sets. The subtle glow around the ghost, bat, and pumpkin makes it look as they're haunting that full moon graveyard scene. Speaking of which, they even placed the bats in different locations on each package to add a little variety. That's the kind of love I like to see put into Halloween novelties... even the most subtle changes are appreciated, because it shows that some real love went into the products.

The 2010 LEGO Halloween Ghost! LEGO Number 40013

First up, we have the Ghost (set number 40013 for all you Lego fanatics). This was clearly the easiest one in the entire set to construct as it's made entirely of the most standard Lego blocks - 18 pieces worth. That doesn't make him look any less fantastic though. I could see this blocky lil' fella chasing Pacman to his grave any day of the week.

The 2010 LEGO Halloween Bat! LEGO Number 40014

Next, we have the Bat (set number 40014). While this one still consists primarily of standard Lego block sizes, I figured it would be the most difficult to assemble of the three simply because it's super skinny and could easily fall apart. Still, with 25 pieces, it only took a little over a minute to put the finishing touches on this guy. They also included an extra eyeball with him, so maybe I'll lend it to the ghost since he didn't get any colorful accessories. I gotta say, the bat is my favorite of the three... I think it's the white fangs that won me over.

The 2010 LEGO Halloween Pumpkin! LEGO Number 40012

Last on our list, we have the Pumpkin (set number 40012). I almost feel like I should buy more of these ones simply so I can have more orange colored Halloweeny Lego blocks. I also had never seen the tiny triangle pieces that you use for the teeth on this pumpkin, and the green leaf topper was a real nice touch. I'm kind of curious to see how this one looks behind a candle light...

Behold the Leg-O-Lantern!
Behold the Leg-O-Lantern!

How awesome are these? LEGO clearly needs to make more of these Halloween sets.

As you can see, once assembled, these three make a fine set of festive Halloween decorations worthy of placement on your mantle 'til the end of October. Here's hoping Lego sees fit to release more of the miniature Halloween themed sets, because I need every minute of my day to be filled with something festive. These three sets killed about five minutes tops, so you have another 1435 minutes worth of Halloween sets to deliver to me, Lego. I suggest you get to work.

Oh, and by the way... the ghost is totally rocking those two leftover pieces from the bat and the pumpkin:

Lookin' good there, Ghosty!

He's so punk rock.


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