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Merry Friday The 13th!

Merry Friday The 13th! Jason Voorhees loves Christmas!
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Since we don't get to celebrate Friday the 13th in December very often, I had to take this opportunity to put my vintage Friday the 13th video store display out for the holidays. Forget the leg lamp... all I want to see is the hockey mask of Jason Voorhees glowing in my window come Christmas. I dunno about you, but I'd kill to see a Friday the 13th film (or Elm Street) set during Christmas, so all of the kills could be holiday-themed. Hollywood needs to get on this pronto, because the closest thing we have to a Christmas kill from Jason Voorhees is when he smashed that girl's icy cold face after freezing it in liquid nitrogen in Jason X.

Now we've certainly covered a hearty handful of holiday horrors here on I-Mockery over the years including the following:

Silent Night, Deadly Night
Jack Frost: The Mutant Killer Snowman
Jack Frost 2: The Return of the Mutant Killer Snowman
Black Christmas
Tales From The Crypt: And All Through The House
Santa's Slay

Of course, Christmas Vacation 2 and The Star Wars Holiday Special could be categorized as "horror" too, but for entirely different reasons.

So what about you? What are some of your favorite holiday-themed horror movies and what makes you love 'em so much? Any favorite scenes or quotes in particular? Drop a comment and lemme know!



Sugar Cookie Flavor Pebbles Cereal!

Since Christmas Crunch hasn't changed their box design once again this year, there's nothing new to report on the Cap'n. Fortunately, the Post company has delivered some new holiday cereal goods for all of us to give a try this season. Check it out:

Post Pebbles Sugar Cookie Cereal!
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Limited Edition Pebbles Sugar Cookie flavor cereal! The second I saw this at Target, I knew I had to try it. I'm a huuuge fan of Cocoa Pebbles, and Fruity Pebbles aren't too shabby either, so with it being the holiday season, this purchase was a no-brainer.

For starters, I'm totally sold on the box art here. You have Bamm-Bamm Rubble, Pebbles Flintstone, and Dino dressed in their best winter outfits being sucked into a swirling green Christmas snowflake vortex. That sort of action is usually reserved for blockbuster Hollywood films, and yet here we have it on the front of a goddamn cereal box. Dino in particular is looking great; he has a collar with jingle bells on it along with wooden reindeer antlers tied to his head. You know, every time I see Dino on a cereal box, it harkens me back to the glory days of Dino Pebbles - a cereal that had an insane marshmallow-to-cereal ratio.

Pebbles is also eating a big sugar cookie over the heaping bowl of cereal, as if to suggest that the crumbs from each bite she takes ends up falling into the bowl to flavor the cereal. Alright, perhaps it's not the most appetizing thing to picture, but come on... she's an adorable little cartoon character. I doubt you'll contract any diseases from eating her sugar cookie crumbles. Well, maybe diabetes.

Upon opening the box, you're hit with a strong sugary smell. I wouldn't say it makes me think of sugar cookies... it smells more like some combination of candy corn and marshmallows. It's hard to put my finger on it, but it's a familiar scent for sure, and a pretty good one at that. In fact, I wouldn't mind if they made air fresheners or scented seasonal candles outta this stuff.

A heaping bowl of Pebbles Sugar Cookie flavored cereal!
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The cereal itself is incredibly festive looking, with red, white, and green rice pebbles. Add some milk to that and you have your own personal edible winter wonderland in a cereal bowl. According to the ingredients, they used Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1, and Tumeric Oleoresin to achieve these colors. Only the magic of Christmas can bring a cereal company to bust out the ol' Tumeric. Seriously though, I really love how the cereal displays, and dare say it looks even better than Christmas Crunch.

While it looks good enough to feed to Santa, I'm not sure even his reindeer would want to partake in too much of the cereal. As nice as it smells, the cereal tastes a bit too artificial and chemical-ish. I know that shouldn't be surprising, considering it's a breakfast cereal made to taste like sugar cookies, but there are plenty of cookies and candies in the world that don't have a strong chemical flavoring. It's a good effort, and the cereal isn't bad per se, but after doing this taste test, it's just not something I'd want to eat for breakfast every morning. I'd rather just use it as a nice decoration. That said, they did include a snowflake treats recipe you can make by using the cereal if you do happen to be a fan of how it tastes.

