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Boo Berry is back!

update: a bit late notice, but someone just informed me that they're re-airing that episode with me on the Food Network's "Unwrapped" show tonight (9/19) at 7:30ET/6:30CT. It's a piece from a while ago and it's all about Berry Treats and I'm in the segment about Boo Berry later in the show.

If there's one thing we can always look forward to come Halloween each year, it's the fact that Boo Berry becomes much easier to find in stores. Normally, the only places I've been able to find the cereal during the rest of the year is at some "super" Wal-Marts and on eBay. Be careful if you do buy it on eBay though, because a lot of sellers won't even check to see if the boxes they're selling are expired.

Well, come Halloween a lot of stores sell Boo Berry (and the other monster cereals) including Target and Sam's Club. Behold the new Boo Berry box design!

The old Boo Berry is back!

YES. Now this is something I'm really happy with. I've always been a fan of the original Boo Berry with the lazy/stoned looking eyes. Starting in the late 80's/early 90's they progressively made Boo Berry look happier and happier. He was the cereal mascot on Prozac. By the end of the 90's he looked happier than Casper the Friendly Ghost - not that this stopped me from buying the cereal, but he definitely didn't look as cool.

Well General Mills finally realized that most people who buy Boo Berry are the ones who grew up eating it back in the day, so their best bet was to keep the old design. It's great to see the classic Boo Berry back in action. I do wish they included some actual prizes with the cereal though. They're too much into the whole "the box itself is a prize!" bullshit. A couple years ago you could cut out the front of the box to make a mask. This year, you cut the back of the box off so you have a poster. Come on General Mills, what happened to the good old days of plastic cereal toys? Give us a Boo Berry pencil topper. Give us a Boo Berry ring. Give us a mail-away offer for a Boo Berry cereal bowl shaped like his head. Anything!

For those of you who are into the other monster cereals (*cough*traitors*cough*) or simply want to try one of each, there is a new "Monster Cereal Triple Pack" out this year that you can buy.

Monsters Triple Pack!

This one contains all the monsters; Boo Berry, Frankenberry and Count Chocula. Yeah, yeah, I know Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy aren't there... but those cereals just aren't coming back. I had them when I was a kid and I always thought Fruity Pebbles were better... and that says a LOT since Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy came with marshmallows. That's the kind of shit that usually gets a kid's vote, ya know? Anyway, I think Target might be getting the triple packs, but if not, Sam's Club usually carries them.

On one last Boo Berry note, while the cereal boxes aren't coming with cool prizes these days, there is a new Boo Berry item on the market! Remember how I was pissed off at the San Diego Comic-Con when they had the new Count Chocula and Frankenberry Bobble Cars, but no Boo Berry ones? Well, I'm happy to report that the Boo Berry Bobble-Cars have finally arrived!

Bobble bobble, wobble wobble, Funko Boo Berry!!

Tell me that doesn't look great? Now I can act out scenes where Chocula and Frankenberry are jaywalking and Boo Berry mows 'em down with his spooky sports car. Yes, life is good.

Alrighty, that's all the Boo Berry updates for now. Hope you guys have been enjoying all the Halloween madness so far. 2 weeks down and we're already off to a great start. And I've got a BIG piece coming up early this week that you guys will not want to miss. I'm really excited about it, mainly because when you work really hard on a big article, it's always a blast to finally unveil it to everybody. Keep an eye out for it... it might even go up late, late tomorrow night!

I now leave you with this example of just one of the prizes that came with Monster Cereals back in the day so you can see how they're screwing us in modern times:

Bobble bobble, wobble wobble, Funko Boo Berry!!
Real Monster Disguise Stickers? BADASS.



