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It’s February 14th, A Very Special Day.

Love Locke Lost

That's right, there's a new episode of LOST on tonight! I seriously haven't been sucked into a show like this (with the exception of Dexter) in years. I know the show has its nay-sayers ("the show isn't going anywhere", "they're just making it up as they go", etc), but I absolutely must know how they're going to tie everything together at the end of this series. It's either going to be the most disappointing ending of all time, or it's going to prove beyond all doubt what an amazing writing team they have working on the show. Time will tell, but either way I'm hooked until the end. (more...)



1st Floor Elevator Users


I don't know if it's simply bad luck or what, but anytime I'm in our elevator lately, I keep getting stopped by somebody on the first floor before we make it down to ground level. You know, people who actually feel the need to use an elevator to travel the equivalent of one flight of stairs. I know, I know... there are starving people in the world and my problems with riding in an elevator aren't that big a deal in the grand scheme o' things, but hear me out. (more...)



An Open Letter To The People Who Read My Open Letter To Hannah Montana

ATTENTION: You are on a comedy web site.


How’s it going?

When you all read my open letter to Hannah Montana, I couldn’t believe how much feedback I got. I thought some of the responses were a teensy little bit over the top, but you know, it’s the Internet, right? (more...)



The Greatest Local Business Commercials, Including Crazy Eddie!

I won't be beat! But maybe you can beat my graphic designer for me... please?

I have a confession to make: I've always been extremely entertained by local business commercials. Put on a Coca-Cola commercial and I can barely even sit through the entire thing without wanting to stand up and scream, but commercials produced for and by local companies? I could watch 'em all day long without even blinking. I've always said that the best kind of humor is unintentional humor, and believe me, there's nothing funnier than seeing an ultra low budget commercial for a local company that was probably done by some college freshman film student. Sometimes its their catchy little jingles, sometimes it's an absurd mascot, sometimes it's an awful logo, and sometimes it's all of those things and more. Whatever the case, I think there's a lot to be said about local ads and today I want to discuss a few of my favorites. (more...)



An Open Letter to Hannah Montana, Who Made My Daughter Cry.

Poor Cordie...

Dear Ms. Montana…

Ms. Cyrus… Miley. My name is Max Burbank. I’m just a small-time comedy writer and proud father. Cordelia, my youngest daughter, is seven. This year for Christmas, Santa brought her a Hannah Montana doll, the Hannah Montana Backstage Closet, and a Hannah Montana FM radio microphone. Santa knows Cordelia loves you. I think Santa knows that Cordie isn’t just a fan. You inspire her. You make her want to reach for the stars, and believe that she can do that by embracing her essential self, being true to her heart and her friends. And Cordie’s not alone. All over the country, little girls look up to you not because you’ve done something they can’t, but because they see in you all they can become. (more...)



What’s With The Super Bowl Anyway?

super duper!

So how many of you guys give a shit about the Super Bowl? I just can't bring myself to give a damn. As entertainment goes, it's far too boring to hold my interest, and the commercials that everyone else thinks are "hilarious" and "cute" only seem to "piss" me "off". Every time I see them all I can think of is how these companies are trying to manipulate me into buying their crappy products. And hey, there certainly are some cute and funny commercials out there, I'm sure, but that doesn't change the fact that whenever I see a commercial my field of vision is taken over by the red haze of pure rage, which makes it kind of hard to enjoy anything. (more...)


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