Overall, Sugar Cookie Pebbles have a great presentation, and we can always use more combatants in the extremely limited holiday cereal arena, but the flavor leaves something to be desired. I'd rather have Cocoa Pebbles cereal, because I can eat 10 bowls of that stuff and still want more... especially since it turns the milk all chocolatey. In terms of holiday cereals, I'd have to recommend sticking with the classic Christmas Crunch as it still tastes the best of the bunch. The Cap'n will always treat you right... until he shreds the roof of your mouth. But it'll be worth it, because I'm sure he's doing it in the spirit of Christmas.

Oh, and remember when I said the sugar cookie cereal works better for Christmas decorations? I meant it:

Behold, my Pebbles Sugar Cookie Cereal Christmas Tree!
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I'm pretty sure my sugar cookie cereal Christmas tree art is worthy of a coveted spot on our refrigerator. Of course, the second I slam the fridge door shut, I know half of those cereal pebbles are gonna end up on the floor. Guess I'm just gonna have to frame it and put it up on the auction block instead. Who wants to start the bidding?



Christmas With The Kraangs!

I'm not gonna lie, I really love the title of this blog entry. Christmas With The Kraangs! Come on, who wouldn't want to see that movie? Well, speaking of Christmas, I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season so far this year. I kicked mine off with a viewing of Christmas Vacation 2, which probably wasn't the best way to get myself in a festive mood. Fortunately, one trip to Target put me right back where I needed to be... behold!

Merry Kraangmas!
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If you've ever shopped at Target during the holidays, you know they usually have an awesome little "stocking stuffer" section filled with affordable candies, toys, and other seasonal trinkets. Sure enough, they didn't disappoint for the 2013 season, for you can get this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Kraang's Turtle Target Practice" set for about four dollars. Considering I already bought a dozen packs of Peppermint Crunch Junior mints, I figured I should pick up something different from their stocking stuffer section. And boy, was it ever worth it:

Behold the Kraang (or Krang) LEGO figure!
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I think it's safe to say that the highlight of this LEGO set is the Kraang figure. Now I grew up on the original TMNT series, so it's still weird thinking of Krang as the "Kraang" - a species of brain-like aliens rather than an individual character. Whether you prefer Krang or Kraang, there's certainly room for everybody's favorite slobbering brainy alien in our Christmas holiday celebrations. He's always been one of my absolute favorite ninja turtle characters, and if you've never heard the fantastic voice work that Pat Fraley did for him in the original cartoon, you're really missing out.

In this version of the LEGO figure, we have a Kraang comfortably residing in his robot or "Kraangdroid" suit. I like how it almost looks like he's in a robotic children's safety car seat, nestled in the belly of an android. It's kind of fitting, since I always thought his personality was a lot like a whiny infant, prone to throwing temper tantrums.

Stocking Stuffer: The TMNT Kraang Laser Turret (Turtle Target Practice) Set!
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Also included in the set is Kraang's laser turret. Now on the package, it looks like the turret actually shoots projectiles, but that's unfortunately a bit of false advertising on LEGO's part, because this thing doesn't fire at all. I guess they expect kids to use their imagination, which is fine, but they shouldn't show it firing off on the package. That's just setting somebody up for a small disappointment. Nevertheless, it's a nice enough crab-like robot turret.

One of my favorite things in the set has got to be the turtle targets. Sure, they could've included all four of the real ninja turtle LEGO figures, but why do that when you can be cheap and have them represented in a purely minimalist form? Yep, they're actually represented with green bricks that have their individual head band colors in the center. If you've been searching for the smallest representations of Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael, look no further. No wonder Kraang needs a robotic laser turret... these things are too small for anything else to target. Cheap as they may be, I kinda love 'em.

All in all, it's a really nice little set for any TMNT fan, and you get a seriouly great Kraang figure out of it. You can even turn it around and look at the Kraangdroid's spine. Sounds like a magical Christmas moment in the making, doesn't it? Well there's still more Kraang to see.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Capture The Kraang Fishing Game!