Car. (Guest) on 09/16/2006 4:36 pm

Woo! Lovin the site as always RoG :P


El Guano (Guest) on 09/16/2006 4:44 pm

Alright! Boo Berry was always the best Monster Cereal...which is why it sucks I can never find it here in Lancaster Pa


Richard (Guest) on 09/16/2006 5:17 pm

It fucken better come back in canada... im dying to try it, its really bothering me how us canadians are always left out, kinda like world war II :'(

ps. the storm shadow 8" figure's the shit.


flash_fox (Guest) on 09/16/2006 5:36 pm

Oh! The Boo Berry bobble cars must of not been at Comic-con because:

1. The design change of boo was made after the blue prints have already been drawn and had to do that paticular car late.


2. Didn't want to spoil the design change and waited till the new box was out...

it all makes sense now...


Richard (Guest) on 09/16/2006 8:38 pm

Hey- what do you guys think of an Ash (from evil dead) Costume? It wouldn't be too hard. any idea's or extra tid-bits?


Aks (Guest) on 09/16/2006 8:45 pm

Hey -RoG- what are dressing up for this halloween? Thatd be awesome if you were Boo Berry! Im goin as Silent Bob! Yay for being silent!


Ninjawolf (Guest) on 09/16/2006 8:50 pm

I really, really think they should fucking discontinue Franken Berry. Boo Berrys great and Count Chocula is good, but Franken Berry just fucking sucks.


Shadow40000 (Guest) on 09/16/2006 9:15 pm

Thank God.

I'm starting to get sick of Fruit Loops.


bicostp (Guest) on 09/16/2006 9:17 pm

Quick! Go to the store and buy all the Boo Berry you can! Then seal it up into vacumn storage containers and store in a temperature-controlled environment! MAKE THAT BOO BERRY LAST!!


zorak163 (Guest) on 09/17/2006 12:01 am

You can buy Boo Berry and the others from's grocery section all year long.


quinnn (Guest) on 09/17/2006 12:04 am

What about Fruit Brute or Yummy Mummy? The poor redheaded step children of the monster cereal family.


usedbread (Guest) on 09/17/2006 12:52 am

these new boo berry designs make me feel old.

speaking of feeling old(but not going completely off topic), i went with my dormmate to the grocery store the other day(hes 18, im 24) and was like "when the fuck did they stop putting toys directly in boxes of cereal,"

to which he replied, "they put toys in boxes of cereal?!?"

old :(


Vampire Bear (Guest) on 09/17/2006 1:12 am

I'm certainly excited for Boo Berry being more readily available.

By default of course I'm partial to Count Chocula.


Chris Gray (Guest) on 09/17/2006 6:22 am

Right RoG, got a problem with the site :(

ok, so i-mockery is one of my favourite websites. But recently my computer keeps crashing when i visit. I'm sure its not the background and banner changes. Have you added any other extra code or whatever to the site that might be causing this problem?


Kevin (Guest) on 09/17/2006 6:39 am

I know Boo Berry is good and I won't pay an arm and a leg for it so that's why I don't buy it from Amazon, ebay or places like that. I noyiced last year a major grocer had some for Halloween and it didn't sell too well so they marked it down to $1 a box. Needless to say I had quite a bit of Boo Berry to tide me over for winter :)


CountChoculatte (Guest) on 09/17/2006 9:26 am

Hey everybody...check out this awesome MOVIE TRAILER spoof that uses BooBerry, Count Chocula, and FrankenBerry's friggin' amazing! Someone over there is obviously trying to revive these characters...finally!


Joe Red (Guest) on 09/17/2006 10:14 am

That video owned. But what's the song that's playing with it?


CountChoculatte (Guest) on 09/17/2006 11:02 am

Not sure, it's a piece of classical music that i don't know the name of. It definitely has a nice creepy movie feeling.

Sorry, but what does "that video owned" mean?


JEFFIE (Guest) on 09/17/2006 11:51 am

He means:
"That was an enjoyable video, my good sir."


CountChoculatte (Guest) on 09/17/2006 12:09 pm

Most appreciate the translation, kind sir. So it's like, "da bomb?"