I'm calling it here and now: Kraang is the official mascot of the 2013 Christmas holiday season. Believe it or not, there is now a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Capture The Kraang" fishing game. I've been trying to track this big one down, but I've yet to get my hands on it, so I'll have to do with making this graphic from a photo of the box. And who wouldn't want it? It's a four-player game where you get to be one of the turtles, armed not with their traditional weapons, but fishing rods. And you are actually fishing in a pool of hungry snapping Kraangs! How incredible is that? Who in their right mind wouldn't want to fish for Kraang!?

While it's honestly no different from one of the bajillion other classic fishing games, you're getting twenty-one Kraang fish here. Considering the set sells for less than $20, that's less than a buck per Kraang, and that's what I call a steal. What's funny is that you probably wouldn't even know it was a Kraang toy if it didn't come with the TMNT branding on the set, because they look like mutant pink fish instead of Kraang. Actually, their faces look more like C.H.U.D. monsters more than anything. That's fine though, because I've always dreamed of a movie where the turtles have to battle C.H.U.D. monsters to see who truly rules the sewers.

I should note that there's also a smaller stocking stuffer version of this same Kraang game that Target is currently selling in their Christmas holiday section. Definitely worth picking up if you can't find the larger one, because everybody deserves to have their stockings stuffed with an alien who constantly makes jokes about not having various body parts. "If I had hands I would cover my ears, if I had them!" Good one, Krang... good one.

Christmas With The Kraangs!
Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Merry Kraangmas, everybody!

P.S. Hit the jump to see a brief, yet poignant discussion between our tiny ninja turtle LEGO heroes: (more...)



My New Comikaze 2013 Videos!

Just the other week, I a visit to the 2013 Comikaze expo, and I had a great time checking out all the cool merchandise, impressive cosplayer costumes, and running into some icons from my childhood including Pete & Pete, Donkey Lips, and "Weird" Al Yankovic. As it always seems to be the case with conventions, I got a bit overexcited and started yelling at everything in sight. My Comikaze coverage is split up into the two videos below:

[click here for high quality video]

And here's part 2:

[click here for high quality video]

Hope you enjoyed the new vids, and big thanks to John (Dr. Boogie) for following me around all day with the camera, cuz I really had a blast shooting everything. As always, please drop a comment on the videos page and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. More videos to come!



Make Suggestions For Next Pixel Poster!

With our "Four Seasons of Pixels" poster collection complete, I know a lot of you have been wondering if we would ever make another one. After all, it's not like there's a fifth season, so where do we go from here? Well, let's just say I have something new in mind and I think you're gonna absolutely love it. But before I can show any of it, there's much work to be done. Once again, I wanna give all of you a chance to help create our next poster. You've pitched in some fantastic ideas for our previous efforts, many of which ended up on the prints, so it's time for you to use your noggins once more to help us produce another insane world of pixels.

With that in mind, please post your suggestions for characters and anything else you'd love to see in our next pixel print in the comments section below - you don't even need a registered account to post 'em. What's nice this time is that your ideas don't have to be season or holiday specific; you really can suggest just about anything that comes to mind. Be sure to make as many suggestions as you can come up with; the more we receive, the more likely it is that we'll include some of 'em on this poster. Also, if you can, please break your suggestions down into two separate categories: GOOD and EVIL. It'll really help us keep things sorted out. To help get your creative juices flowing, here's a small sampling of the happy chaos that can be found on our previous pixel prints:

A sampling of the Four Seasons of Pixels poster print set!

I'm really excited about this next print, and it's going to be nice working with Pox on non-seasonal one for the first time. And for those of you who haven't had a chance to pick up our spring, summer, fall, and winter themed prints, they're still available here.

Alright, start posting your suggestions here in this thread and maybe your ideas will end up on our next big pixel print!



Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeen!

Happy Halloween everybody! Thanks for hanging out with us so much over the past two months!
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Don't mind us... we're just a couple of monsters... Halloween party monsters that is. Even though Halloween falls on a weekday this year, I hope you all still find the time to celebrate it in style, whether you're going trick-or-treating, attending a costume party, or simply handing out candies and having an awesome horror movie marathon in your home all night long. Just make sure you do something. For me, Halloween is always a huge celebration of my favorite season of the year, and it marks the culmination of two lengthy months of nonstop, obsessive work all about the holiday.

As you know by now, I dedicate an entire two months to Halloween every year. It's a huge undertaking that swallows my life from September 1st - October 31st, but it's always an absolute blast to work on. This year was probably the busiest I've ever been, because not only was I constantly trying to update the site with new Halloween material, but I was also working on my upcoming Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla game every day. As you can imagine, this season has been a complete blur within all that going on at once, so with today being Halloween, now seems like a good time to recap some of the highlights we've covered these past two months:

-We found out that monsters love to party with the classic pop-o-matic bubble Yipes! board game.

-We gave a special book report about a Camp Crystal Lake young adult novel that placed the curse of Jason Voorhees smack dab in the middle of a carnival.

-We witnessed the glorious return of all five Monster Cereals in retro boxes, together for the first time ever.

-We learned about a bizarre creature with a penchant for crooning in Brain Damage.

-We listened to tunes on the Jack-O-Juke - our Halloween music jukebox with over 180 spooky songs and counting.

-We found out that the afterlife is even harder for Beetlejuice on the NES.

-We ate Mummified Cheetos that came in glow-in-the-dark treat bags.

-We learned about how Glo-Bones was an incredible skeleton toy that fit in your pocket.

-We discussed some things that shouldn't be scary but often are.

-We splattered your soul with more Greatest Horror Movie Moments.

-We realized that not only is there a Halloween Hot Sauce set that comes in a coffin, but we also have some awesome people in the community who have great hot sauce label ideas of their own.

-We attended the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights for another fun-filled haunt.

-We watched Doc Mock chat with the likes of Bruce Campbell, Bill Moseley, Calico Cooper and more on the red carpet of the Eyegore Awards about all things horror.

-We tried to understand the chaos behind the classic Dr. Chaos NES game.

-We found out that the King's Dominion Haunt is still filled with all kinds of great Halloween attractions.

-We were invited to the very first Los Angeles Halloween Convention.

-We examined some of the finest examples of Horror Video Game Box Art.

-We put three random Halloween Costumes to the test.

-We realized that it's hard to keep your cool when there's somebody murdering people at a ski resort in Iced.

-We conducted yet another extremely thorough Halloween Candy Taste Test.

-We realized Baby Ghost Ducks are probably the greatest Halloween lawn ornaments ever made.

-We remembered that Zombie Nation is still the best game about a vengeful flying severed head that pukes a lot.

-We unboxed and uncovered the truth about a Halloween Mystery Toy.

-We were baffled as to why the Halloween Cuponk beerless beer pong game even exists.

-We marveled at the insane crop creations found at Scarecrow Alley.

-We learned that not only is C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D. a real movie, but it also has some important life lessons to teach us.

-We saw the return of our Halloween Club Pack, which then completely sold out.

-We gave some much needed exposure to the criminally overlooked Monster Squad TV Series from way back in 1976.

-And last but not least, Pee-wee Herman made my Halloween even better by posting a photo my 2010 Halloween costume. Incredible!

You know there is no time I enjoy more than Halloween each year, and having so many of you making I-Mockery your online Halloween home truly makes it all the better. I really try to give you guys the best and widest variety of Halloween coverage you'll find anywhere online every season - from visiting haunts and reviewing movies, to taste testing candies and tracking down the most absurd novelties and more, I always try to make every season special and filled with surprises. Please stick around and continue to share the site with your friends, and I'll do my best to keep that tradition going strong for years to come.

I'll likely have some post-Halloween photos up here along with some other big site updates soon, so be sure to check back often. As usual, I must thank Dr. Boogie for his fantastic contributions to our Halloween celebration. Additional thanks to Protoclown for chiming in with a few Halloween bits as well. I also gotta give Re major credit for allowing me to make our home look like it was hit by a Halloween hurricane these past few months.

Of course, a huge thanks again to you for sticking with us during our annual "Two Months of Halloween" celebration. It's a lot of work to put all this content together, but it's a lot of fun too, and your continued feedback definitely helps keep my energy up throughout the season. If you haven't already, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and uh... tumble us on Tumblr. This is a completely independent web site, and we rely entirely on people like YOU to spread the word about it, so please do so if you can!

Please drop a comment (whether you're logged in or not) in the blog here and let me know what you thought of the Halloween season and what your favorite articles were. Also, let me know what your Halloween plans are and feel free to post photos of your costumes if you're dressing up or your decorations or any other Halloweeny things you like!

Thanks again everyone and have a keen Halloween!


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