-RoG- (Guest) on 09/17/2006 12:12 pm

Aks, I don't know what I'm gonna be for Halloween yet, it won't be Boo Berry though. I already have a Boo Berry costume that you can check out here.

quinnn, I mentioned Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy in my post. Perhaps you didn't read that part?

usedbread, see, that's the problem. The cereal companies think that they can get away with not putting toys in the cereal today because the kids won't know that they ever included them to begin with. We must spread the knowledge around!

Chris Gray, nope, nothing's changed. We fixed an error that was going on a few weeks ago. If you're still having the problem, drop me an email and go into more detail about it please.

CountChoculatte, nice work on the Monster Cereal trailer!

Joe Red, that song is "O Fortuna" from "Carmina Burana"... it's pretty famous actually.


Toupee (Guest) on 09/17/2006 12:29 pm

The new Boo Berry boxes are amazing. I scooped one up as soon as I saw one about a month ago, and the empty box is now sitting in my windowsill! I wish they'd hurry up and get similar designs for Count Chocula and Frankenberry!


CountChoculatte (Guest) on 09/17/2006 12:53 pm

Thanks RoG


Spooky (Guest) on 09/17/2006 1:09 pm



dj alpha (Guest) on 09/17/2006 1:14 pm

Your site justifibly rules; with articles like these , I am freaking going out for some frankenberry right now!


-RoG- (Guest) on 09/17/2006 4:44 pm

How could I forget to include my favorite Boo Berry photo in this thread? Me making McClain cry as I force him to eat a bowl:



Luke (Guest) on 09/17/2006 10:37 pm

Ooooohh, I used to love Boo Berry and Franken Berry. Now if you could convince General Mills to quit puffing the cereal full of air I'd keep on eating it. The crunchies used to be smaller and denser, now they're so puffed it changes the texture, and, IMHO, they're just not as good.


Debbie (Guest) on 09/18/2006 9:41 am

so love the cereal but, the marshmallows make this squeaky sound when i chew them, drives me crazy . any suggestions?


I-mock-you (Guest) on 09/18/2006 10:59 am



womti (Guest) on 09/18/2006 3:02 pm



Super Nintendo (Guest) on 09/18/2006 6:31 pm

Am I the only one that noticed this post was made at 4:20 and that the boo berry ghost looks incredibly high :( I hope not

newayz, RoG, you are my hero, keep being super awesome.

Love, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Shadow40000 (Guest) on 09/19/2006 5:53 am

Arrgg, it be Talk Like a Pirate day today!

Have a good september 19, mateys!


Aks (Guest) on 09/19/2006 5:06 pm

God this sucks. No place in IL on the southwest side has it! My life has no meaning. :(


Doctor dumbass (Guest) on 09/19/2006 5:26 pm

where can i get that booberry toy? it's cool


King Vince (Guest) on 09/19/2006 8:50 pm

berry Nice work RoG!!!!!I recorded the unwrapped segment tonight---it was awesome!


Chuck Covell (Guest) on 09/20/2006 12:36 am

I cried blue tears of mirth perusing this site. As I scan the cereal aisle at each store I visit, I will know I am not alone. Keep fighting 'the good fight', brothers and sisters!


Other blogs (Guest) on 09/20/2006 3:21 pm

Fun cereals of yesteryear back for Halloween

Filed under: Eating If you're looking for a fun, sugar-filled way to start the morning around Halloween,


Thuy (Guest) on 09/20/2006 6:55 pm

My favorite childhood cereal was "Sugar Smack" or was it "Diggem Smack" - something like that, but they had to take the word "sugar" out!


CountChoculatte (Guest) on 09/20/2006 8:50 pm

SO here's the next installment of the MONSTER CEREAL movie oddly includes the boxes! ;) And more BOO BERRY


silver surfer (Guest) on 10/08/2006 6:16 pm

Booberry rules! Count Chocula's a jerk. Frankenberry is the second best.


JayBoy (Guest) on 11/05/2006 7:44 pm

Just to let you know, Funko is making a Glow Boo Berry car to go along with this one. I am also trying to get them to make a 20" and a 12" Bobble Bank to go with the Count and Frank ones. Also trying to get more Mummy and Brute stuff made, I hope I can. Wish me luck with Brian (Head of Funko).


unity (Guest) on 11/21/2006 10:40 am

had my mother send boxes of boo berry here to japan . count jerk and frankenferry suck


Protonix (Guest) on 01/28/2007 11:40 am


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I-Mockery Blabber (Guest) on 09/30/2007 4:17 pm

[...] they didn’t even change the box or offer anything new. Even the poster on the back is the exact same as last year! Now, I was about to be completely annoyed with General Mills when I found out that they DID put out [...]


mjgrass (Guest) on 11/28/2007 1:03 am

Man I would love to have a boo-berry bong


dave (Guest) on 12/14/2007 8:55 pm

when did they change boo berry marshmallos i liked the small ones not these new ones


Guest (Guest) on 03/12/2008 12:15 pm

So if you go to, they have these AWESOME pillows. One is Count Chocula and one is Frankenberry. I have both of them. The front of the pillow is silk and shows the image of the old cereal box cover and the back is a soft velvet. However, I'm extremely disappointed........THEY DON'T MAKE THESE IN BOO BERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to boycott, seriously....this makes me so angry because Boo Berry is my favorite.

Go to this website and demand Boo Berry!


O (Guest) on 08/12/2008 5:10 pm

I would like to say that Booberry is the Awesome one and supermarkets should stock him all year round


John (Guest) on 10/16/2008 7:19 pm

What's the deal, I have looked now for several weeks for both Berry and Franken Berry at over 10 stores in my area and they don't even have the count!!!!! These are stores that almost alway have them except for the past several weeks. Is there a shortage going on????? Maybe someone here can explain!!! Damn I want some boo berry it's driving me nuts... LOL


Galan y Giles (Guest) on 01/17/2009 6:45 pm

So, the best place I can suggest is TARGET, especially around Halloween. And if you like the Monsters, check this out, we are trying to bring them back, and this is some secret pr-production work:


I NEED BOOBERRY (Guest) on 08/26/2009 8:46 pm

please please plase please find boo berry in a store in missouri. PLEASE! ITS MY MOMS BIRTHDAY and thats all she wants, boo berry franken berry and count chocula! I need it by friday and I can't find boo berrry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAP!


Hermann (Guest) on 09/23/2009 5:59 pm

To the old timers: Am I really eating the same Boo Berry you did?

I'm not exactly a spring chicken. I'm in my mid 30's.

I remember enjoying Count Chocula and Frakenberry. I also remember seing the coupons that came with cereals and seeing the one for Boo Berry. I knew I wanted to try it but Boo Berry somehow ALWAYS eluded me.

Then when I got to be about 8 or 9, I forgot all about it.

Then, much later in my mid 20's, what happened is I was a super market and all of a sudden they had Fraken Berry! I almost forgot it even exsisted. Again, the box came with advertisments for the other cereals. So I saw Boo Berry again. My interest renewed but now far more intense. Boo Berry took on a mythic quality. I wrote letters to General Mills ect. to no avail. Finaly, bless the internet, for a while you could order it online. The rest is history.

But as to my question: When I look at the classic boxes from the 70's, I notice that the cereal itself looks kind of different.

The modern Boo Berry has many more kinds of marshmellows. The color seems like it was a brighter shade blue back then.

So, to those who would know, does Boo Berry taste the same now as it did in 1978???

Thanks to anyone who responds.

User avatar

-RoG- on 09/23/2009 6:03 pm

Having grown up on the stuff, I can tell you for a fact that the ingredients have definitely changed over time. It was definitely a sweeter, better tasting cereal back in the day (and that's not just me being sentimental) but it still tastes great these days. The marshmallows really don't taste any different through. The original cereal definitely turned your milk a brighter shade of blue as I recall.


Scott (Guest) on 11/11/2009 6:50 pm

I love this, you've voiced my sentements perfectly... I bought five boxes from Target, went back to buy more but they were gone...

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